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November 8, 2016

November 8, 2016

Election Day Dispatches 2016

Election Day 2016 Dispatches

It’s Election Day in America and your electionline team will be with you throughout the day providing updates and posting all the news that’s fit to post. We’re joined by Charlotte Kovach, Georgetown University COL’18 who will be helping us throughout the day.

There’s a lot of news to cover this year and so if we miss something that you think is relevant, please email us (mmoretti@electionline.org) or send us a Tweet @electionline and we’ll get it posted.

We’ll be provide updates all day, but look for them around 9 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. If there’s breaking news, we’ll update this site as quickly as possible and you can always check on Twitter @electionline

Our first batch of stories are up where they usually are at electionlineToday, so check there to get all your early morning news.

Good luck! And may the democracy gods have mercy on our souls.

9a.m. Update

Good morning! Polls are now open throughout three time zones and much of the country is now voting. Although there were reports of early morning lines and a few problems here and there, nothing different than a typical Election Day in America.

Voting machines in several Connecticut towns weren’t functioning, so voters continued to vote and their ballots were put in auxiliary bins to be counted at the end of the day. Also in Hartford, a voter was hit by a truck around 6:10 this morning. According to local police, the voter suffered a minor head wound and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Problems were reported with voting machines in several precincts in Sedgwick County, Kansas. “We have technicians on the way, and we are resolving issues, but people can still vote paper ballots,” Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman told KFDI.

Voters faced problems in multiple Greene County, Ohio polling places including connectivity problems with check-in iPads. The iPads need to be re-booted which is causing lines. “We’re sending out board workers to the longest lines to help make them move quicker,” Llyn McCoy, deputy director of the county board of elections told Cox Media.

A voting location in Sapulpa, Oklahoma lost power early this morning. Voting was not interrupted though with the board of elections providing lighting and ballots being placed in a secure box for later counting.

In other power-related news, a downed pole with live wires limited access to a polling place in the Louisville-area of Kentucky. One voter reported to a local television station that access to the polling place was limited to those on foot.

And as we noted in our preview last week, there are always the unknown unknowns and we would classify topless women at a polling place in New York City as rather unexpected.

National News: As millions vote, thousands monitor polls for problems | Cyber issues loom for security experts as voting begins | Inside the secret command center tracking Election Day cyber threats | Competing claims of voter fraud, intimidation raise tensions

Arkansas: Judge allows poll watching from election commissioners

California: Offbeat polling places

Connecticut: Broken voting machines in several locations | Wow, that’s a long line | Voter hit by truck outside of polling place

Florida: Orange and Seminole counties gear up for big Election Day | Scanner problem in Duval County | Poll workers prepare for busy Election Day | Polls are open in South Florida | 4,300 Duval County voters get wrong polling location info

Georgia: It’s Election Day and the polls are open | Lines are already forming

Illinois: Voters line up at the polls | Polls ready for the crowds | Polling places open in the suburbs

Indiana: Historic election: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’ | Poll workers prepare for Election Day | Polls open for Election Day | Polling place temporarily closed? It’s normal | Polling places open in Madison County

Kansas: Voting machine issues reported in Sedgwick Co. | Polls open across Kansas

Kentucky: Downed poles and live wires limit access to polling location

Michigan: Polls open for Election Day

New York: Polls at PS38 in Brooklyn fail to open, residents irate | Voters report problems to Crown Heights polling station | Bare-chested protestors removed from polling site

North Carolina: After early morning issues, electronic voting machines running again in Hallsboro

Ohio: Ohio goes to the polls | Election Day arrives as polls open in Ohio | Multiple reports of issues at Greene Co. polling locations | Ohio polls open, some with lines

Oklahoma: Sapulpa polling place loses power on Election Day

Pennsylvania: The quiet before the storm

South Carolina: How to avoid long lines on Election Day | Spartanburg Co. voters begin casting their ballots | Long lines form as polls open

Texas: ‘I Voted’ from space | US Department of Justice sends election observers to Dallas County

Tennessee: Retiring election tech surprised with breakfast

Virginia: Huge voting lines form in Arlington | Voters line up early


10:30a.m. Update

Polls are now open in the Continental U.S. Alaska (11 a.m. Eastern) and Hawaii (12 p.m. Eastern) will join the party shortly. And for those wondering, although they don’t vote for president there were other items on the ballot and, it’s already Wednesday in Guam so their 2016 election cycle is over!

