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Monday, 01 August 2011

Jul 30-Aug 01, 2011

California: State vote-by-mail action taken in stride locally  |  San Mateo County may ask state to let it run more all-mail elections

Colorado: Mail ballot or polling place? County clerk wants your opinion

Florida: Browning asks court to pull review of Florida's election law  |  Browning asks court to OK controversial voting law  | Does Florida's new voting law make it harder to vote?

Indiana: Democrats appeal decision on elections chief  |  New vote centers  |  County studying vote centers

Louisiana: House speaker Jim Tucker says he's undecided about secretary of state run

Maine: Election-day registration supporters battle opponents stagecraft

Michigan: Abundance of recall attempts leaves officials questioning if law should be changed

Mississippi: Calm before election storm

Nevada: Mistaken vote gives dispute new twist  |  Prosecution unlikely for voting error in North Las Vegas race  |  Election challenge cost city $100K plus

New Jersey: Judge dismisses Morristown primary challenge  |  Campaign worker admist election fraud in 2007 Senate race

New Mexico: Group frets over voter suppression  |  Voter fraud claims ruffle feathers in New Mexico

New York: Knapp names replacement for French  |  Broome County to consolidate election districts  |  Arshinkoff back on elections board

Ohio: Voter ID proposal for Ohio is 'dead'

Tennessee: Election administrator to help redraw districts  |  Voters placedin wrong district won't get a chance to vote again

Texas: Montgomery officials consider election reform  |  Midland County to pursue election-day voting centers

Wisconsin: Robocalls arouse suspicion with bad election date  |  Absentees submit too many requests