Elections Services Supervisor

Why join the Contra Costa County, Clerk-Recorder Department?
Are you an innovator and high achiever? Service driven? Dedicated to quality?
We are seeking an experienced election administration professional to plan and supervise
warehouse operations in one of the state’s and nation’s largest counties.
Contra Costa County has more than 700,000 registered voters and a population of 1.1 million.
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Contra Costa County offers great salary and benefits in
addition to a collaborative and fast paced work environment. If your election experience includes
tremendous overtime during an election, be prepared for a new experience.
As the Warehouse Operations Supervisor, you will:
Direct operations at two warehouse locations
Monitor and maintain item inventory using an electronic inventory management system
Direct the preparation and packing of election supplies and equipment
Direct returned vote by mail ballot scanning and sorting process
Plan and oversee the collection of vote by mail ballots from secure drop boxes and USPS
We are looking for someone who is:
A collaborative leader and coach. You will be leading technicians and specialists and
working with other election units, County Departments and Agencies.
A planner and organizer. You will need to create project plans, organize work, and
ensure tasks are completed according to the plans.
Committed to continuous improvement. You will contribute to advancing the work of
your unit, the division, and the elections team by reviewing processes, adapting to changes in election laws, and identifying opportunities to improve.
A problem solver. You will need to identify issues and offer solutions to resolve them
Committed to public service. You will demonstrate your commitment by performing
services in the public interest.
Adaptable. You will need to balance multiple projects and respond to changing priorities
to ensure tasks are completed on time.
Knowledgeable and experienced in elections administration. You will need to
demonstrate your understanding of the election process and timelines in the leadership of
your unit.
What you will typically be responsible for:
Supervising and evaluating permanent and temporary staff
Arranging and overseeing your staff’s work
Training staff and ensuring accurate work products using quality control practices
Participating in election planning, research, and decision making activities
Developing and updating processes and procedures to meet organizational needs
A few reasons you might love this job:
You will serve your community through public service
You will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative team environment
You will have a chance to be a part of democracy in action
You will be part of a highly respected elections team
You will develop competency and understanding of multiple election functions
A few challenges you might face in this job:
Legislation and regulations regularly change therefore processes and procedures need to
be regularly updated
During peak election times the number of team members requiring training, managing,
supervising increases significantly
Team expectations require supporting the work of other election functions
Competencies Required:
Coaching & Developing Others: Supporting others in stretching and expanding their
Building & Maintaining Relationships: Establishing rapport and maintaining mutually
productive relationships
Displaying Ownership and Accountability: Holding self and others accountable for
measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results
Delegating: Sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability
Innovative Problem Solving: Identifying and analyzing problems in order to propose new
ways to do business
Professional & Technical Expertise: Applying technical subject matter to the job
Leadership: Guiding and encouraging others to accomplish a common goal
Managing Performance: Ensuring superior individual and group performance
Writing: Communicating effectively in writing
Using Technology: Working with electronic hardware and software applications
Attention to Detail: Focusing on the details of work content, work steps, and final work
Delivering Results: Meeting organizational goals and customer expectations and making
decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing
problems, and calculating risks
Handling Stress: Maintaining emotional stability and self-control under pressure,
challenge, or adversity
To read the complete job description, please click here.
The eligible list established from this recruitment may remain in effect for six (6) months.

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