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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October 29, 2014

National News: An estimated 5.9M voting-age Americans won't be able to vote

California: Officials deliver corrected ballots to some Galt voters | High school students working the upcoming election | 600+ HS students step up to manage polling places | Heavy ballots may need extra postage, still getting delivered | County elections officials busy correcting ballot mistake  

Colorado: How concerned should Coloradans be about voter fraud? | County thorough in verifying voter signatures | GOP: Some Boulder Co. election judges are Democrats posing as Republicans |

Florida: Report: Florida elections system has improved, but problems remain

Georgia: State receives mixed review on election improvements | Fulton Co. judge dismisses voter registration lawsuit | Judge declines to intervene in 'missing' voters lawsuit

Hawaii: State elections officials prepare for lava | Pahoa polling places adjusted

Illinois: Early voting site changes draw criticism in Lake Co.

Indiana: Morris in dark about risky vote procedures | Election workers won't get raise this year | Emails about clerk's ballot request might reveal conflict

Iowa: Candidate Brad Anderson looking to increase voter turnout | Pate's ready to take his old job back

Kansas: Clerk's office ready for the big day | Emails reveal Kansans' voting habits | SoS race is tied a week before elections

Kentucky: Kentucky ranks low in voter access, study says

Louisiana: Early voter turnout explodes in NOLa

Maine: Local clerks report waves of early voters

Maryland: Md. BOE probe Republican-to-Democrat ballot switch claims | Three voting machines reported to flip votes in MoCo | GOP calls for investigation of voting machines after errors are reported | Voting machine troubles fixed in Md. | 'Vote flipping' alleged in Cecil Co.| Two county machines decommissioned after early-voting problems | St. Mary's College students serve as election judges

Massachusetts: Chicopee voting location to remain at former senior center | Candidates for SoS have at it

Michigan: Common Cause: Michigan should improve voting process

Minnesota: Candidates face off in SoS race | Anoka Co. gears up for Election Day | Voting option is a hit with Minnesotans

Montana: Ballot returns build as election nears | Some voters receive absentee ballots for wrong district | Stanford research gaffe: School apologizes to Montana voters for 'election guide'

Nebraska: 92-year-old whose chair collapsed at polling place to receive $25K settlement

New Mexico: Long ballot, small print, poor lighting lead to frustration

New York: Niagara Legislature orders voting machine storage contract

North Carolina: Asheville nonprofits innovate to get out the vote | Elections board says few votes cast by ineligible voters | After debate about early voting site, surge of voting recorded

Ohio: Election board putting machines to test before Election Day | Turner calls Husted's attack ad against her 'vicious, racist and sexist'

Oregon: Due to error, supplemental ballots to arrive in coming days

Pennsylvania: Pa. gets mixed grades in elections conduct| Voting a costly endeavor for counties

Rhode Island: Voter ID law an issue in SoS race | Elorza camp asks for more scrutiny of mail ballots| State police mail ballot investigation to continue through election day

South Carolina: Charleston Co. election commission explains how it protects votes

Tennessee: New complaint directed at election commission administration

Texas: Voting machine issues reported in Jefferson Co.| Super precinct working in Galveston Co. | New ID law prevents veteran from voting | No voter ID problems | US attorney to address election fraud, voting rights complaints | Some schools in Central Texas not following Texas election code | Push underway to remove students from schools on Election Day | Dallas Co. voters under movement restriction because of Ebola allowed to vote via email | Political dartboard at polling place offends voters

Vermont: Second absentee flaw in Burlington

Virginia: Jefferson area tea party calls for removal of Charlottesville registrar | Lyon Park polling place quietly moved to Garfield Park |Poll workers in Lynchburg will hand-count some ballots after printing error

Washington: Secretary of state stands by local election process

Wisconsin: Voters getting confusing, misleading messages about Wisconsin election | GAB says teen not eligible to vote day before 18th birthday | Feds ready to help with voting problems

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

October 28, 2014

National News: Rice team sets sights on better voting machine | Do I need an ID to vote? A look at the laws in all 50 states

California: A badge of pride: 'I Voted' stickers | San Bernardino Co. registrar ready for mid-term elections | Ballot drop-off locales expanded to include 15 libraries | Some Sacramento Co. voters received wrong ballots | Polling places vanish due to mail-in ballots | Registrar makes it easier to drop-off mail-in ballots

Colorado: Some voters face 'signature discrepancy' issue | Douglas Co. mom says clerk keeps sending out-of-state son's ballot to her house | Turnout may determine Williams-Neguse race | Postal service reminds Coloradans to mail-in ballots | Denver's all-mail election going smoothly so far

Florida: Sarasota opens early voting site at mall | Local counties cite signatures in rejecting 200 ballots

Georgia: Voter registration dispute hangs over secretary of state race | Man ordered to remove NRA hat before voting | More than 12,600 people voted Sunday in Ga.