It’s been a busy morning so far with lots of long lines at polling locations throughout the country and some malfunctioning voting machines and e-poll books reported. Although these issues have slowed the process down, there have been no reports of voters being denied their right to vote.

While there have been issues with machines and lines, so far we have not seen any reports of issues with voter ID. And we’ve only seen a smattering of reports about poll watchers.

Things did not get off to a good start in Baltimore, which is trying to recover from numerous problems in the April 2016 primary. Long lines greeted voters at many polling sites and at least three sites opened late.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, polling places were experiencing a shortage in pens because voters kept taking them from the polling place. The elections board is delivering more pens.

Alabama: Lines at voting precincts as polls open in Alabama | Voters face wait as polls open

Arizona: Voters reporting problems at Valley polling places

California: Does your provisional ballot really count

Arkansas: Long lines to vote at Arkansas polling places

Florida: Three West Palm polling spots having technical issues

Georgia: DeKalb polls have lines of steadily moving voters

Illinois: Polls busy as voting begins on Election Day | Voters line up at local polls

Indiana: Short lines at Crosspointe Church | Indiana voters urged to verify polling sites | People are voting despite the ‘circus’

Iowa: Early Iowa voting on Election Day | Iowa paper ballots hard to rig

Kansas: Some voting machines not working early Tuesday in Wichita

Kentucky: Some long lines, machine issues at Lexington polling locations

Maryland: Delayed opening, long lines reported at Baltimore polling places | Three Baltimore polling places open late

Massachusetts: Here’s what early lines look like at Massachusetts poll| Agawam election officials deal with broken tabulator

Michigan: GOP Challenger records voters’ info at Bedford Twp. Poll  | Election morning marked by good spirits and good turnout

Missouri: Election Day: Long lines at polling places | Free bus rides to help voters get to polling place |

Louisiana: Election protection volunteers embrace chance to help voters

New Jersey: Voting delay causes long lines this morning in one NJ district| Printing error forced hand count of mail-in ballots

New Mexico: County clerk, lawmaker vie to become top elections official

New York: Polls open to sunshine will close to raindrops | Polling place in Hartsdale momentarily loses power | Voters line the block in heavy turnout | Long lines machine errors reported at some sites | Broken machines, extensive lines, missing records plague tri-state voters on election day

North Carolina: Election turnout strong in Triangle | Voting slows in Durham due to check-in malfunction

North Dakota: Secretary of state says voting going smoothly

Oklahoma: Election officials: Voters should expect long lines | Voters forget to leave pens at Tulsa County polling places, causes pen shortage

Pennsylvania: Voting machine problems reported at Collier precinct | People turn out in big numbers | Former Erie Co. councilman reported for disturbance at Erie polling place | Pittsburgh Public Works to make sure voters have access to Beechview polling place | Minor glitches, long lines as voting gets underway

South Carolina: Long lines, machine breakdowns at Horry County polling places |

South Dakota: Long lines reported at polling places

Tennessee: Voting resumes manually after machines go down in Wilson County

Texas: Minor issues at Brazos Co. polling places early Tuesday

Virginia: Machine problems, long lines greet Virginia voters | 99-year-old beats Tim Kaine to cast first ballot at Virginia polling place | In Richmond area, early morning voting heavy, with some glitches

Washington: Write-in votes are written off during counting

Wisconsin: Polls are open as voting begins across Wisconsin


1p.m. Update

Polls are now open everywhere in the United States and the morning rush has started to die down a bit.

While there continue to be scattered reports of voting machine troubles, those reports are not widespread.

As the say wears on though, we are starting to see a few voter ID-related issues and a few issues with testy voters at polling places. Still, no work on major issues with poll watchers.

