Director of Elections & Voter Services (Assistant City Clerk)

We’re a division of the Office of the City Clerk. We administer local, state, and federal elections for Minneapolis voters. Our estimated population is 430,000 with about 270,000 registered voters. We champion civic participation for all Minneapolis citizens through accurate, fair, and accessible elections. We strive to be leaders in election administration through innovation and collaboration. As the largest and most vibrant city in the state, Minneapolis depends on purposeful, dedicated and innovative employees. Minneapolis has a large variety of careers for people of all experiences and backgrounds who come together for a singular purpose—serving the residents, businesses and visitors of Minneapolis. The Assistant City Clerk is responsible for the direction of a business line in the City Clerk’s Office, including acting as the Responsible Authority and Data Compliance Official, Chief Elections Official, or Chief Legislative Officer.

  1. Responsible for the direction of a business line, including developing strategic goals with the City Clerk Council/Council Leadership; and developing, implementing, and maintaining programs to implement those goals.
  2. Manage multiple competing projects of varying complexity across the department and enterprise.
  3. Manage the daily operations of the department, including budget, financial, personnel issues, departmental business plans, involvement in Council office matters, and various special projects.
  4. Develop, implement, and manage initiatives that improve the service delivery to City administration, and the public.
  5. Develop strategic goals with the City Clerk; and develop, implement, and maintain programs to implement those goals.
  6. Collaborate with the City Clerk on the preparation of annual budgets, budget presentations, emergency operations and continuity of operations plans.
  7. Oversee the preparation of reports, research efforts, planning documents and presentations to elected officials, stakeholder groups and the public.
  8. Supervise divisional staff, delegating, coaching, and developing the staff’s professional expertise, and fostering an atmosphere that values the rewards responsiveness, innovation, thoroughness and professionalism.
  9. Establish and maintain effective organizational and public relations through the development and implementation of outreach and engagement plans, including hosting events and presenting to the public.
  10. Partner and provide professional consultation to City leadership, departments, and other partners, internal and external to the City enterprise.
  11. Research, and respond to Mayor and Council Member inquiries and issues independently, including complex requests from policy-makers, the media, and the public involving significant amounts of data or sensitive data.
  12. Manage multiple competing projects of varying complexity across the department and enterprise.
  13. Oversee and ensure the Implementation of program goals and objectives.
  14. Work with the City Clerk regarding support, discipline. and discharge of staff from the department, and when handling controversial or politically sensitive issues.
  15. Provide leadership of department-wide initiatives and City-wide initiatives, and oversight of financial decisions for the City Clerk’s Office.
  16. Establish and enforce administrative policies, procedures, and standards for the Office.
  17. Act as the City Clerk as assigned.

Salary: $112,139.04 – $132,934.88

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