Voter Registration Program Specialist

Voter Registration Program Specialist will have extensive knowledge of election administration and voter registration. They will perform detailed planning and preparation and all administrative work associated with North Carolina Elections law in assuring that the voter registration program in North Carolina is carried out. Performs work in assuring that registering to vote is available through the appropriate channels to all eligible citizens and that the registration process is administered by all North Carolina county boards of elections. Work involves consulting with election program stakeholders internal to and external to the agency, and considerable analysis and interpretation of data and trends in the program area of assignment. Develops and reviews procedures, instructions, forms, and program materials for voter registration, including assisting counties in implementation, administration, and compliance of voter registration procedures, laws, and regulations. Performs work coordinating with the legal division of the State Board of Elections in providing registration forms, correspondence and processes compliant with NVRA and with General Statute 163. Performs work with the State Election Information Management System (SEIMS) infrastructure team in assuring that the application process in the SEIMS database is compliant in all 100 counties. Collaborates with the communications division to develop and maintain web content and other public documents pertaining to these areas. Collaborates with public service agencies in assuring that all are in compliance with NVRA regulations and processes. Works with development, implementation, and maintenance of online voter registration application services. Assists counties and state board of election staff with voter registration list maintenance. Supervise and work with program assistant and seasonal temporary workers to carry out program standards and objectives. Salary: $46,203 – $78,218 Annually. Deadline: Sept. 27.

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