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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

November 14, 2017

National News: Widespread problems reported to election protection hotline

Alabama: Merrill says date of special election unlikely to change

Arizona: AG says counties may maintain own voter rolls

Colorado: Boulder Co. awaits 'cured' ballots from voters

Idaho: Dems call to pull state from Crosscheck |Election employees raise concerns on voter fraud program

Illinois: Kane clerk looks at way to handle Aurora elections

Indiana: Vigo Co. groups allege voter suppression

Kansas: County approves almost 8K ballots, 117 provisional ballots | New Kansas driver's licenses vex election poll book scanners | Disabled voters tossed because they didn't write their names

Massachusetts: Worcester voter turnout study backs easier registration process | Ricker calls for manual recount in mayoral race | Mashpee moves voting location

Michigan: Guidelines prevent voter fraud in Lansing |Lawsuit calls for Detroit's absentee ballots to be thrown out | State law may allow commissioners to remove Macomb Co. clerk

Minnesota: Supreme Court to hear MN voter apparel law challenge | Recount requested in Minneapolis

New York: Rennselaer Co. election board starts absentee ballot counting | Saratoga Springs residents angry over attorney hired to oversee absentee ballot count

North Carolina: Court-appointed specialist draws new maps

Ohio: Court sides with blind voters over Ohio | Court says Husted must prove Ohio can't accommodate blind voters | High school senior participates in 'Youth in the Booth' state program

Pennsylvania: Voter recount happening today | Contentious start as York Co. election recount gets underway| Westmoreland's mistaken practice of allowing age-based absentee voting ends

Rhode Island: BOE moves to close voter registration loophole

South Carolina: Election officials: 'Everybody thought they should be able to vote' in Myrtle Beach races

Tennessee: Tennessee elections coordinator says ranked-choice not permissible

Texas: Can Texas ban political t-shirts, buttons from polling places?

Virginia: Students opt to vote with provisional ballots Nov. 7 | Protestors demand that absentee ballots be counted in tight Stafford race | Dedicated to the polls: Precinct chief Kathy Massie has served for more than 25 years | Stafford officials defer action on 55 absentee ballots | Registrar disputes Democrats' claim that absentee ballots in Va. House race went uncounted

Washington: Yakima Co. election officials not expecting new ballots

Wyoming: State, counties look to replace aging voting machines