Hawaii: Elections officials preparing for threat from lava

Idaho: Denney, Woodings face off for top elections job

Illinois: 'There is nothing wrong in this office,' Karen Kinney says | Judge denies GOP request for injunction against county clerk | Changes in some polling places in Effingham Co. | Election complaint line to be available | Grace period allows same-day registration and voting | Polling places changed for 37 Cook Co. precincts

Indiana: In Vigo Co., nine voting centers open today

Iowa: Paul Pate addresses issue on voter fraud | Johnson Co. dealing with lack of GOP poll workers

Kentucky: Judge rules in polling buffer

Louisiana: What the SoS has to say about the November 4 election

Maine: Effort underway to ask Maine voters to switch to ranked-choice voting

Maryland: Voting issues reported | Wico. voter reports problems at the ballot box | Election board responds to complaints about voting machines

Massachusetts: Holyoke tally in test of voting machines: 15 fine, 1 needs to be fixed | SoS candidates face off

Minnesota: Electronic pollbooks could bring faster voting to all in Minnesota

Missouri: New voter check-in process under consideration in St. Louis County

New Mexico: State buys $17K in felt-tip pens | Duran campaign ad attachs rivals stance on voter ID laws | Voter ID focus of secretary of state race

North Carolina: A shortened early voting period hasn't slowed voters | Libraries doubling as early voting sites remove referendum signs | NHC BOE to address potential student voting problem

Ohio: Clark co. makes changes to polling locations to accommodate disabled voters | Area students ready to work at polls on election day | Student poll workers will play an important role in election

Rhode Island: Police investigating ballot tampering

Texas: Are voting machines fool proof? | Voting options for persons living with disabilities | Voter ID law not slowing down early voters | Bexar Co. sees mail-in ballots more than double compared to 2010 | Ebola contacts ask to vote by email | Ebola sparks worry for some Dallas poll workers | Problems reported at UNT polling site

U.S. Virgin Islands: Early voting put on hold on St. Croix

Utah: Voter registration options remain, but are quickly running out

Virginia: Changes at the polls: Bring a photo ID; good-bye touch screens

Washington: Secretary of state stays out of Clallam auditor race | Ballots trickling in, but officials expect a surge

Wisconsin: Special parking for one side?

Monday, 27 October 2014

October 25-27, 2015

National News: Pentagon watchdogs scrutinize states' push toward online voting | Early voting alters campaigns costs and strategies | Squadrons form for voter ID fight

Alabama: Early voting 'going very well' | Polling site moved after it was vandalized

Arizona: Secretary of state candidates reject closed primaries

Arkansas: Election commission refutes 'vote changing' | Sebastian election panel to meet Tuesday to discuss AG ruling | Secretary of state candidate refutes accusations | More polling places will be available for Arkansans

California: Cities ready for another round of ranked-choice voting | Measure W not included on Claremont resident's vote-by-mail ballot | Mail-in ballot count begins

Colorado: Some voters must correct registration information | Thousands of ballots already returned | Malfunctioning equipment leads to incorrect ballots in Adams Co.| New mistake in Adams Co. election

Connecticut: Lumaj faults Merrill's record | Ballot proposal could open door to early voting

Delaware: 'Phantoms' bloat voter rolls

District of Columbia: DC elections board tenders apology for upside-down flag

Florida: Broward elections office sued over alleged bad ballot placement | Broward issues notice for voters to read both sides of ballot | Weeks delays canvassing board meeting for radio interview | Hillsborough residents embrace early voting

Georgia: Judge may enter Ga. voter registration dispute | Sunday voting in Dekalb | Lowndes marches to the polls on Sunday | History made with first-time Sunday voting | Some Muscogee Co. voters upset after polls close Saturday | Hundreds take advantage of Sunday voting | Athens shows support for Sunday voting | Large crowds for Sunday voting in Dougherty Co.