In Palm Beach County a two voters had an altercation over candidates which ended with a woman spaying a man with pepper spray. The man then grabbed the woman and threw her down. Needless to say, police were called.

A man also shoved a woman in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan after the voters got into a verbal argument over their preferred candidates. The fight actually began between two women and then the man stepped in. No one was arrested or injured, but the police did take a report.

There were reports from throughout Pennsylvania that voters were being asked to show ID in order to vote, although state law does not require that.

In Los Angeles County, the county has relaxed parking restrictions around polling places so voters waiting in line to vote won’t get tickets. Also in LA County, in what is one of our favorite stories every election cycle, voters waiting in line to vote at Luxe Hotel in Brentwood were treated to breakfast.

National News: Voting machine problems recorded in Tennessee, NC, and other states | Broken voting machines across U.S. (in other words, everything is normal) | Voting problems 2016 map | Cyber issues loom for security experts as voting begins

Alabama: Unusually long lines at polling places | Lines form as record number of voters expected

Arizona: Yvonne Jimenez talks about voting machine freezing

California: Voters at polling place in Brentwood get the luxe treatment | LA relaxes parking restrictions within block of polling places on Election Day | What it’s like to have a polling place in your garage

Connecticut: Polling place complaints higher than usual | Fire forces evacuation of polling place | Wrong ballots delivered to Hartford polling place| Ballot scanner breaks in New Haven

Florida: Some Mandarin voters confused by multiple polling places | Woman pepper sprays man outside of polling place

Georgia: Reported voting machine problems at Therrell High School

Idaho: Alternative entrance could not be found for inaccessible polling place

Illinois: Voting machine problems at three Rockford, Winnebago County polling places

Indiana: Merrilville woman says she couldn’t vote because she died | Voting machine breaks at northwest side polling location

Louisiana: Voting machines for two Livingston Parish precincts switched by mistake | EBR sees typical hiccups; voting problems reported at a few sites

Massachusetts: Medford VFW refuses to remove “All Lives Matter” at polling place

Michigan: Voting machine problems reported across metro Detroit | Man shoves woman at polling place

Minnesota: When your house is a polling place | Early morning crowds thin out

Missouri: Ashland adds polling place

Nebraska: Lines form early at Lincoln polling places

New York: Voters at Brooklyn site delayed due to wrong ballots | Problem at Clarence voting location | Four prominent suffragist grave sites in the Bronx anticipating surge of visitors

North Carolina: With broken voting machines, North Carolina city is doing everything by hand | Voters undeterred by cold weather; glitch repaired in voting machine

Ohio: Voters claims he was intimidated at polling place

Oklahoma: Power restored to Sapulpa polling place

Pennsylvania: How Philly is dealing with voting machine problems | Perry Co. officials dealing with voting machine issues | Voters wrongly asked for ID at the polls in Penn.|  Election judge charged with misdemeanor after failing to show up

Rhode Island: Secretary Gorbea talks new voting machines | Early lines, some voting machine problems reported

South Carolina: Poll workers erroneously asked voters for their party preference | Horry Co. voting precinct problems causing long wait times

Tennessee: Wilson County voting machines go down during early morning rush | Voting resumes in Wilson Co.| Grizzlies to award voters with ‘I Voted’ stickers

Texas: Few problems reported in Bexar | ‘I Voted’ stickers draw voters to the polls

Utah: Voting problems reported in Utah


2:30p.m. Update

Voting continues at a brisk pace throughout the country although some voting sites have reported a mid-day lull in voting.

Isolated voting machines problems persist nationwide and even though there has been a bit of a mid-day lull, there are still voters in line in many locations.

In a bit of non-Election Day news, the Clark County, Nevada registrar of voters has been sued for allowing a polling place to remain open late during early voting. Although law allows those in line as of 8pm to cast a ballot, the lawsuit alleges that the county allowed voters to join the line after 8pm.

