Colorado: A first: 2012 primary will feature mail-only ballots

District of Columbia: DCBOEE picks coming soon, Gray says

Indiana: Vote for new voting machines delayed in Clark County  |  New law could affect voter turnout

Maryland: Mayoral candidates call for media campaign to educate voters about correct primary date

Massachusetts: Mansfield selectman trying to require ID to vote

New York: Judge won't block voting

Ohio: Ex-boyfriend of forer elections chief pleads guilty  |  Carroll named to elections board  |  Ohio election law foes OK to resume repeal effort

Oklahoma: New voter ID law now in effect

Pennsylvania: Disputed Chesco election mailing results in charges  |  Ads telling ex-felons to vote should have run

Tennessee: Absentee vote rate attracts attention

Virginia: Some polling locations changing in Charlottesville  |  Confusion over voter cards remains

Wisconsin: Clearing up election confusion amid transition