Elections Specialist

The primary purpose of this position is to provide administrative support services for the Jackson County Board of Elections. Duties include: Serve as point-of-contact at front desk/reception area. Accept registration/absentee applications; scan registrations/absentee forms into the Statewide Elections Information Management System (SEIMS). Assist with data entry voter information in SEIMS. Answer phones and process incoming/outgoing mail; accept and process undeliverable mail; prepare and receive mail; make copies & maintain copier; order office supplies. Maintain Excel spreadsheet of office and election supplies; including quantities and locations. Obtain approval, budget line item, and signature of Director for submission of receipts and invoices to finance office. Record and prepare money received for submission to finance office. Perform daily, weekly, monthly and yearly voter registration maintenance activities utilizing SEIMS software. Transfer removed voter forms to back storage (yearly). Receive and check Election night materials from Chief Judge; receive and check-in precinct materials after Election Day; assist with the 10-day office canvass process after Election Day. Inventory and dispose of past election materials based on records retention. Store and organize election material after canvass. Accept, log in required information, and securely store voted returned absentee ballots. Create an excel file of paper ballot inventory for each election. Inventory paper ballots, fold or wrap for election use; create an excel file of inventory reconcile paper ballots post-election. Maintain and update polling place keys and codes. Maintain Excel file on shared drive of organizations conducting voter registration drives. Data entry of names on petitions into SEIMS and provide status reports to the Director. Ensure doors are secure at night (front door is responsibility of last person leaving). Report mileage to Commissioners Office monthly and maintain mileage log in Excel for office. Any other duties as assigned or needed; inform Director of any needs to fulfill duties. Salary: $27,139.37.  Deadline: Application: March 1.

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