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April 18, 2014

Alabama: DOJ sends staff to gather info on voting in Greene Co.

Alaska: A crowded field for candidates named Dan Sullivan on primary ballot

Arkansas: Voters should have IDs ready on election day

Colorado: Town of Montezuma election is focus of election-fraud investigation | After last year's recalls House Dems pass change in law

Florida: Mail-in strong as primary election day approaches | Palm Coast and county elections chief strike agreement

Georgia: Trial continues in Brooks Co. voter fraud case

Idaho: Candidate defends Ysura's, clerks' integrity

Indiana Mills, Eurton vie for Democratic clerk nod in Floyd Co. | Vote machines, center being prepared for May primary | Early voting hours extended

Iowa: Prosecutor says 6 felon voting cases will proceed | Dems consider allowing absentee voting in 2016 caucuses

Kentucky: Old voting box found in old courthouse | Conway defends Kentucky law withholding absentee voter lists

Massachusetts: Selectmen oppose petitions for election change

Mississippi: With voter ID law, voters need to make sure they have valid ID

Missouri: Nudged by petition effort, Missouri might pass early voting

New York: Jackson Heights polling sites reopen

Ohio: Lucas Co. BOE votes to fire Republican booth official | 79 polling places moved in Franklin Co. for better disability access

Oregon: Voter registration website returns after outage | Voter registration website is back up

Tennessee: Election commission may move initial early voting site

Texas: DOJ, Texas clash over discovery on voting rights case | Wittner shares new voting plan for county

Virginia: Governor simplifies process to regain vote

West Virginia: Journal finds ballot error; mistake quickly remedied

Wisconsin: Write-in rules changed under new state law