Election Specialist Trainee

Under direct supervision of the Director/ Deputy Director of Election Operations, functions in an administrative capacity in the Division of Election Operations, developing knowledge and understanding related to the operations of the division. During a training period of up to 12 months in order to qualify for the target title position of Election Specialist I, develops knowledge of election related opinions, court rulings and legislation as it applies to agency/divisional responsibilities. Development of knowledge related to the aforementioned criteria should be applied answering questions from the public and election authorities. Consults on the preparation of publications;, each trainee is responsible for an individual submission of assigned publications.. Receives training on developing and conducting election judge training sessions. Trainees are responsible for the creation of an individual power point to be utilized in the training of election judges. Each trainee shall attend an amount of election judge training sessions equal to that of the trainers. Establishes working relationships with the election authorities; measured by feedback from county clerks in Illinois. Participates in the development and implementation of election procedures; participates in all formal training programs in the area of election procedures and operations, and divisional responsibilities. Assists in the evaluation of internal election related procedures. Salary: $2,760.00 – $3,464 monthly

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