Voters in Shasta County, California have been experiencing difficulties with the state’s website. The secretary of state’s website is providing incorrect polling place information so voters are being encouraged to use the county site.

In Broward County, Florida two clerks—one Republican and one Democrat—from a precinct in Pompano Beach were fired after they got into fight at a polling place. Voting was not interrupted.

We’re very sad to report that long-time Grand Prairie, Texas election judge Gary Wilcox was found dead in his home this morning. An alternate election judge was able to get the polls open by around 8 a.m. A judge was set to determine if polls would remain open late to accommodate the lost time.

And, while we’ve had no reports of cars crashing into polling places yet, we have had a report from Knox County, Tennessee that one voter had their car stolen while they were voting.

National News: Recounts? Hanging chads? Lawyers standing by just in case | As Americans go to the polls, long lines, few glitches | How do astronauts vote from outer space

Alabama: Voter concerned about unattended ballots | Voters report broken voting machines, untrained staff, other problems

Arizona: County officials hike to bottom of Grand Canyon to set up polls for Supai | Early morning voting lines ease after initial rush, few computer problems |

Arkansas: Pulaski Co. polls packed

California: California’s election website causes headaches for some voters | Long lines at polling places | Voters confused, frustrated in long lines

Connecticut: Minor hiccups in Hartford

Delaware: Sussex Co. voters flock to polling places | Voting stays steady with kids and first-timers

Florida: Longboater voters line both island polling places in record push | Precinct clerks fired from Broward location

Illinois: Rock Island Co. hopes push for early voting helps cut down on Election Day lines | Election officials watching polling places

Indiana: Voter turnout higher than usual

Kentucky: Beshear: 64 calls to election fraud hotline in first 5 hours | Didn’t get an ‘I Voted’ sticker? Here’s why

Louisiana: Voting in Jefferson Parish brisk, uneventful | Voters concern proves false alarm |

Maryland: Election hiccups, long lines | Baltimore’s top prosecutor posts, deletes ballot-box picture | Election worker call 911 for woman set on fire

Michigan: Voter turnout remains steady in polling places

Mississippi: High voter turnout and lines reported | Voters running into problems at Kamper Park precinct | Long lines at voting locations across Mississippi

Nevada: State sued over polling place hours | Some Native Americans have to travel 270 miles to vote

New Hampshire: Records possible as voters turnout in droves

New Jersey: Long lines at polling sites

New Mexico: BernCo polling sites busy, people moving through quickly

North Carolina: Some NC counties report polling place problems | Election Day brings steady turnout

North Dakota: Some NDSU students say they were discouraged from voting

Ohio: Election lunches to keep voters fed in Belmont Co.

Rhode Island: Long lines at some Rhode Island polling places

South Dakota: Secretary of state’s office asks that sign be taken down at vote center

Tennessee: Car stolen while man votes

Texas: Election Day in Spring hampered by tech issues | Long lines await some voters | Judge’s death causes voting delays in Grand Prairie

Utah: Voting machines down in southern Utah Co.

Virginia: Voters experience technical difficulties at several places Tuesday morning | Two-hour wait reported

Wisconsin: Sun Prairie voter turned away under new ID rules | Some long lines reported at polling places


4:30p.m. Update

According to Utah Director of Elections Mark Thomas, programming problems are affecting all the voting machines in Washington County and voters are being forced to use paper ballots. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox told The Associated Press that the problem may have cropped up with county’s switch from local precinct to centralized polling centers.

The Durham County, North Carolina board of elections is seeking permission from the state board of elections to keep the polls open an additional two hours — until 9p.m. Board spokeswoman Briana Khan said the state board demanded evidence that the polls need to remain open so the Durham board is working on that.

Things move pretty fast on Election Day and since our last posting at 2:30pm, Nevada Judge Gloria Sturman has tossed a lawsuit against Clark County. Sturman refused to issue an order in the case, saying that act could make the names of poll workers discoverable and open election workers up to harassment.