Guam: Voter registration lower than previous elections

Hawaii: Officials aim for clarity ahead of vote | Election officials prepare for lava flow threat | Elections officials hoping to avoid repeat of past problems

Illinois: Judge to rule Monday on GOP ballot questions | Claims of voting machine issues in Rock Island Co. | GOP cries foul over Danville officials processing some absentee ballots | Cook Co. clerk expects no delays in vote count | Elections issues in Danville | A change in polling places

Indiana: County clerk pleased by turnout at vote centers | SoS candidates want better voter turnout

Iowa: Pate, Anderson seek votes

Kansas: Brightly colored cards to let Sedgwick Co. voters know where to cast ballots

Kentucky: Boyle poll workers prepare for Election Day

Maine: Election day ahead, but many Mainers have already cast ballots

Maryland: Interactive map helps county residents find polling locations | Early turnout lags at new voting site

Massachusetts: New Bedford introduces interactive voting machines | Ranks of unenrolled voters in Boston's suburb grows | Holyoke to do public testing of voting machines

Michigan: Judges' race left off ballots prompts fix | Sec. of Stte forum focuses on accessibility, ease of voting

Minnesota: Ely students, veterans will pair up to become election judges | Absentee ballot board to begin count this week but no tally until Election Day | Extra work for city, but voters like 'no excuse' absentee voting

Missouri: St. Charles election director candidate claims error on a sample ballot

New Mexico: Sharpies still OK for ballots, but counties received new markers | Officials working to make sure Sandoval Co. has enough voting machines | Former Secretary of State Shirley Hooper passes away Duran: Sharpie pens not banned at NM voting sites | Another 2012 election appeal fails

New York: Ramapo has 6 months to appeal ward vote | Judge rules against county BOE

North Carolina: Hundreds flagged in NC voter rolls audit | Cleveland Co.'s electronic ballot explained | Weekend voting varies by county | Hundreds vote early at disputed college polling place | 'Souls to the polls' sought in only Sunday voting day | Children learn to cast ballots at family voting celebration in Durham | Male models, party bus to bring student voters to polls

North Dakota: Service at heart of secretary of state race

Ohio: Freedom to cast a ballot comes with a price | Alleged improper ballot in Auburn prompts inquiry | BOE director is retiring | Elections officials pleased by absentee voting pace

Pennsylvania: Students train for local election board slots | Voting reform pressed as money-saver for Butler Co. | No absentee ballots for folks in jail

Rhode Island: Candidates differ on voter ID law | Men collecting ballots may have been police officers working for candidate

South Carolina: Lexington Co. poll workers prepare for long lines, slow pace

South Dakota: Vote centers to make general election debut in Brown Co.

Tennessee: Some voters concerned voting machines are changing their votes | No touch screen worries here, says Steidl | Poll workers accused of giving voters 'misleading' information

Texas: Changes to Potter Co. early voting create positive response | Man denied vote using military ID | Candidate's kinfolk not on election judge roster | Election office working to correct ballot errors

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections will not count early ballots until after election

Utah: Voter ID laws: Where Utah stands | Salt Lake offering drive-thru voter registration

Virginia: Fairfax elections office reportedly embroiled in infighting | Few problems are reported as voter ID rollout continues | Learning the quirks of Virginia's new voter ID law | City sees low number of absentee ballot requests

Washington: Candidate makes appeal for investigation of election process

Wisconsin: Clerk assures vote counting will go better | Local officials prepare for Election Day | Monroe changing election procedures after August ballot mix-up | Activists urge people to prepare for voter ID in 2015

Wyoming: Clerk hopes to speed up election result reporting | Cheyenne working to speed up election returns

Friday, 24 October 2014

October 24, 2014

Alabama: Merrill faces Albert-Kaigler in SoS race

Arizona: Eliminating voter fraud in Mesa Co. | Ballot 'stranger danger' concern | State activists defend making ballot deliveries

Arkansas: Counties scramble to make changes to voter ID materials

California: Can this bureaucrat get young citizens to vote? | Election workers train for November election | Half Moon Bay man continues open-source voting advocacy | Newly naturalized citizens get called to the civic duty of voting--right away | Improving voter turnout a priority for SoS candidates | County launches new elections mobile app

Colorado: In Colo.'s first all-mail election, voters being hassled like never before | Chaffee Co. residents like their mail-in ballots, officials say | Ballots being returned at brisk pace | Hundreds of duplicate ballots mistakenly sent

Connecticut: Another election meltdown in Bridgeport not expected

District of Columbia: DCBOE: 'Well, we messed up' | DC elections board tenders apology for upside-down flag

