West Virginia program works to protect elections infrastructure
Air National Guard member embedded for ‘foreseeable future’

The new guy working with the IT department in the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office doesn’t look any different than any other employee. He clocks in and out just like everyone else. He follows the office dress code.

But what makes him different than all the other employees in the office is that he is a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard and he is embedded in the secretary of state’s office to help protect the state’s election system from a cyberattack.

“We're thankful to be partnering with the West Virginia National Guard on protecting our elections infrastructure," Secretary of State Mac Warner said in a statement when the program was announced.

"This partnership should ease the minds of West Virginians that share in the concerns of foreign or domestic cyber interference of our elections process. We will use every resource available to protect our democratic process, ensure voting accuracy, protect voter’s private information, and give the confidence that our state agencies are working together to combat every threat.” Read more…