Chief Fiscal Officer

Under the general supervision of the Director of Administrative Services formulates, interprets, controls and administers policies regarding all Fiscal Programs. Provides fiscal oversight and monitors to ensure adherence to applicable laws, rules, regulations, contracts and financial reporting guidelines. Serves as spokesperson on matters associated with fiscal programs and has authority to bind the agency to a specific course of action.

Coordinates and supervises the financial and fiscal operations for the Board. Recommends and implements changes in accounting policy and procedures. Responsible for the preparations of monthly financial statements; annual GAAP packages; monthly reconciliations; ensuring compliance with statute, policies, and other applicable rules and regulations; and maintaining records of the same for audit purposes.

Compiles, analyzes and presents annual Agency budget submissions for operational and non-operational activities of the Board. Coordinates with Division Directors and Accounting Manager in data gathering, budget preparation and submission to GOMB and legislative appropriation staff. Evaluates budgetary needs with programmatic and operational initiatives of the Board and makes recommendations to Executive Staff. Monitors and adjusts budgetary resources to facilitate the Board’s needs. Represents the agency at legislative hearings or other meetings regarding budgetary or fiscal matters.

Serves as the Agency Purchasing Officer in procurement matters involving the Board. In conjunction with Accounting Manager, reviews purchase and procurement requests for reasonableness and budgetary feasibility, monitors contracts and obligations prepared to verify compliance with State procurement rules and mandates, and approves contracts on behalf of the Executive Director and Board.

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