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Wednesday March 26, 2014

  • CA
    California City votes to move forward with changing election dates
  • FL
    Florida Palm Coast voters may have to cast multiple ballots election day
  • ID
    Idaho Two counties will receive new election equipment
  • IL
    Illinois Democratic ballots being recounted over 'undervotes'
  • IN
    Indiana Cass County prepares for new e-pollbooks
  • IA
    Iowa Anderson: Use fed money for poll book expansion, not investigations
  • KS
    Kansas Schodorf wants to restore 'integrity' to state office
  • MS
    Mississippi County rejects new voting precinct maps
  • MO
    Missouri Bill would phase out voting machines that don't make paper trail
    Missouri Proposed changes to election dates worry county clerk
  • MT
    Montana Court blocks top-two primary referendum from appearing on 2014 ballots
  • NY
    New York Old NYC voting machines may get new lease on life
    New York BOE Director: Council trying to 'cash starve' us
    New York Elections board head claims agency deliberately underfunded
  • NC
    North Carolina State board upholds early voting plan
    North Carolina Advocates say politics motivates moving polling places off campus
  • ND
    North Dakota Fairfield running for secretary of state
  • OH
    Ohio Savings for proposed online voting registration may not reach expectations from Husted, legislators
    Ohio Husted backs Carson for BOE head
    Ohio Harrison Township voters will cast ballots at electric co-op
  • PA
    Pennsylvania ACLU seeks info on Pa. voter roll purge
    Pennsylvania More than 300K Pennsylvanians could be registered in another state too
    Pennsylvania County approves voting precinct changes
  • TX
    Texas : http://www.themonitor.com/news/local/commissioners-court-drops-voting-machine-investigation-da-s-probe-to/article_ce446216-b48a-11e3-8be2-0017a43b2370.html
    Texas Lost ballots in Atascosa County lead to recount
    Texas Calhoun County Sheriff's office investigates voter fraud allegations
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