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Thursday June 14, 2018

  • After more than 118000 Los Angeles County
    After more than 118000 Los Angeles County voters were left off
  • Data Analysis amp Outreach Fellow Center for Technology and Civic Life
    Data Analysis amp Outreach Fellow Center for Technology and Civic Life groundbreaking analyses of the race and gender of elected officials and candidates across the country has been featured in national news and has shaped the way we talk about representation in the US. We’re looking to add a full-time Fellow to help make our data even more useful, so that the information and insights it contains can better be used to make our government more modern and reflective. Working with the Director of Civic Data and our external partners, the Data Analysis & Outreach Fellow will focus on improving, analyzing, and growing the use of our Reflective Democracy dataset. Examples of responsibilities include: Data research & analysis, data visualization and reporting, and organizing and outreach. Salary:
  • In 2016 more than 1 million Washingtonians
    In 2016 more than 1 million Washingtonians Governor’s Student Voter Registration Challenge. The Governor’s Student Voter Registration Challenge asks all of Washington’s public higher education institutions to participate: 34 community and technical colleges and six, four-year universities. “Democracy works best when all voices are heard, and statistics show that not enough young people take the time to register and vote,” Wyman said. “We need to turn that around.”
  • In other voter registration news
    In other voter registration news new push to register 1 million voters by 2020. The group will be focusing its attentions on Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. The group plans to spend about $7 million on the push.
  • National News
    National News Voter confidence is the biggest election security challenge, DHS cybersecurity officials says
  • National Opinions
    National Opinions Voting rights
    National Opinions SCOTUS ruling, http://www.scotusblog.com/2018/06/opinion-analysis-justices-rule-for-ohio-in-voter-registration-dispute/
    National Opinions Trust in voters
  • Personnel News Margaret Nartowicz
    Personnel News Margaret Nartowicz Luke Scott
  • The Voter Participation Center is at it again
    The Voter Participation Center is at it again voter registration forms in the mail, many to people who are already registered to vote. The mailing has of course generated complaints from voters that supervisors of election must now deal with. "Unfortunately, and historically, the VPC and CVI pull information for their mailings from various unverified sources," Brevard Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott told the Tampa Bay Times. "Previous mailings have resulted in voter registration applications being sent to deceased persons, minor children and even pets. Mailings have also been sent to registered voters, which creates http://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/20180613/okaloosa-supervisor-of-elections-warns-of-potentially-misleading-mailouts
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    titleJob Postings This Week classsystempagebreak X Job Postings This Week
    titleJob Postings This Week classsystempagebreak X Job Postings This Week mmoretti@electionline.org. Job postings must be received by 5pm on Wednesday in order to appear in the Thursday newsletter. Listings will run for three weeks or till the deadline listed in the posting.
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    titleMarketplace classsystempagebreak XI Marketplace
    titleMarketplace classsystempagebreak XI Marketplace mmoretti@electionline.org
  • AL
    Alabama Poll workers
  • AR
    Arkansas Susan Inman backs vote-by-mail
  • CA
    California New voting system slows count for some counties
    California LA County invests $300M in new voting system
    California Counting mail-in ballots takes time, Nevada Co. officials say
    California California Voting Rights Act.
    California revamp the county’s voting system using Smartmatic. The contract could reach $282 million. "The contract is a performance-based contract based on key deliverables and service-level agreements," Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan said according to ABC 7. The system will employ touch-screen ballots. Neighborhood polling sites will be replaced by regional polling centers. Paper ballots will record each vote and be fully auditable. The system will go through mock elections later this year.
    California Poll workers, https://www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/solano-news/local-features/local-lifestyle-columns/the-last-laugh-a-roving-i-went-on-election-day-2/
    California Top-two primary, http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/columnists/michael-smolens/sd-me-smolens-vote-count-20180611-story.html
    California Napa County
    California Los Angeles County, http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/los-angeles/15595-la-vote-chaos-incompetence-or-sabotage-by-least-qualified-election-exec
    California Ballot counting
    California Messy but inclusive
  • CO
    Colorado Voto Latino sets sights on Colorado in voter registration effort
  • CT
    Connecticut election day registration sites if the two registrars could not agree on a locale.
  • DC
    District of Columbia DC inmates cast ballots in primary
  • FL
    Florida Okaloosa supervisor of elections warns of potentially misleading mailouts
    Florida Committee backing felon rights restoration raised $400K in May
    Florida Election security
    Florida SCOTUS ruling
    Florida Voter suppression
    Florida Ex-felon voting rights
    Florida Broward County
    Florida Voter registration
  • GA
    Georgia Work begins to replace Georgia's digital voting system
    Georgia Elections board votes to amend bylaws
    Georgia Govt. watchdog group advises members to cast absentee ballots in Ga. elections
    Georgia Next week's Macon-Bibb election may be proof that every vote counts
    Georgia Fulton schools may keep students home on election day for security
  • ID
    Idaho Like Ohio, Idaho purges voters from roles--but they can re-register at polls
    Idaho Vote-by-mail
  • IN
    Indiana flagged through the Crosscheck program. "While the defendants have a strong public interest in protecting the integrity of voter registration rolls and the electoral process, they have other procedures in place that can protect that public interest that do not violate the NVRA," Pratt wrote in granting a preliminary injunction.
  • IA
    Iowa Bremer Co. polling site closed an hour early during primary
    Iowa Voter confusion
    Iowa Voter ID, https://siouxcityjournal.com/opinion/editorial/our-opinion-iowa-voter-id-law-will-make-good-election/article_c755f167-2cd6-5e7e-a0f7-929fe08a8dfd.html
  • KS
    Kansas Google Earth developer comes home to run for secretary of state
    Kansas investigate alleged misconduct in the secretary of state’s office. According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Steven X. Davis, of Lawrence, who had run for a seat in the Kansas Legislature in 2016 and who is running in a different district this year, filed petitions in August 2017 calling for a grand jury to investigate general allegations that Kobach’s office had mismanaged the state’s voter registration system and had been “grossly neglectful with respect to their election duties.”
