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Tuesday, 03 June 2014

June 3, 2014

National News: High Court will hear new voting rights case

Alabama: Some worry new voter ID requirement will cause problems | At the polls in Lowndes Co. | The controversy over photo ID's | Precinct changes for many Westgate voters | Voting place moved after chance encounter

Arizona: Court taking up voter suit Aug. 25

Arkansas: Briefing schedule set in voter ID case

California: Trouble shooting two-vote Tuesday | Long Beach city clerk recommends ditching voting booth | Help available today for voters | Long Beach City clerk and team gear up for two-vote Tuesday | Big batch of election results expected by 8:01pm | Justice Dept. to monitor elections | Feds to monitor Alameda Co. election | A voter is required to stick 3 cents in | How California's new primary system hopes to level the playing field | In Long Beach, voters are being asked to vote twice | Underage voters, duplicate ballots among LA County's voting woes | Elections office recruits poll workers, sets up poll stations

Colorado: New election changes meant to boost turnout

Georgia: Recount confirms Lang wins by 4 votes

Illinois: Legislature passes polling, voter registration bill | Bill changes voting process

Iowa: Officials cite security risk in school polling stations | Voters have ID options | New statewide vote reporting vendor set | Election site passes the crash test | Speeding up the polling process

Kansas: Court taking up voter suit Aug. 25

Kentucky: Elkins to lobby for open primaries

Maine: Bangor absentee voting in new spot

Mississippi: Carpenter fulfills civic duty ad election commissioner | Setting up for the primaries | Voters head to the polls today | Hosemann: Voter ID a new chapter in state history | Changes for Mississippi voters

Montana: Gallatin Co. voters weigh in on late voter registration | The ballot box matriarch

Nevada: Washoe registrar backs off optimistic voter turnout

New Jersey: Demo proves mail-in ballot counter works fast | Union Co. clerk announced new, advanced election night voting results website

North Carolina: Villela resumes role as assistant elections director

Ohio: Elections officials point to ghost in machine for voter registration error | Youngstown council gets offer of help from BOE | Independents must choose party to work at polls

South Dakota: Election workers get ready for big day of voting | Voters question their poll location | Polling places prepare for primary | Voters may face polling location changes