Florida: Some Manatee Co. voters complain sample ballot says they're not registered | Voter rights questioned in Alachua Co. | Elections office warns voters to read ballot carefully | Election supervisors are reminded to 'expect the unexpected'

Georgia: Voter registration suit set for Friday hearing | Dougherty, Lowndes among Ga. counties to join early weekend voting

Idaho: Student mock election set

Illinois: 'Calibration error' switches vote | Early voting snafus: Fact or fiction | Early voting encountering problems | AG's decree prompts officials to rethink vote-counting | Same-day voter registration could mean delay in results | Local teens to serve as election judges | Ballot issue dogs Union Co. |

Maryland: Robust first day of early voting reported | Early voting higher in Laurel than in primary

Massachusetts: Dispute between Casey and pollworkers goes public

Minnesota: Electronic pollbooks could bring faster results | Elections judges to get trained on e-pollbooks | Brand-new early voting blitz targets Indian Country, young

Missouri: Kander opposed to early voting measure

Montana: Missoula elections office to hire additional staff | McCulloch addresses inappropriate use of Montana seal on mailers

New Jersey: Emergency voting measures during Sandy violated law, inviting fraud, study finds | Advocates: Pass emergency voting law in NJ

New Mexico: SoS issues Sharpie recall amid fears pens could foul ballots

New York: DeBlasio admin rejects 2 council voter registration bills | Democrats' choice for elections commissioner rejected

North Carolina: First day draws 2,219 voters | Lines long on first day of early voting | NAACP organizes voter march to One Stop site | State board reverses vote, App State vote site is open | Early voting begins; local officials say they are prepared

Ohio: SoS candidates debate | State expects to finish verifying flagged voters by Friday

Oklahoma: Voter ID laws create contentious issue

Rhode Island: State police investigating possible ballot tampering at homeless shelter

South Dakota: Voting accusations fly in reservation areas | Federal lawsuit brings early voting site to Eagle Nest

Tennessee: Voters report issues at Maury Co. polls | Early voting in Tenn. eclipses 200K | Ballot language vexes voters in Hamilton Co.

Texas: SA voter says new ID law causing her issues | Record number opting for vote-by-mail | Mail-in ballots double, both parties rejoice

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections considers processing early ballots right away after complaints | St. Croix BOE wants to rescind board member policy

Vermont: SoS promotes early voting

Virginia: Voting advocates fear impact of Virginia's voter ID law

Washington: Voting machine for vision-impaired to be demonstrated

West Virginia: Tennant apologizes for Kanawha Co. early vote event

Wisconsin: Early voting begins in Wisconsin with new hours | State Supreme Court won't reconsider voter ID law | Complaint filed against judge for handling of ID case | Residents of senior communities lose absentee voting option under new law

Thursday, 23 October 2014

October 23, 2014

National News: Want your absentee vote to count? Don't make these mistakes | Inside the voting booth: Six election day animations | GOP group readies 1K-lawyer army for Election Day | Americans like sensible voter ID laws | Republicans poised to benefit from voter ID laws | Rush is on to prepare Americans for new voting laws

Arkansas: Voter ID confusion at the polls | Power outage shuts down polling location in Washington Co.

California: LA County moves toward voting system overhaul| About 1K get wrong ballots in Merced | Public database of county-by-county elections costs in the works for California | Employees can take time off to vote

Colorado: Boulder Co. clerk explains how they spot potential voter fraud | 9 percent of voters have already returned ballots

Connecticut: Vernon's 'Mrs. Voter Registration' dies

District of Columbia: Botched voter guide 'was a complete fiasco'

Florida: Raising issues of accuracy, canvassing board rejects Weeks' minutes in latest strains

Georgia: Concern over new voter registrations in Ga. ahead of election

Illinois: Election officials warn of possible slow results on election night

Indiana: Winnebago Co. tests voting machines | SoS candidates alleges voter intimidation

Iowa: Pate pitches voter ID in SoS bid

Kansas: Voter abstains to protest ID law | Kobach, Schodorf trade barbs in Topeka debate

Kentucky: Ruling easing buffer zones at polls worries officials

Louisiana: Early voting draws crowd | Lawsuit may postpone some council races

Maryland: Early voting begins in Maryland on Thursday | Lawmakers warn voters to watch out for election scams | Md. Dems set up hotline | College Park city council considers voting rights for noncitizen residents

