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Friday December 28, 2018

  • GA
    Georgia Elections supervisor anticipates voter system changes
  • IL
    Illinois White faces pressure over voter registration rollout
  • IN
    Indiana Hopf to miss the people most in retirement
  • MS
    Mississippi Oak Grove getting new voting precinct
  • NH
    New Hampshire Gardner vows to protect NH primary status
  • NC
    North Carolina County board of elections awaits instruction over voter ID law
    North Carolina NAACP targets voter ID again
    North Carolina Lawmakers vote to override veto affecting District 9 race
    North Carolina New court ruling throws wrinkle into NC-09 investigation
    North Carolina NC lawmakers override another Cooper veto
    North Carolina Wake Co. Superior Court rules that NCBOE to dissolve amid District 9 investigation
  • OH
    Ohio Ohio begins giving funds to counties for new voting machines
  • PA
    Pennsylvania Voting machine mandate still on county agenda
  • TX
    Texas Brazos Co. commissioners court to vote on electronic election system
    Texas Sullivan City adopts electioneering ordinance
  • USVI
    US Virgin Islands Audit reveals no errors in general and runoff elections
  • UT
    Utah Council denies participation in ranked choice voting
    Utah Utah cities will experiment with ranked choice voting next year
  • WA
    Washington Almost half of young voters who signed up in 2018 didn't cast ballots
  • WV
    West Virginia Court hearing scheduled over lost Marion Co. ballots
  • WY
    Wyoming Wyoming lawmaker introduces legislation to tackle crossover voting
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