Voter Education & Outreach Specialist

This position reports to the Voting Information Services Manager of the Elections Division and works collaboratively to provide outreach and educational services. This position leads onsite customer service to candidates during annual peaks, voters’ pamphlet training for internal staff, organization of printed materials for proofing, fulfillment of outreach materials to stakeholders, and coordinates the printing and distribution of the state Voters’ Pamphlet.
VIS exercises visionary leadership to publish the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The team provides voters and candidates with essential tools and training, digestible data and auditing reports, outreach programs and publications. VIS also advises County Auditors in interpretations of federal and state election law to uphold the integrity of election administration throughout the state. These objectives are accomplished through official communications, collaboration with stakeholders, and educational publications including the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The VIS program also acts as liaison for the Office of the Secretary of State.

Primary Responsibilities
Coordinates voters’ pamphlets and legal advertisements
Leads in-person customer contact involving all aspects of the voters’ pamphlet process. Works on continuous improvement efforts in collaboration with other VIS team members; and is involved with directly coordinating efforts with designers, composition, translation services, and accessible formats. Requires in-person quality checks for proofing and press checks. Directly involved with VIS team members, composition coordinator, printers, mailing vendor(s), and accomplishing other duties and tasks necessary to publish and distribute the state and combined local voters’ pamphlets
Coordinates in-person aspects of annual design reviews and post-election debriefs of voters’ pamphlet information with division management and executive leadership; updates educational information according to new legislation or executive direction
Collaborates with VIS manager and candidate filing lead to prepare for Candidate Filing and Statement Submission Weeks; updates educational materials for candidates; prepares online submission tools; supports contingency planning; supports candidates who file/submit in person or online
Tests and provides testing feedback to the VoteWA Support team for continuous improvements to the system’s administrative functions and online statement submission tools. In collaboration with the candidate filing lead, provides expertise to the VoteWA Support team to improve the candidate’s user experience and uphold the integrity of the system
Coordinates with counties to ensure appropriate voters’ pamphlet delivery dates, deadlines, formats, and content while providing in-person training, technical assistance, and troubleshooting for county staff unfamiliar with voters’ pamphlet project management, voters’ pamphlet procedures in the system, or professional design software
Provides excellent customer service to candidates for all statement submission methods; includes but is not limited to technical assistance and computer troubleshooting, uploading statements, biographies and print-quality digital photos through the online submission tool, and hard copies submitted in person
Verifies candidates’ compliance with statutory and quality standards dictating statement length limits, and photograph size and pixel resolution to ensure information is ready for use in the printed voters’ pamphlet; works with ballot measure committees, and staff from the legislature, Attorney General’s Office, and Office of Financial Management to gather all legally required content for the voters’ pamphlet
Ensures that ideas and information in division publications are conveyed in writing and layout using language and design that is appropriate to the audience, the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the reader
Collaborates with the program’s language and accessibility lead to coordinate timely publication of translations and accessible formats
Works with others in the division and stakeholders to gather accurate publication content

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