Following the paper trail: How Cochise County got stuck with 10 tons of ballot paper it can’t use

Paper rolls the size of giant tires, together weighing 10 tons, are stacked up high inside a ballot printing warehouse in an industrial area of Phoenix. Meanwhile, in a paper mill somewhere in Canada, there’s a 350-pound, 6-foot-long machine that imprinted secret watermarks on that paper. If you can pick them up (you’ll need a crane), they could soon be yours! You may be asking how we got here. Like so much in Arizona elections, it’s a long story that starts with a conspiracy theory and ends in the southeast corner of the state. Cochise County, which garnered national attention for its attempts to upend the state’s midterm election, has found itself in a bit of a jam — a paper jam, if I may — after a state pilot project ended prematurely. Jen Fifield, Votebeat.

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