Mississippi: Lauderdale Co. has electronic poll books

Montana: No campaigning to end election-day registration

New York: Former Erie Co. Dem party chair headed to BOE

North Carolina: Cleveland Co. demonstrates electronic ballots | Voters will see changes in rules when One Stop begins Thursday | App State voting site survives legal fight | New sites, hours in play as early voting starts Thursday | UNCC students take a hike to cast votes | New election law eliminates early voting sites on Triangle college campuses

Ohio: Husted says Husted poster must go up in polling places | Greene Co. BOE ex-deputy director to retire

Pennsylvania: Polling place finds new home | Biddeford voters will use new, consolidated polling place

South Carolina: Lee Co. voting officials 'ready' for election | Double-check Mapquest directions to polls, elections officials say| Precinct confusion alarms Bluffton voter

Texas: Austin voters urge others to 'be careful' | Some Leander voters asked to use paper ballots | Ginsburg revises Texas voter ID dissent, then announces it | Kingsville elections officials report little concern over voter ID law | New mail-in ballots needed after typo in Harrison Co.| Ballot error serves as reminder to double-check votes

U.S. Virgin Islands: Hundreds cast ballots on first day of early voting

Virginia: Student IDs permissible for voter ID | Arlington seeing limited interest in photo IDs from voters | Hampton elections to change come May 2016

West Virginia: Tennant accused of breaking own early voting campaign rules

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October 22, 2014

National News: The state of U.S. voter ID laws | Partisan divide over voting rights has intensified in Obama era

Alabama: Mobile voter ID unit to make last stop before election

Arkansas: Electronic ballot glitch fixed in Washington Co.

California: LA Co. OKs contract to design new touch-screen voting system | 27K ballots sent to Berkeley voters have wrong election date | Delayed sample ballots irk candidates | Alameda Co. alerts voters to ballot snafu

Colorado: New law allows clerks to update voter rolls | Election officials cautious of voter fraud as ballots start coming back | Cost of funding city election a sticking point | Mail-in ballots include postage error | County clerk reverses decision to remove college newspaper

Connecticut: Controversial website showcases registered voter information

Georgia: NAACP urging Sunday voting, still concerned about registration

Hawaii: Early walk-in voting includes Puna where lava threat looms

Kansas: SoS candidates spar over voter ID at forum | Some Dems fear proposal for six days of early voting may not help workers

Idaho: SoS announces new polling place locator app | Early voting in Ada Co. is setting records

Indiana: BMV branches extend hours for November election | Voting centers give Floyd more flexibility

Massachusetts: Spat between clerk, poll worker aired in Braintree

Minnesota: Surge in early voting as Minnesota loosens rules

Missouri: Greene Co. clerk candidates say they'll examine elections process| Clerks hesitant regarding early voting  

Montana: Half of Yellowstone absentee ballots should be in this week

New Jersey: Two polling sites change

New Mexico: Two ballot machines malfunction at Dona Ana government center | Sandoval Co. election appeal battle |Sandoval Co. clerk still wants case expedited

New York: 850 people 'officially' over 164 at NYC BOE | NYC agencies fail to follow voter registration law | Online voter registration through city BOE proposed under expected bill | Bronx DA looking into claims of voter fraud

North Carolina: Elections polling site at ASU likely as appeals court lifts stay | Early voting to start Thursday amid confusion | Ex-Polk Co. elections director won't face charges | DMV search turns up ineligible NC voters | BOE prepares for early voting | App State voting site could be restored

Pennsylvania: City commissioner doesn't respond to voting history inquiry

South Dakota: Firming Minnehaha Co. precincts for voters

Tennessee: Polk Co. woman indicted on 6 counts of voter fraud | Polling place changes

Texas: Voter ID fight confuses some early voters | Early voting numbers dip in Fort Bend Co.| Voters without proper ID more likely in minority neighborhoods | New voting option for people on Ebola watch list

Utah: Early voting begins in Utah

Vermont: Burlington to be polled on non-citizen voting

Virginia: More controversy than consensus for Roanoke voting precincts | Precinct consolidation still up in the air | Groups clash over Virginia voter ID law | Voting advocates fear impact of Virginia ID law | Absentee ballots help homeless population vote

West Virginia: Early voting begins in West Virginia

Wisconsin: Early voting proving popular here | Ballot problems turn away early voters

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October 21, 2014

National News: How racism underlies voter ID laws: The academics weigh in | Justices balk at last-minute voting changes

Arizona: $15K cost for one vote

Arkansas: Early voting begins | State Rep. wants answers on Washington Co. ballot glitch

California: Eight languages added to online voter registration | Court upholds cumulative voting in Santa Clarita

Colorado: Clerk and recorder offers ballot returning options | Next elections chief likely will be quieter | Will vote-by-mail process get more people to the polls? | Mail-in ballots include postage error | Postage error on mail ballots

District of Columbia: How to vote in D.C.  

