Elections Services Specialist

The Elections Services Specialist position will be assigned to one of the functional sections of the Elections Division as described below.

As a Voter Services Specialist you will:

Oversee and conduct daily processing of voter information in database systems
Lead and coordinate vote by mail functions including processing voter requests for ballots and signature verification of returned ballots
Supervise, review, and process examinations of petitions and conducts signature verification of petitions
Oversee the review of voter eligibility and assists in processing provisional ballots
Coordinate and provide phone, in-person, and email customer services

As a Candidate Services Specialist you will:

Lead the processing of candidate and measure filings
Oversee campaign finance reporting functions in a database system
Lead County Voter Information Guide development including formatting text in InDesign, coordinating translations of text, and proofreading materials
Provide phone, in-person, and email customer services

As a Precinct/Mapping Services Specialist you will:

Maintain spatial and tabular data in ArcGIS and a voter database
Perform queries and analyzes spatial and tabular data
Maintain, update, and proof spatial data, internal street guide, district boundaries, precincts, and other data
Prepare and provide map and data customer orders
Provide phone, in-person, and email customer services

As an Election Day Operations Specialist you will:

Coordinate planning processes related to the Election Day voting experience including supplies, staffing, and procedures
Lead the recruitment, placement, and management of poll worker and other volunteer workers
Lead volunteer tasks including vote by mail ballot extraction
Oversee and communicate with poll workers and volunteers via phone, email, and in-person including drafting correspondences and replying to questions
Maintain poll worker and volunteer records in an online database

As a Warehouse Operations Specialist you will:

Monitor and maintain item inventory using an electronic inventory management system
Oversee the packing of election supplies and equipment
Lead the returned vote by mail ballot scanning and sorting process
Lead the coordination and collection of vote by mail ballots from secure drop boxes and USPS

As an IT and Voting System Operations Specialist you will:

Lead programming, testing, and maintenance of voting and tabulation equipment
Lead ballot layout and ballot tabulation functions
Lead election results reporting and canvass processes
Update the Elections Division website, as directed

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