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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June 24, 2015

National News: Deep Dive 2016: The future of voting | A new bid to strengthen the Voting Rights Act | Congressional Democrats to introduce new VRA fix

Arkansas: Rule to shift on poll worker pay

California: County may change voting machines | County studies option of prepaid postage for mail ballots | Pismo Beach names new city clerk

Illinois: County voters to receive new information cards after precinct consolidation | Taxpayers footing bill for expensive special election | Alvarez launches criminal probe into robocalls to election judges

Kansas: Voter turnout slow and steady in Kansas City

Maryland: Awareness program for new voting machines cut

Massachusetts: Mass launches online voter registration | Galvin announces OVR

Michigan: Senate GOP puts kibosh on no-excuse absentee voting

Minnesota: Savage purchasing new voting tabulators

Mississippi: E-poll book slated for Aug. 4 primary

Missouri: Presentation made on digital ballot counting system

Nebraska: County clerk considers more all-mail precincts

New Jersey: Same day voter registration nixed from election reform bill

New York: Chenango BOE joins fight to curb 2016 election costs

North Carolina: NCDMV issues 1000 no-fee voter ID cards ahead of 2016

Ohio: Senate considers OVR | Husted says every vote matters | Coffey named deputy director of Medina Co. BOE | Trial set for election lawsuit | Senate considers e-poll books

Oklahoma: Oklahoma voters will be able to register online

South Carolina: Morris Campbell to retire

Tennessee: Weakley Co. election administrator 'encouraged' to resign

Utah: Orem council likely to give official approval to vote-by-mail

Virginia: McAuliffe widens felon voting rights restoration | McAuliffe says unpaid court fees do not impede way to rights restoration

Washington: ACLU hiring voter engagement advocate in Yakima

Wisconsin: Sheboygan felon charged with voter fraud