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Friday, 31 July 2015

July 31, 2015 is currently out of the country and experiencing occasional Internet issues. We’ll do our best to get the stories posted every day by 8 a.m., but there may be some days it won’t be till 10 a.m. We apologize for the delay, especially to those early risers and readers on the East Coast.

National News: NC case represents pivotal point of voting debate | Why Republicans should worry about restrictive voting laws | Democrats urge restoration of Voting Rights Act on 50th anniversary

California: All mail-in ballot election is on for November

Florida: Voters 100+ years-old honored | Scott's chief elections official cites need to 'over-communicate'

Michigan: Board OKs mail-in voting proposal | All-mail voting ballot initiative among petitions going before Michigan board | Michigan starts the process of obtaining new voting equipment

New Mexico: Citizens group seeks voter ID in city elections

New York: Nassau Co. gets state aid for voting machines

North Carolina: NC attorneys rest their case in voting rights trial | GOP criticizes 'offensive' posts of NC elections appointee | Judge delays closing arguments in voting rights trial | Closing arguments set for today

Ohio: Franklin Co. BOE asking for $800K | Elections director: Resident's perception factors into registration

Oklahoma: State agencies agree to assist in voter registration

Oregon: Voting system upgrade should help cut expenses

Pennsylvania: Though only one race will appear on the ballot, Tuesday's special election will cost thousands

Rhode Island: Providence council candidates, campaign manager arrested for election fraud

Utah: Kanab City residents will have one common voting precinct

Washington: Latino voter turnout is anemic as primary approaches