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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January 25, 2017

National News: Agency seeks clarity on DHS election role | AG pick share's some of president's voter fraud views. Here's what it could mean | White House says president's false claim of voter fraud is his 'long-standing belief' | President still insists millions voted illegally (there's still no evidence of that) | State election officials: We don't know 'of any evidence' backing voter fraud claims | Ballot selfies pit tradition vs. technology

Alabama: Early voting not on secretary of state's agenda | Secretary of state: Still no movement on voter fraud laws

California: Gonzalez Fletcher moves to make postage for mail ballots free for voters

Colorado: Vote fraud in Colorado is extremely rare, officials say | Bill looks to lift ban on ballot selfies, but faces hurdles

Georgia: Homeland security requested documents over alleged hack in Ga.

Indiana: Barker rules ballot photo ban unconstitutional

Iowa: Secretary of state's Voter Integrity Act focuses on tech upgrades

Kansas: Sedgwick Co. election office preparing for special election | ACLU wants federal court to force Kobach to turn over voter registration documents

Kentucky: Secretary of state says illegal voting claims are 'simply not true'

Michigan: Michigan plans to replace all voting machines by 2018 | State of Michigan selects vendors for new voting machines | Some Michigan lawmakers want to make voting easier | State chief: 'Nothing fraudulent' in Detroit election

Minnesota: Doing your taxes? Why not register to vote too

Mississippi: Bills would ease early voting and online voter registration

Montana: Bill would limit who can drop off ballots for people

Nebraska: Officials: One 'potential' case of 2016 vote fraud | Legislative proposal to require more early voting locations gets cool reception

New Hampshire: NH assesses motives for voter-fraud claim | New bill could broaden powers of secretary of state's office | Citing school safety concerns, bill would ban guns at polling places

New Jersey: Verona remembers longtime poll worker

North Dakota: House votes down funding for new election equipment

Ohio: Elections board deputy director terminated

Texas: Plaintiffs ask court to penalize state officials in stalled Motor Voter lawsuit | DeWitt Co. voting becoming completely electronic

Utah: After 30K ballots rejected last year, House passes notification bill | Some 'spoiled' ballots would be counted under proposal

Virginia: Write-in votes may be left nameless if bill goes forward | Bill would end Va.'s winner-take-all electoral vote system

Washington: Wyman proposes presidential primary date change, other election reforms | Wyman pushing for earlier presidential primary