CEIR voter registration database security report
Survey finds most states adopted best cybersecurity practices since ‘16

The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) has released a new report based on a survey of 26 states conducted between June and July of 2018 to assess the current state of security around voter registration databases (VRDBs).

The survey results, released ahead of National Voter Registration Day, show that immense progress has been made in securing voter registration databases since 2016, though significant room for improvement remains for states to strengthen their defenses against hacking attempts.

Voter registration databases have been a central focus of conversations around election security since the 2016 presidential election when several voter registration databases were scanned and at least one infiltrated by Russian operatives.

Amid concerns on the security and integrity of the upcoming midterms, the report provides a clear picture of the tangible improvements that have taken place to ensure voters can trust the democratic process this November. Read more…