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Monday, 02 July 2018

June 30-July 2, 2018

National News: Voting rights debate moves from statehouses to ballot boxes | Rockefeller names director of democracy building

Arkansas: JPs accept offer on new vote gear

Colorado: How does the clerk and recorder handle counting votes in her own election?

Delaware: Newark, Delaware, where some people can vote more than once | Early voting proposal fails  

Florida: Counties fault Rick Scott's staff over voting money conditions | Tampa city council supports felon voting rights measure | Preparing for the 2018 midterm elections

Georgia: Catoosa Co. agrees to oversee Ringgold elections, discusses election day kinks | Younger voters boost rolls in Floyd, early voting starts today

Guam: Guam voting rights case gets support from USVI, constitutional scholars

Illinois: County GOP joins effort to end Bloomington Election Commission

Indiana: Election security concerns has one local board setting protocols for county's voting equipment | Clerks to bolster voter security efforts

Iowa: About 1 percent of Dubuque Co. voters lacked valid ID | Supervisors, auditors discuss election needs

Kansas: Voting rights reviewed during program

Kentucky: Successful write-in candidates rare in Hardin Co.

Louisiana: Pollster: Candidates should keep in mind secretary of state race draws little interest

Maine: Ranked-choice and the instant-runoff tradition in small Maine towns

Maryland: 'Razor thin election' playing out in MoCO

Massachusetts: New Salem city clerk looks to future | Peabody city clerk announces retirement

Michigan: Outgoing ACLU chief pushes ballot-access proposal | Wexford Co. hosts election training for city, township clerks | Farmington, Hills use new verity voting system

Minnesota: Hennepin Co. board hears good news on cybersecurity for upcoming election

New Mexico: BernCo planning to use mobile polling unit for general election

New York: One charter school network's positive impact on registration and voting | Jeanne O'Rourke retires from Suffolk BOE

North Carolina: Voter ID amendment goes to voters | Elections board notifies governor's mansion: Update your voter registration

North Dakota: Jaeger OK after minor accident during Roughrider Days Parade

Ohio: Voting machine bill goes to Kasich | Elections board fixing congressional boundaries after mix-up in primary | More than 2K Franklin Co. voters were assigned to the wrong precinct

Tennessee: Work continues for big election in Shelby Co. | Election commission to open three early voting sites in compromise | Early voting changes in Shelby Co. spark concerns

Texas: The high cost of the District 27 Congressional special election