Election Data Manager

The primary purpose of this position is to manage election data, provide support services and coordinate absentee ballot processes for the Jackson County Board of Elections. Duties include:  Develop and maintain a close working relationship with local municipalities, other County Boards of elections, EBCI and other addressing entities. Maintain State Elections Information Management System (SEIMS) Geocode module. Coordinate with State and Jackson County GIS to create and maintain GIS data, layers, maps, interactive maps, services, and address point files. Work in conjunction with various agencies and Boards of Elections to provide electronic and printed maps as needed. Design and create documents, brochures and materials for use in all election processes and for use in communication with the general public. Collect, analyze, and provide services related to customer data requests. Transmit, receive and record Absentee Ballot packets. Process Absentee by mail ballot applications by scanning, entering data, and verifying voter registrations. Perform incomplete geocode management for voter registrations. Provide customer support by responding and resolving voter address inquiries through research. Assist in all audit procedures in association with early voting activity. Assist in set up of One-Stop sites to include setup of phones and other electronics. Install and Implement various software programs on multiple devices for office and elections tracking and communications. Assist with Logic and Accuracy testing of Election equipment. Assist with maintenance of official Board of Elections web pages. Create and update databases and spreadsheets. Assist in ADA and Campaign Zone compliance at polling locations. Salary: $29,921.16. Deadline: March 1.

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