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Tuesday, 09 June 2015

June 9, 2015

National News: Nolan, groups push for election reform

California: Youth voting effort in SF postponed for at least another year | San Diego announces special election can occur this year

Connecticut: Middletown registrar appointed

Florida: Some commissioners fed up with Broward elections chief | Attorney: Effort to appoint position 'awful and racist'

Georgia: Pioneering elections chief honored | Bibb's group say on voting sites delivered Tuesday

Illinois: Same day registration will be in place to fill Schock spot | Special election triggers early onset of new law | Clerk estimates same day voter sign up will double election cost

Indiana: County starts process for new voting machines | Election board takes steps to reduce cost of Woodburn special election

Kansas: Brownback signs election bills, gives Kobach prosecutorial powers | Kobach sees filing election cases soon under new Kansas law

Kentucky: State board certifies May 19 primary

Louisiana: Delgado says 'cronyism' afoot in push for registrar  

Massachusetts: Worcester could choose tablets at the polls

Michigan: Flint Clerk Inez Brown takes 'full responsibility' for election error

Nevada: Automatic voter registration for 18-year-olds?

New Hampshire: Ballot law pits freedom of speech vs. potential voter fraud

Texas: Elections commission recommends interim chief

U.S. Virgin Islands: Voting rights group seeks plaintiffs

Virginia: Eight percent turnout expected in Prince William | Voters can get a peek at new voting machines | As polls open for primary, Bedford Co. registrar prepares for issues with machines | City: Housing office will remain voting precinct

Washington: Yakima council OKs options for elections stay

West Virginia: Princeton election results remain unchanged