Senior Mapping Technician

Do you have a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) background and a desire to be a part of the elections process? The Wake County Board of Elections is seeking a Senior Mapping Technician to manage the addressing and voting jurisdiction system for Wake County voter registration. The ideal candidate will possess experience working with GIS applications and data. Wake County has over 775,000 registered voters, and overall this position will be key in the management of over 43,000 individual street geocode ranges. With the rapid growth in Wake County, this position is essential for keeping pace with an ever-changing landscape. The position will also help Wake County stay on the top of services provided to the residents and voters. In this position, you will maintain a close working relationship with they Wake County GIS and Planning Departments, as well as local municipalities and addressing entities. You will manage addresses and jurisdictions for over 775,000 voters. You will work in a team environment to manage and audit address data, produce maps for various elections related functions, and analyze data for redistricting. Salary: Hiring Range: $17.49 – $23.60. Deadline: August 8.

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