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May 22, 2015

National News: DOJ eyes voting reforms for American Indians

Alabama: Alabama to join SEC primary | Elderly, physically disabled voters can now skip to the head of the line at Alabama polls

Arkansas: Election commissioner solve special election problem

California: Runner bill reins in costly special elections

Connecticut: Mary (Vinnie) McCauley, 90 of Stamford

Florida: 9 investigates Florida's move to OVR |

Idaho: Idaho city facing school board election redo

Kansas: Razor-thin House vote would give Kobach more power | House narrowly approves moving local elections to fall

Kentucky: Republican primary goes into extra time | Bevin campaign asking some counties for election records | Count them again | Recanvass requested in two races| AG releases final election fraud hotline report

Maryland: Perryville debates axing write-in votes, no contest elections

Mississippi: Election challenge will proceed

Missouri: Secretary of state candidate files voter ID measure

New York: Appellate Court tosses lawsuit against elections commissioner

Ohio: Commissioners support OVR | Bruce Abens wins coin flip to break tie in election

Oregon: Bill would change election process

Pennsylvania: Despite low turnout Lebanon Co. primary had share of drama | Three races require recounts

South Carolina: Changes on the horizon for voting precincts

South Dakota: Feds consider reforms to help Indian voters

Texas: Cascos wants to move past voter ID, partisan politics

Virginia: Registrar asks county supervisors to OK voting changes | Challenger to Va. House speaker accuses him of 'cheating' in ballot rules