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Monday, 17 July 2017

July 15-17, 2017

National: Kobach: Those leaving voter rolls could be part of political stunt | Emails show Kobach crafting changes to federal voting law after November election | WH panel releases public comments, email addresses and all | Bipartisan group that shares voter data shames WH panel | Lewis: WH panel a form of voter harassment

Arkansas: Judge orders election commission to work with Fox

California: New voter registration program in Yolo Co. with people with disabilities | Partisan rift opens over vote-by-mail law | Tulare Co. anticipates certifying election by July 21

Colorado: Williams tells WH panel it is looking in the wrong place, suggests another data source

Connecticut: CT residents join others who blast WH panel

Florida: Leon Co. commemorates 'National Disability Voter Registration Week' | Leon Co. elections office on the move

Georgia: Glynn Co. finds that buying new voting equipment is not that simple | Georgia to shift elections work in-house away from Kennesaw State | Ga. elections chief plans changes after security issues | Fulton voting precincts may close in black neighborhoods

Illinois: Kane Co. not eager to give Durbin election security info | Winnetka attorney named election board chair

Kansas: County commissioner accuses election commissioner of using 2018 budge to up salary

Kentucky: Many Kentuckian against sharing voter data

Maine: Ranked choice voting stays alive in Maine for now | Auburn to consider shifting polling places

Michigan: Three communities get new voting machines | County board votes to proceed with voting machine upgrade | Johnson on voter information request

New Hampshire: Portsmouth won't provide info to voter panel| Clerk calls mailer misleading, intimidating

New Jersey: What it will take for voter fraud panel to get NJ data: 65 cents

Oregon: New voting system's first workout will be light | County clerk replacement is familiar with the role

Pennsylvania: Online voter registration rising

South Carolina: Report: Nearly 150K attempts to hack SC voter registration system

Tennessee: Meet Cheatham Co.'s new elections administrator

Texas: Voter information outcome remains in question

Vermont: Condos inducted president-election of NASS

West Virginia: Warner wants info on Russian hacking in WV election | County clerks preparing for road bond vote