Class is in session
EAC offers IT workshops for elections officials

On a chilly, late November day, 150 elections officials from all over Iowa gathered at the Adventureland Inn in Altoona for a different type of adventure.

Staff from 50 of Iowa’s 99 counties as well as the entire staff from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office and state IT staff were in attendance to take part in an IT training workshop presented by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in partnership with the secretary of state’s office.

“Our partnership with the Election Assistance Commission is crucial, not only for the state, but also for counties,” Pate said in a statement. “It is vital that all of us remain up-to-date on the latest technology and election security issues. We, as election administrators, interface with technology in nearly every aspect of our jobs. Understanding the challenges of our current environment, security considerations and new technology will help us deliver better elections to Iowa voters.”

Modern day election administrators must have core competencies as lawyers, HR specialists, communications officers, accountants, auditors, trainers and information technology managers.

They wear a lot of hats and IT manager is one area where EAC Chairman Matthew Masterson thought his agency could help. Read more…