Elections and Recording Manager

The Marion County Clerk’s Office is seeking a dynamic, experienced, trusted leader as our next Elections and Recording Manager in Salem, Oregon, our capitol city. Salem is Oregon’s central hub to cultural venues and events, valley vineyards and wineries, the coast and the mountains. Competitive applicants will be highly motivated, detail-orientated, have well developed management and supervisory skills, and have a strong commitment to outstanding customer service. A demonstrated ability to maintain an environment of high integrity and dependability is critical in this role.

The County Clerk’s Office is responsible for conducting elections, issuing marriage licenses, recording specified documents, maintaining official records and coordinating the Board of Property Tax Appeal as required by law.

The Elections and Recording Manager is responsible for managing the technical and administrative activities of licensing and recording, elections, maintenance of official records, and coordinating the Board of Property Tax Appeals. This individual also serves as the County’s Records Officer’s designee and ensures that recording activities comply with federal, state and local statutes, regulations and rules. Specific functions include records storage, microfilming and digital imaging operations, retention and disposition scheduling, archival storage and information management.

This individual works closely and cooperatively with the County Clerk to ensure the County Clerk remains informed of all critical issues. This individual may also represent the County Clerk in public meetings and presentations.

Salary: $6,184.53 – $8,290.53 Monthly

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