How could something so good go so wrong? Well that’s what happened in Anchorage when someone spilled coffee on an optical scan voting machine causing it to temporarily stop working. While the polling site was waiting for a back scanner to arrive, voters placed their ballots into an “emergency slot” for later counting.

In what may be another first for electionline, we’ve come upon a report from Santa Clara County, California that a polling place in San Jose had to be evacuated due to a fire alarm from someone burning toast. The evacuation lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. Well at least it wasn’t burnt microwave popcorn!

National News: No, ICE is not mass deporting people from polling sites

Alaska: Spilled coffee causes temporary problems for voters and the Division of Elections

Arizona: Arizona election officials scramble to confirm signatures

California: Long lines, few major glitches at LA County polling places | Fresno Co. voting going smoothly–except for one woman’s vote-by-mail surprise | Voters confused, frustrated in long lines | Spanish-language ballots in short supply at some sites

Connecticut: Berlin among polling stations experiencing voting problems

Delaware: Turnout heavy as Delaware voters go to the polls

Florida: Voting going well with scattered incidents state says | Election Day Surprise: You already voted! | Commissioner challenges 100 voters | Cape Coral precinct changes location

Georgia: Polling site evacuated after fire | Handful of voting problems reported amid heavy turnout | Voting issues cropping up in DeKalb

Illinois: When is it OK for an election judge to ask for an ID?

Kentucky: Students experience polling location confusion

Louisiana: Metairie attorney challenges polling site distance requirement | Louisiana Blue Dog ‘I Voted’ stickers showing up on eBay

Maryland: Long lines, broken scanners reported at some polling sites

Massachusetts: Election proceeding smoothly in Marlborough after voting machine malfunction | Lawrence reports broken voting machines | At local polling places, issues reported and relief as election nears its end | Construction poses challenge for Hadley voters

Minnesota: Smooth voting reported at polling places across Minnesota

Missouri: Some voters face long lines

Nebraska: Third try’s the charm for voting vet

Nevada: Judge denies motion in polling place suit| First-ever voting near Pyramid Lake inspired big turnout

New Hampshire: Heavy voter turnout across the Granite State

New Jersey: New Jersey elections officials say no issues

New Mexico: Voting going smoothly at polls across NM

New York: Voting delays reported in Broome Co.| Phones ringing off the hook for free rides to the polls | Jammed ballot machines cause ‘epic’ two-hour wait | ‘You’re just here to help people:’ A day in the life of poll workers | Where’s my ‘I Voted’ sticker? Dismayed CNY voters want stickers | Candidate’s son Tweets, then deletes photo of ballot

North Carolina: Durham Co. seeks to extend voting by 90 minutes | Issue arise at East Charlotte polling place

Rhode Island: Unclaimed mailbag leads to polling place evacuation

Pennsylvania: Voters claim voting machines ‘changing’ ballots | Argument leads to shove outside polling place | Why are Bibles in Philly polling places

Texas: Students wait in lengthy lines to vote at UT campus polling places | Hundreds of voters mistakenly go to Keller Town Hall | As lines thin, voter confusion continues

Utah: Officials fixing S. Utah voting machine problem |Glitch disrupts voting in Washington Co.| Voting problems threaten thousands of ballots

Virginia: Voting rights restored, homeless man thwarted by election bureaucracy | Richmond precinct captain got ‘goosebumps’ over felon’s first vote | Radford registrar reports student-related ballot issue| Free hugs at Staunton voting ward | Heavy turnout reported in Arlington

Wisconsin: Heavy turnout, few problems in Milwaukee, statewide


6:30p.m. Update

Poll workers on the Eastern side of the country are bracing for after work voters as polls are set to close in 30 minutes in some locations and 90 minutes in others.

In Rhode Island, which is using new voting technology for the first time, additional ballot scanners had to be brought into some polling places to help ease the flow of voters.

Ballots shortages were reported in Idaho and Wisconsin.

Orange County, California Registrar Neal Kelley said there were at least two reports of fights breaking out at county polling places.

Problems have cropped up in several areas — New Jersey, Pennsylvania — where voters have been asked to show a photo ID in order to cast a ballot even though state laws do not require it. And in Cass County, North Dakota elections officials removed signs that provided incorrect information about voter ID.

