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electionlineWeekly — May 31 2018

Table of Contents

II. Election News This Week

Earlier this year, President Donald J. Trump alleged that “thousands” of people had voted illegally in New Hampshire, a state he lost by just 2,732 votes. According to a new review using Crosscheck, Secretary of State William Gardner found only 142 cases of possible voter fraud. After the 2016 general election, the system flagged 94,610 New Hampshire voters whose first and last names and dates of birth matched those in other states. That amounts to about 1 in 9 voters. Officials eliminated all but 142 of the matches after taking a closer look at other information. Of the 142, officials have sent 51 to the attorney general’s office for investigation and are waiting for information from other states on the rest. “For the first time, we really have an idea about this,” Gardner told the Ballot Law Commission, according to The Concord Monitor. “It raises the question of, “What does someone mean by widespread voter fraud? Does this come anywhere near that?’”

A California law which allows green-card holders to serve as poll workers is aimed at bringing more bilingual poll workers to help voters. According to The OC Register, the law allows legal, permanent residents to be poll workers, but not poll inspectors. “I’m so excited and I’m curious to see what happens. I would like to see how voting works here in the States,” Nguyen Nguyen told the paper. In Los Angeles alone, 24 percent of the county’s poll workers must be bilingual in one of the 16 languages the county provides voting materials in. During the 2016 general election, Los Angeles County had 344 green card polling workers, Orange County had 114 and Riverside had 23. San Bernardino County, to date, has not recruited any legal permanent residents as poll workers.

In other cool California news, while more and more voters and counties are moving to vote-by-mail, voters will still head to the actual polls on June 5 and in Los Angeles County, that just got a bit easier for those seeking a ride from Uber or Lyft. The two ride-sharing companies have partnered with the registrar’s office and voters will be able to access the companies’ apps directly from the registrar’s polling place locator. When a voter enters his or her information on the registrar’s website, the tool will display that voter’s polling place along with a link to access the ride-sharing apps.

Everyone has dreams, even if some people’s dreams are in the toilet. Well, not actually in the toilet, but on the toilet seat. Wait. What? Bannock County, Idaho Clerk Robert Poleki is not seeking re-election in order to pursue production of the Washie, a self-cleaning toilet seat he invented and brought on the make-or-break business show “Shark Tank” earlier this year. “(I spent) multiple hours at night at Home Depot looking for different types of toilet seats, tubing and dispensers," Poleki told EastIdahoNews.com. "I’ve worked on this thing for the last three years and finally, it’s coming to fruition." Good luck Robert!

Personnel News: Rep. Julie Stokes (R-Metairie) has announced she’s running for Louisiana secretary of state. Columbia County, Arkansas Clerk Sherry Bell is retiring on May 31. She’s held the office since 1999. Salt Lake County, Utah Elections Director Rozan Mitchell is taking an unpaid leave of absence while running for the county clerk seat. Lindsey Bachman is the new Dona Ana County, New Mexico chief deputy clerk. Elizabeth Rodgers is retiring as the Baldwin County, Georgia chief registrar. The Ansonia, Connecticut Republican Town Committee has nominated David Papcin, a 20-year-old nursing student to be its candidate for registrar this fall. Pat V. Cortellessa of Cranston, Rhode Island has announced his candidacy for secretary of state. Milton Kidd is the new Douglas County, Georgia elections supervisor. Charlie Frye has been appointed the deputy director of the Ashtabula County, Ohio board of elections. Margaret Nartowicz is the new Amherst, Massachusetts town clerk.