How to Vote: An Online Guide for Students and Other Election Newcomers

By STEPS (Student Training & Education in Public Service)

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With the 2020 presidential election right around the corner, millions of newly eligible voters across the country are preparing to cast their ballot for the very first time. As one of the most important groups to turn up on Election Day, first-time voters make up 21% of the voting population in the U.S. However, these voting newcomers are also the group least likely to register to vote and to cast their ballot come election time. There are many things to figure out if it’s your first-time voting, including your eligibility, timing, logistics, candidates, and more. Maybe you’re turning 18 and you’re not sure where to start, or maybe you’re eager to get involved in the electoral process. From researching candidates and picking your party to registering and casting your ballot, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know to exercise your right to vote.

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