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Monday, 02 March 2015

February 28-March 2, 2015

National News: Election panel GOP wants to eliminate is back in action | Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote?| 50 years ago, Selma's Bloody Sunday sparked Voting Rights Act

Alabama: Group strives to increase student voter registration

Arkansas: County election officials raise concerns about 3 state bills

Connecticut: Fairfield wins election turnout laurels despite cloud over local registrars | Proposal to eliminate registrars draws local response

Georgia: Chatham elections board continues to deliberate chairmanship

Guam: GEC offers feedback on bills to streamline voter registration

Illinois: Write-in candidacy raises some questions | State lawmakers take on election reform

Iowa: Iowans without a driver's license or ID could register to vote online

Kansas: Local officials opposed to changing spring elections to autumn | Voter turnout in local primary elections historically low

Kentucky: Voting rights advocates keep the pressure on

Massachusetts: Needham replaces old voting machines

Michigan: February elections are waste of money, undemocratic says Genesee Co. clerk

Minnesota: Lawmakers consider changes to state elections

Mississippi: Naturalized American excited about his right to vote

Missouri: Possible Missouri voter ID requirements worry Marion Co. clerk | Door prefers voter photo IDs at polls | Arguments arise over new legislation to prevent voter fraud

Montana: What's dead or alive at the Legislature

Nebraska: Students promote benefits of early voter registration

New Jersey: Poll: Should mailed-in ballots from people who die before Election Day be counted?

North Carolina: State judge allows voter ID lawsuit to proceed | Wake judge allows case on voter ID law to proceed to trial

South Carolina: Chester Co. prepares for election rerun

Tennessee: Election commission registers voters at health fair

Texas: Sen. Perry files two bills to 'ensure our elections are fair and reliable' | Elections administrator submits resignation

Vermont: Candidates trumpet voting for non-citizens

Virginia: Republican committee challenges Va. law in court

Wyoming: House approves vote centers, e-pollbooks bill