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Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Mar 01, 2011

California: June election issues go before Chico city council

Colorado: Voters weigh-in on ranked voting

Georgia: Kemp to testify before Texas Legislature on voter ID

Guam: Respicio bill aimed at improving elections

Kansas: Officials say only two cases of voter fraud in Sedgwick County

Maryland: Early voting still has support

Massachusetts: Polling location reviewed

Nebraska: Opponents say ID bill could disenfranchise voters and cost state more money

New Jersey: Somerville consolidating voting districts

New Mexico: Federal judge approves voting rights settlement

New York: Villages get pass for orderly elections  |  Cuomo signs bill to let villages use old lever voting machines  |  Lecture on voting machine creation set  |  Rochester's special election a go

North Carolina: Eight precincts in Cumberland County to be split

Ohio: Husted wants online voter registration  |  Secretary of state wants to shorten time for early voting, mail-in ballots  | Husted calls for online voter registration, address changes  |  Funding reduction concerns Tusc elections board  |  Giavasis joins Stark County BOE  |  Brecksville asking voters to change election filing deadline

Oregon: Online voter registration celebrates first anniversary

Pennsylvania: County council ballot configuration planned

Tennessee: Voter ID bill delayed  |  House approves bill preventing divorced voters' registration from being expunged

Texas: Grant, Roaches indicted in election mishap

Utah: House endorses optional vote centers

Washington: Group tries to combat underage voting

West Virginia: House will go along with a primary

Wisconsin: Democrats attend meeting about voter ID bill