Alabama: Paperwork plays role in election certification

Arizona: Don't bring city mail-in ballot to post office  |  City primary on pace to double turnout  |  Brewer nears date to move primary  |  Voters already castin ballots days before election day

California: San Francisco mayoral election results may be released sooner

Colorado: Feds hold off ruling whether Weld County must print bilingual ballots  |  Telluride council prepares for instant-runoff voting

Florida: Martin County supervisor of elections office wins national award

Georgia: Feds OK floating presidential primary in Georgia

Illinois: County clerk to reduce number of election precincts

Indiana: Election board awaits state response on uncontested race ballots

Louisiana: Educating voters: Election officials demonstrate the power of the ballot

Nevada: NLV refuses to pay for lawsuits

North Carolina: Legislators remain unsure how to deal with voter fraud

Ohio: Cuyahoga council votes to defy state  |  Rep. Kucinish asks U.S. Attorney to investigate ballot controversy  |  Cuyahoga County seeks bids for help with vote-by-mail project  |  State auditor threatens Cuyahoga over absentee ballots

South Carolina: AG: State will fight if voter law rejected  |  Justice seeks info on voter ID law

Tennessee: Beginning in January, photo IDs required to vote

Texas: Preparations begin for November election

Wisconsin: Maps cut one voting district in City of Oshkosh