Florida: Sancho says steady voter turnout for early voting | Day 1 of early voting: No glitches reported in PBC | Mail-in ballots risk rejection  

Georgia: Georgia partisans feud over voter registration | Ga. elections chief: No missing voter applications | Records at odds with voter fraud probe claim | Elections board finds no evidence of mistakes on further review

Illinois: Poll worker asked if the president was in fact Barack Obama | Early voting problems arise in Cook Co.| Teens taking part in elections process | Changes aim to make early voting easier |

Indiana: Floyd Co. voters able to cast ballot from any polling location this election

Iowa: Absentee ballot collection allowed by law

Kentucky: Court: Signs can't be near polls on public property

Louisiana: Early voting begins Tuesday in La. | Avoid long lines by voting early | Mystery signs seek to boost early voting in New Orleans

Massachusetts: Rochester voters OK new $10K voting machine | Longtime SoS seeks to continue serving the commonwealth

Minnesota: Voter ID sparks fly in SoS debate

Mississippi: New voting tool provides polling place and sample ballot

Missouri: Accessible voting booths should be available for Nov. election | Missouri to decide on early voting

Montana: Montana voters to decide on election-day registration | System for counting Missoula write-in votes explained

Nevada: Early voting has pros and cons

New Jersey: Dems nominate 2 to AC BOE

New Mexico: Outside groups spar in SoS race

New York: Niagara Co. balks at Ulrich deal for voting machine storage | City offices fail to meet law requiring them to help New Yorkers register to vote

North Carolina: Moral Monday stresses importance of voting

North Dakota: Early polling places scheduled for 9 ND cities

Ohio: DA to file no charges against Polk Co. BOE director

Pennsylvania: Voting machines ready for election day

South Carolina: Election officials encourage voters to look at ballot before going to polls

Tennessee: Nashville voting site restrictions raise First Amendment concerns

Texas: Early voters say new Wichita Co. voting machines are easy to use | Voters prepared at polls | New voter ID law impacting Texans at the polls

U.S. Virgin Islands: VI polls becoming more accessible to all

Utah: Early voting begins Tuesday

Virginia: Indefatigable voter advocate wins Fairfax honor

Washington: King Co. elections partners with Seattle Public Library to help voters with disabilities

West Virginia: Wood Co. voting machines inspected

Wisconsin: Van Hollen abandons any last-minute hope of getting voter ID in place this election | Clerks: Early voting resembles presidential race | Clerks busy as early voting begins

Monday, 20 October 2014

October 18-20, 2014

National News: 7 in 10 Americans favor restoring voting rights to nonviolent drug felons | Voter ID actions push fight past November | Justices resist voting changes before election

Alaska: Voter pamphlet omission may have affected earliest-mailed ballots

Arizona: Consolidated polling places OK'd for general election

Arkansas: Election board responding to voter ID ruling

California: Monday is final day to register to vote; registration efforts in high gear | Registrar of voters hopes change fixes 2012 ballot problem in Los Banos | Mayoral candidates prep for return of ranked choice voting | Foothills resident shares frustration over address mistake

Colorado: Aurora's county clerks making the vote count | More than 100 voters have received bad ballots | Campaigns in Colorado ramp up pressure on voters to return ballots | Wayne Williams vies for SoS | Ballot errors in Palisade, Fremont Co. | Polling and voting centers open across Colo. Monday

District of Columbia: Early voting begins today

Florida: Beat the lines, early voting begins Monday | Safeguards seen to blunt vote conflict

Georgia: Early voting polls open on Sunday for first time in Georgia

Illinois: County clerk's last election | $50K to fix Winnebago Co. ballot error | Early voting sites in McHenry Co. open today

Indiana: Early voting numbers down, but officials expect a change | Board says candidate can work in election office

Iowa: Meet the Candidate: Brad Anderson | Satellite voting offered at multiple locations

Kentucky: Election school preps poll workers for November | Appeals court rules in electioneering ban

