Voter Information Coordinator (Elections Specialist)

Why This is a Great Opportunity:
This individual will play an integral part in carrying out and conducting elections in Pierce County and in the day to day operations. This position supports the foundational aspect of our democratic process while providing services and outreach to our customers.
About the Division:
The Auditor’s Elections Division maintains voter registration rolls, conducts federal, state and local elections, verifies petition signatures, publishes a local Voters’ Pamphlet, and maintains precinct lines after redistricting. Pierce County has over 560,000 registered voters and serves 114 jurisdictions and files candidates for over 500 elected offices.
The work of Pierce County Elections is consistently 24/7 – action-packed and exciting. Whether it is Election Day or another day of the year, effort is being made to continuously improve the voter experience and the technology of elections. We’re a workplace family that cares more than just about the daily grind. We are proud of the work we do; it’s award-winning and well-respected throughout Washington State.
How to be Successful in the Role:
Take ownership of voter outreach for Pierce County and improve/maintain voter engagement. Successfully produce county-wide local voters’ pamphlet for all elections.
Your Future in this Role:
This position is a perfect foundation for future leadership positions within the Auditor’s Office and Pierce County. As a condition of employment, the applicant will need to authorize and complete a background check. Information received from the background check is reviewed case-by-case and will not necessarily remove an applicant from consideration.
Core Daily Responsibilities:
Design and produce all publications, reports, manuals, flyers, legal advertisements, related election materials including Voter Pamphlets, and all jobs using a variety of desktop publishing software.
Perform quality control work including proofreading, grammar, and spelling.
Create and manage the voter pamphlet including submission of statements from candidates and committees.
Active role in candidate filing and resolution submission. This work includes communicating with candidates and jurisdictions.
Create ballot inserts for each election.
Coordinate the language translation program of the voter pamphlet, ballot materials, and voter outreach materials. Work in conjunction with office media specialist to update and maintain social media accounts.
Update website with relevant election information.
Produce an accurate Voters’ Pamphlet for each election.
Voter outreach to live and virtual audiences, upon request attend community events to educate prospective voters, supports school districts, colleges and universities with election related events and programs (Temperance and Good Citizenship Day, Future Voter, Rock the Vote and Student Engagement Hubs).
Salary Hiring Range: $31.42 – $39.73 Hourly

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