Democrats in Idaho have sued Ada County and Secretary of State Lawerence Denney to extending voting by two hours in five Boise precincts. The suit claims that polling place changes were confusing to voters and they deserved more time to vote.

Oh no! Some New York City polling places have run out of I Voted stickers. Some sites in the city ran out of them before lunchtime! Voters took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Those voters were not alone. Voters in Massachusetts and Michigan also expressed their displeasure about not getting the precious stickers.

National News: Adorable dogs show off ‘I Voted’ stickers on Election Day

Arizona: Pima Co. says results will come late

California: Drive-thru voting a big hit on Election Day | No major problems reported in San Diego Co. | 2 Separate fights erupt at Orange Co. polling places

Colorado: Meyers: Computer issues affect Colorado in-person voting

Connecticut: 4K mail ballots likely delay results of Westerly Council race

Delaware: First State sees limited polling place complaints

Florida: Police file charges against Fla. man in polling place incident

Georgia: Express poll machines slow voting in Fulton precinct | Fulton Co. elections director: Few voting problems | Overall voter turnout in Roswell precincts described as ‘steady’

Idaho: Payette Co. short on ballots | Polling station changes among voter complaints |  Dems sue Ada Co., Denney to extend five precincts’ voting hours

Illinois: Voters head toward home stretch | Some Chicago voters didn’t receive second ballot

Indiana: Few problems reported on Election Day in central Indiana

Iowa: Paper ballots make Iowa elections hard to rig

Kentucky: Scott Co. voters asked to return to polls | No phones allowed signs in polling places wrong

Maryland: Voters report problems at various polling places in Maryland

Massachusetts: Some people upset they didn’t get an ‘I Voted’ sticker | Passionate voters stretch in lines outside Bay State polling places

Michigan: East Lansing police respond to report of voter intimidation | Detroit voters complaint of broken ballot boxes | Racial slurs fly in Michigan polling place fight | Woman seen spitting, using racial slurs outside polling place | Anger over lack of ‘I Voted’ stickers

New Hampshire: Ballot machine temporarily stops working

New Jersey: Some Jersey City voters waiting in line 3 hours | Signs requiring voters to show ID posted in NJ polling place

New York: ‘I Voted’ stickers run out early at some city polling places | Several BX polling places face problems | Women smother Susan B. Anthony’s headstone

North Carolina: Taxpayer $ and polling places | NC returning to paper ballots | Check-in problems slow Durham Co. voting

North Dakota: Cass Co. election officials fix sign claiming ID required to vote

Ohio: Beachwood man uses social media to complain of voting experience with out-of-state license | Person threatens to bring gun to polling place after they were told they were in the wrong place | Few problems reported as Election Day goes into last hours before polls close

Oregon: A Multnomah Co. deputy chanted at voters Tuesday afternoon

Pennsylvania: DA recruiting FBI to investigate vote ‘flipping’ complaints | Voters asked for ID in suburban Philly | Poll workers in Mercer Co. seeing high foot traffic at voting sites | Voter turnout heavy at polling places in city, suburbs

Rhode Island: Rhode Island deploys extra voter machines to reduce lines

South Carolina: Voters report irregularities in voting machines | Voting heavy statewide, absentee ballots setting a record pace in SC | Polling places busy throughout the day

South Dakota: Pulled fire alarm will delay results

Tennessee: Ballots will be counted through midnight

Texas: Minor problems, vandalism reported at El Paso polling station | Election irregularity at Wichita Co. voting location | Voting hours extended | Austin poll worker confusion leads to extra delays

Utah: Washington Co. voting machines fixed

Virginia: ‘It’s been beautiful’: With rights restored, 79-year-old felon votes again after 40 years | Virginia poll worker describes feelings of relief among voters | Registrar: Supporters block entrance to Albemarle Co. polling place | Elderly voter collapses, but insists on voting

Wisconsin: Clerk says voters angry about being turned away had wrong ID| Election Day keeps poll workers busier than usual | Waukesha Co. sees long lines before polling locations open | Ballot shortage impacts voters at 3 polling locations


8:30p.m. Update

Voting is now done in 25 states and the District of Columbia and now the counting begins. This will most likely be our last post of the night, but we’ll be back with you at 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Two polling places in the Los Angeles area of California after a nearby shooting killed one and injured multiple others.

