Elections Program Engagement Manager

USDR is seeking an Engagement Manager to be an early hire for our growing Elections program. As an early hire, we are looking for someone who is excited to influence the shape and structure of the program, particularly the way we build relationships with government partners. USDR partners often reach out with a complex problem knowing that USDR teams will work collaboratively to meet their needs. The Engagement Manager will be responsible for working with new and existing partners and shaping USDR projects in this space, while engaging the elections team and volunteer network to deliver on our partners’ needs. You’ll work with multiple levels of government and non-governmental organizations, interfacing with elections office stakeholders, individual engineers, support personnel, and everyone in between.

You would be a good fit for this role if you’re an elections expert, a project or program manager with delivery experience, or a technologist with experience in supporting government partners.

This is a full-time, paid position with competitive pay and benefits.

In this position, you will:

  • Build and maintain strong, credible relationships with government partners and key stakeholders in the elections ecosystem
  • Create and maintain the process and infrastructure for maintaining relationships with existing partners, including building a community space for these partners.
  • Explore new opportunities to provide impact and support to new and existing elections partners
  • Collaborate with government partners and USDR technologists to translate partner feedback into new features and impactful projects
  • Manage a portfolio of complex projects and initiatives in our Elections Program, including Poll Worker Management
  • Represent USDR and the values of our Volunteer Oath in your work.

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