Massachusetts: From staffing to voting machines, election costs add up for cities and towns | SoS candidate eyes open approach

Michigan: Public can try out voting machine | Wayne residents asked to consider ward voting

Minnesota: Open race for secretary of state heats up | More voters requesting absentee ballots

Mississippi: 7 indicted in voter fraud in Hattiesburg mayoral election

Missouri: Early voting proposal on Nov. 4 ballot

Montana: Tribes miss increased early voting access opportunity | Election day voter registration faces referendum | Ending same-day registration sees no support

Nebraska: Convenience and ease of early voting has helped its popularity | Mobile app allows Nebraska voters to access registration, polling place info

Nevada: Convenience, importance big draws for early voters

New Mexico: Four new centers open for early voting in San Juan Co.| Candidates spar over voter ID in closely watched race | 2012 election suit appeal angers Republicans

New York: BOE records say voter is 164 years old | Tioga Co. BOE to extend hours for absentee voting

North Carolina: More machines, longer hours to greet voters Thursday | Gastonia council will vote on changing election cycle | Voting site at Appalachian State blocked, for now | Misdirected mail confuses elections official | Elections official calls for fewer voting sites in Cumberland Co. | Service members encouraged to vote | Board approves new school design  

North Dakota: More than 18K North Dakotans have voted

Ohio: Husted says he takes a bipartisan approach to job | Husted orders Summit Co. BOE to adopt policy on digital devices | Husted faces challenge from Turner | Posting photo of ballot on Facebook could be a felony in Ohio

Oklahoma: Anyone can vote by mail in Oklahoma

Oregon: Big donor backs Oregon open primary measure | Brown issues voter turnout challenge

South Carolina: Absentee ballots re-issued in Kershaw Co.

South Dakota: Jackson Co. agrees to open satellite voting office Wanblee | Jackson Co. to open satellite voting site

Tennessee: Sumner Co. voters will be seeing red again | Some early voters in Sumner Co. got wrong ballots

Texas: Finally time to cast ballots as early voting starts Monday | Supreme Court lets Texas enforce voter ID law in November | The court won't interrupt Texas voter ID law | Supreme Court keeps Texas voter ID law | Attorneys pledge battle over voter ID law 'isn't over' | Castro asks GAO to analyze Texas voter ID law | State reports record high voter registration | New voting equipment to be used for November election | Record number of early voting sites open Monday | Early vote training on new equipment | Early voting begins with voter ID law in place

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections chairman files appeal of judge's denial to take candidate off ballot | St. Thomas elections board says early voting will begin Monday

Virginia: Embattled Charlottesville registrar had credit cards revoked by the city | Rules committee mulls moving Cardova polling station | Budget cuts cause layoffs at board of elections

Wisconsin: Wisconsin's on-again, off-again voter ID law is off | Early voting begins for November election | New rules for early voters

Friday, 17 October 2014

October 17, 2014

National News: Voter ID laws: Three states' struggle | Just in time for early voting, whiplash over voter ID | Recent rulings alter voting laws ahead of November election | ID laws present new challenges for transgender community | Obama nominates Vanita Gupta to lead DOJ's civil rights division | Supreme Court stays busy ruling on state voting laws | New early voting restrictions have little support among Americans

Arizona: Printing mistake could void some election ballots

Arkansas: Arkansas governor candidates react to voter ID ruling | Paper could cause ballot problems in Pulaski Co.| New training following voter ID ruling | AG: Ruling 'clear,' no voter ID for election | Debate focuses on Martin's absence and voter ID

California: Avoid these common mistakes when mailing in ballot | About 470 Lafayette residents get mail-in ballots with wrong school board info

Colorado: SoS candidates focused on voting rights | The impact of Colorado's three-week election |

Connecticut: Wilton registrars offer tips on hassle-free voting

District of Columbia: Elections board says upside-down flag was mistake afterall | Upside-down flag was a mistake | DC elections board printed its voter guides with the District flag upside down | Here's how DC ended up with an upside down flag on voter guide

Florida: Voting rights advocates say Florida should lift restrictions on felons voting | Court ruling leaves Tampa Bay area state House election up in the air

Georgia: Kemp says 'missing' voters accounted for | More than 90K take advantage of early voting | Kemp fires back at those suing over reported holdup of voter forms | Lawsuit against Muscogee Co. BOE claims thousands of registrations not processed

Illinois: Voting machine tested | Election error: 277 Winnebago Co. voters will not get say in race | Cohocton town clerk resigns