A federal judge extended voting by one hour in some Ada County, Idaho polling places after the Democratic Party sued because changes to the polling places last week may have caused confusion.

Voting was also extended in eight precincts in Durham County, North Carolina after precincts had problem electronic voter rolls earlier in the day.

Voting was also extended until 8pm in Dover, New Hampshire after an email went out with the incorrect information about poll closing times.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s voter registration system went down in parts of the state for a brief time this afternoon. Democrats are seeking to keep the polls open in those areas for about 25 minutes.

National News: Long lines, machine snags, but no major voting problems

Alabama: Secretary of state explains rules for firearms in polling places | Leighton poll worker accused of handing out marked ballots | Alabama A&M students report problems with voting

Alaska: Problems at the polls: 3 locations report issues with ballot machines

Arizona: Long lines, polling places running out of ballots

California: Confrontation at Tustin polling place | 1 dead, multiple people shot near polling station | Shooting puts polling places on lock down | LA Co. registrar tries to ease voters fears during Election Day

Colorado: Candidate asked to leave Silverthorne polling place | Voter registration system down in parts of Colorado

Florida: Voters accused of block entrance to polling place for others | Sheriff called after man brings Nerf gun to polling place | Disturbance reported at Lake Worth polling location | Polling location in Winter Park evacuated | Most of the polling places closed in Florida, but not all

Illinois: Pro-life sign posted at polling place | Election judge removed from tossing booths around polling place

Idaho: Judge to consider Idaho polling place lawsuit | Voting extended by 1 hour at some Ada County polling places

Indiana: Voters still waiting at Yorktown poll | Indiana voters find few problems at the polls

Iowa: Voter turned away from poll after clerical mistake

Louisiana: Clerk: Few issues at polling places | How much would you pay for a Blue Dog ‘I Voted’ sticker?

Massachusetts: Springfield election monitors cite problems with voting machines, registration verification

Michigan: Possible voter intimidation in East Lansing

Mississippi: Secretary of state gives election update

Missouri: Some Noel residents turned away from polling place | St. Louis Co. voting seems to be going smoothly

Montana: Turning exceeds expectations

Nevada: No issues at Washoe Co. polling places

New Hampshire: Voting extended to 8pm in Dover

New York: Long lines and minor glitches for voters on a peaceful election day | Voting issues at some polling places in Erie Co.| In diverse NYC ‘hood, ‘I Voted’ sticker transcends translation

North Carolina: Meck BOE workers expect long night | NC extends voting time in 8 Durham Co. precincts

Ohio: Problem at the polls: gun threat, police called in, IDs questioned | Deputies remove Montgomery County elections official from polling site | Lake Co. felon says poll worker denied him a vote in Grand River | Some central Ohio polling places suffer power problems | A battleground voter’s journey through bureaucratic hell to cast his ballot | Some glitches with Trumbull voting machines

Oklahoma: Election Board: Votes safe despite reports of machine malfunctions

Pennsylvania: GOP sees nothing nefarious in machine problems | At Wynnefield polling place, a battle over voter-fraud allegations| Private home serves as unique polling place | Latino voters allege intimidation at the polls in Tacony

Texas: Voting machines lose power at Eastland County polling site | Poll problems: Long lines, fire alarms, malfunctioning machines |Armed supporter questioned near polling place| Welcome to Houston’s most unique polling places | 100K voter mark broken

Utah: Glitch in vote machines mar Utah polls

Virginia: Roanoke’s precinct realignment speeded up voting | Complaints on par with other election years

Wisconsin: 99-year-old who rode bike to polls turned away | Some polling places run out of ballots


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