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Monday, 29 June 2015

June 27-29, 2015

Connecticut: Can Ridgefield boost voter turnout?

Florida: New Okaloosa Co. voting equipment could cost as much as $1.2M | Lafayette supervisor of elections receives certification

Kansas: Mail ballots improve turnout in Ford Co.

Louisiana: Ballot organizers go to court to try to force registrar to reconsider tossed signatures

Massachusetts: Online voter registration available for Wilbraham voters

Michigan: Pattie Bender closing out era

Mississippi: County gets electronic poll books |

New JerseyChristie attacks 'Democracy Act' as DNC attempt to up voter fraud | Dems resolve spat, will send voting overhaul bill to Christie | Democracy Act approve by Assembly | Montclair sees poor voter turnout, legislators talk solutions | A famous polling place in Tenafly could be voted into rubble

North Carolina: Changes to NC voter ID law rankle some, but could preserve law | State's voter ID laws changed again by Legislature

Ohio: Late Belmont Co. election official given national service award | 14 Ohio people may face criminal charges for voter fraud

South Carolina: Date set for special election to fill Pinckney seat

Tennessee: Slagle announces retirement as election administrator | Democrats vs. Holt in election commission controversy | Status of 2500 Hawkins voters changing to 'inactive' | Voting precinct emergency preparedness revisited

Texas: Texas' 110th secretary of state marks 110 days in office

U.S. Virgin Islands: Coral Bay polling place might close over logistics

Virginia: Voting machines to be replaced | Hundreds gather in Roanoke for rally | Virginia GOP goes with primary for 2016 | Jamestown precinct to get new location

Wyoming: Why aren't young people voting in local elections?