Indiana: County ready for Election Day | Warning issued over polling place turf war

Iowa: Electors pulled into HyVee satellite voting station's orbit

Kansas: Kris Kobach pushed Kansas to the right, now Kansas is pushing back | Democrat accuses Kobach of lying about voter ID law

Massachusetts: Newton teens bring voter registration to high schools

Michigan: Canton clerk clears up absentee ballot issue

Minnesota: The invisible race: SoS job up for grabs | Absentee voting sharply outpacing 2010

Missouri: Missourians to decide on early voting measure

Montana: LR-126: Helpful election tool or voter suppression technique

New Jersey: Vote-by-mail requests due by Oct. 28 | Asbury Park election probed by prosecutor

New Mexico: Sandoval Co. election appeal update | Carlsbad voter ID ordinances fail to pass | Expedited appeal in vote case denied

New York: Changes at polling places

North Carolina: UNC Charlotte students upset over lack of early voting site | Duke teams up wtih NCCU to transport to early voting

Ohio: Early voting focus of secretary of state race | More than 49K have cast early ballots

Pennsylvania: Erie Co. ballot software gets OK in test | Polling places changed in Doylestown, Tullytown | Six poll workers honored for 50 years of service

Tennessee: Time to vote | Polling place photo policy adopted

Texas: Texas asks Supreme Court to preserve voter ID law | Reinstated voter ID law could hinder 600K registered voters | Voter ID law still in limbo, Grayson Co. prepared | Texas DPS continues to issue voter IDs | Commissioner to include election judges under county workers' comp

Utah: Kane Co. voters offered ballot options

Wisconsin: Robocalls mistakenly go out telling voters they need photo IDs | Dane Co. clerk anticipates early election

Thursday, 16 October 2014

October 16, 2014

National News: Tougher voter ID laws moving forward in some parts of country | Supreme Court leaves its mark on the midterms | Getting out the vote: Registration is up, but how many will then turn out for Election Day?

Alabama: Selma march anniversary sparks call to repeal voter ID

Arkansas: Incumbent in SoS race skips debate | Arkansas High Court invalidates voter ID | State Supreme Court strikes down ID law | ACLU 'thrilled' with high court's voter ID ruling | Candidates debate in SoS race

California: Similar ideas mark race for SoS| Printing error results in double ballots being sent to 1K voters | Early voting tip: Don't forget to use two stamps | Why would a voter ballot get tossed? Let's look at some reasons

Connecticut: Voter ID, access issues create divisions among SoS candidates

District of Columbia: DC election officials say they've addressed delays

Florida: Election officials hoping for voter turnout spike | Flagler supervisor of elections accused of illegally recording conversation | State's write-in glitch cost Brevard $13K to fix | Miami-Dade absentee ballot law upheld by court

Georgia: Muscogee among 5 counties named in voter registration lawsuit

Iowa: Johnson Co. unveils new voting app| Black Hawk auditor's office keeping busy

Maryland: Md., Va., election officials are working to avoid repeating the long lines of 2012

Massachusetts: Increase in last-minute voter registration

Mississippi: Receive election updates via text

Missouri: County Clerk: Missouri does not need early voting | Chrismer, opponent spar over mistake on sample ballot

Montana: Groups working hard to keep same-day voter registration

New Mexico: Voter ID ordinances fail to pass |County clerk and staff appeal ruling

New York: Elections office gearing up | Court battle creates ballot blunder

Ohio: Ohioans hazy about voting process | Husted will decide fight over his polling place poster | Turner launches new ad in SoS race | Elections board appeals in false statement case | Cuyahoga Co. leads state in number of absentee ballots requested

Oregon: New 24-hour ballot drop box will serve outer SE Portland and Gresham voters

Pennsylvania: He runs elections, so why doesn't he vote? | City elections chief breaks silence | Two Bucks polling places relocated

Tennessee: Advocates tout report linking voter ID law to turnout drop | Congressman wants voter ID law changed

Texas: Opponents ask Supreme Court to block Texas voter ID law | Voter ID opponents say law will confuse | As courts debate voter ID, election workers prepare for both outcomes

Virginia: Md., Va., election officials are working to avoid repeating the long lines of 2012

West Virginia: Harrison Co. prepares for general election | General election preps continue in Marion Co.

Wisconsin: Van Hollen: Open meetings law applies to canvassing boards

Wyoming: Secretary of state candidates spar over mailings