Want to find a time to connect with peers in your jurisdiction, your state, or across the country? Check out these events to find one right for you. Not all events listed are open to the public, some events are included to provide notice to potential speakers or those who want to connect with organizers.

  • EAC Technical Guidelines Development Committee Annual Meeting
    Date: December 5, 2023
    Location: Rockville, MD
    Category: Meeting

    The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) will hold its annual meeting on December 5, 2023, at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Rockville, Maryland. This meeting will be held in person and live streamed. Registration is required to attend in person, and attendees must be registered no later than November 20, 2023. A registration link and a live stream link will be added to this page.

    The TGDC is composed of 14 members appointed jointly by EAC and the director of NIST. Members will discuss program updates for EAC Testing and Certification and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Voting Program. The meeting will also include the status of the Voluntary Electronic Poll Book Pilot Program, the annual review of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), lab testing strategies, and more.

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  • Structural Election Reform: What Is Happening in the States?
    Date: December 4, 2023
    Location: Online
    Category: Panel Discussion

    A bipartisan bill recently introduced in the Wisconsin legislature would enact final-five voting for state elections. Next year’s mayoral election in Burlington, Vermont, will be conducted using ranked-choice voting. And Idaho citizens may be voting in 2024 on a ballot initiative to consider opening its partisan primaries.

    Various states, counties, and municipalities are enacting systemic election reforms, aiming to improve governance by altering the incentives of candidates running for elected office. These reforms include preferential voting (e.g., ranked-choice voting), open primaries, jungle primaries and runoff elections, proportional representation, and nonpartisan redistricting.

    Where are these reforms occurring, and what concerns are prompting these changes? Join AEI’s Kevin R. Kosar and a panel of experts for a discussion on how efforts to enact systemic election reforms might shape the future of American politics.

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  • Philanthropy for Voter Engagement
    Date: December 4, 2023
    Location: Online
    Category: Webinar

    The 2024 election is just around the corner and foundations across the country are exploring ways to support their communities to participate in the upcoming election. Nonprofit VOTE is releasing the second edition of the Philanthropy for Voter Engagement Toolkit that includes tips, best practices, and case studies for foundations exploring voter engagement.

    This webinar hosted by United Philanthropy Forum will feature this new toolkit and panelists who will help demystify, offer specific examples, and answer questions about ways private and community foundations can support and bolster voter engagement in their communities.


    Matthew L. Evans, United Philanthropy Forum
    Brian Miller and Angie Jean-Marie, Nonprofit VOTE
    Tryphena Clarke, Ruth Mott Foundation
    Deborah Schachter, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

    Whether your mission is healthier environments, improving social determinants of health, or increased investment in arts education, foundations have a role to play to build a more inclusive and equitable democracy.

    Join us to explore strategies and tactics for achieving our shared goals of healthier, thriving, and equitable communities through engaged voters who reflect said communities.

    Audience: Forum members and their members, nonprofits, and foundation leaders

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  • EAC Virtual Meeting on E-poll Book Pilot Program Report
    Date: November 17, 2023
    Location: Online
    Category: Meeting

    On Friday, November 17, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) will host a virtual public meeting on the 2023 EAC Voluntary Electronic Poll Book Pilot Program Report.

    The event, which will be live streamed on the EAC’s YouTube channel, will review report findings and discuss testing and certification programs for electronic poll books or “e-poll books.” Registration for this event is not required.

    During the meeting, the EAC Commissioners will moderate panels to discuss the pilot program, the certification and testing of e-poll books, and the impact of these programs on state and local jurisdictions. Panelists include pilot participants, e-poll book developers, Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTLs), and state and local election administrators. The Commissioners will also hear a presentation from Jay Phelps, Director of the EAC’s Election Supporting Technology Evaluation Program
    (ESTEP), on the pilot report.

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  • Covering the Risk to Elections on the State and Local Level
    Date: November 16, 2023
    Location: Online
    Category: Webinar

    The Safeguarding Democracy Project at UCLA promotes research, collaboration, and advocacy under the leadership of UCLA Law Professor Richard L. Hasen; one of the nation’s leading election scholars. The Safeguarding Democracy Project is built upon the premise that tackling issues of the U.S. election integrity must be collaborative: across ideologies, across scholarly disciplines, and as a bridge between theory and practice. Jonathan Lai (Philadelphia Inquirer, Politico), Carrie Levine (Votebeat), Patrick Marley (WaPo), and Yvonne Wingett Sanchez (WaPo). Moderated by Pamela Fessler (retired from NPR).

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  • Joint Election Officials Liaison Conference
    Date: January 10, 2024
    to January 14, 2024
    Location: Arlington , VA
    Category: Conference

    The Election Center will hold the annual JELOC once again in Arlington, Virginia. Among the courses offered in conjunction with the conference will be Renewal Course 37. In addition to Election Center committee meetings, the convening will include briefings from many of the federal agencies that work with state and local elections officials—the U.S. EAC, FVAP, DOJ, CISA, FBI and the Council of State Governments. Additionally there will be briefings from NCSL, NASS, NASED, and NACo. Congressional staff have also been invited to provide remarks.

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