  • KY
    Kentucky Coin toss decides magistrate race
  • LA
    Louisiana felon voting-rights lawsuit to the state’s highest court. Their suit argues that the state’s constitution allows those no longer imprisoned to vote.
  • ME
    Maine What's next in ranked-choice tallying
    Maine What does ranked-choice voting mean for voters in Maine?
    Maine Backers: Ranked-choice 'here to stay' despite hiccups
    Maine The aftermath of ranked-choice voting
    Maine Couriers to deliver ranked voting results to Maine's capital
    Maine Maine's ranked-choice voting requires some patience
    Maine ranked-choice voting for the first statewide elections in the nation. Voters also weighed in on a https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/maine/articles/2018-06-12/ranked-choice-voting-system-faces-big-test-in-maine-primary
    Maine Ranked-choice voting, https://www.centralmaine.com/2018/06/09/view-from-away-were-not-ready-for-the-election/
  • MD
    Maryland Ballot fixes
  • MA
    Massachusetts Challenger comes a-calling
    Massachusetts Voter registration, http://www.newburyportnews.com/editorials/editorial-make-voter-registration-easier/article_ed8f4711-340e-56b7-9edc-2a497c4448d6.html
  • MI
    Michigan In Michigan, Crosscheck serves as a tool, not the final say
    Michigan Bill would allow 16-year-olds to vote
    Michigan lower the voting age to 16 for state and local elections.
  • MN
    Minnesota New voting equipment to be used in August primary
    Minnesota New voting equipment
    Minnesota New voting equipment to be used in August primary
  • MO
    Missouri Missouri's voter ID law faces legal challenge from national progressive group
    Missouri voter ID law. “For voters who are unable to navigate these new and unnecessary procedural hurdles, the path to casting an effective ballot is fraught with uncertainty and unwarranted threats of criminal penalties,” the lawsuit states.
    Missouri Boone County
  • NV
    Nevada Lyon Co. primary goes smoothly
    Nevada hiccups” during primary voting in the The Silver State primary this week. In https://www.ourmidland.com/news/article/The-Latest-Polls-open-in-Nevada-primary-election-12987857.php
  • NH
    New Hampshire constitutional challenge to a 2017 tightening the state’s voter registration law because his friend is now part of the state’s legal team.
    New Hampshire Voter fraud
  • NJ
    New Jersey Bilingual ballots, https://www.dailyrecord.com/story/opinion/editorials/2018/06/07/editorial-bilingual-ballots-public-service-required/35805577/
  • NM
    New Mexico GOP candidate drops out of secretary of state race
    New Mexico Ranked-choice voting
  • NY
    New York Election reform
    New York Youth vote
  • NC
    North Carolina If voter ID referendum passes, can it survive a legal challenge?
    North Carolina voter ID rule in the state constitution. The bill would ask voters to decide this November whether to add this paragraph to the constitution: "Photo identification for voting in person. Every person offering to vote in person shall present photo identification before voting in the manner prescribed by law." The requirement deals only with in-person voting, not absentee voting.
    North Carolina “toxic, racist origins” and is unconstitutional. Brown’s attorney argues that the law violates the state constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    North Carolina Voter ID, http://www.fayobserver.com/opinion/20180609/our-view-voter-id-prove-need
  • ND
    North Dakota Gardner still expected to drop out after winning GOP primary
    North Dakota voting was slow, but not because there were any issues. Some voters in http://www.valleynewslive.com/content/news/Voting-location-confusion-prevents-some-from-casting-ballot--485312411.html
    North Dakota voter ID law. Given the proximity of the primary, the denial was without prejudice leaving the door open for the state to seek another stay.
    North Dakota Youth voter education
    North Dakota Secretary of state race
  • OH
    Ohio State, local officials respond to Ohio voting purge court ruling
    Ohio Clinton Co. BOE move put off
    Ohio After SCOTUS ruling, local election board to (eventually) resume voter purges
    Ohio Grant to cover mandated software for disabled voters
    Ohio aging voting machines before 2020.
    Ohio process of purging voters from the rolls. Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., writing for the majority, said federal laws allowed such notices as part of a process to cull inaccuracies from the voting rolls. A key provision, he wrote, “simply forbids the use of nonvoting as the sole criterion for removing a registrant, and Ohio does not use it that way.” In dissent, Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote that the goal of ensuring the accuracy of voting rolls did not justify erecting obstacles to prevent eligible voters from casting ballots. “The purpose of our election process is not to test the fortitude and determination of the voter, but to discern the will of the majority,” he wrote, quoting a Senate report.
    Ohio SCOTUS ruling, https://www.mydaytondailynews.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/takeaways-from-supreme-court-ruling-ohio-voter-purge-law/wXXbOUJZAlkOze0fuDQOhP/
  • OR
    Oregon Secretary of state
  • PA
    Pennsylvania review of the commonwealth’s voting and registration process. According to WITF, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said the review will focus on the security of the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors--or SURE--system, which tracks registration data on the state and county level. DePasquale said he would work with the secretary of state’s office to come up with a plan to replace the 16-year-old SURE system.
    Pennsylvania York County
  • RI
    Rhode Island early voting remain stalled in House and Senate committees.
  • SC
    South Carolina Voting machines in Horry Co. still have votes on them that need counting
    South Carolina Greenville Co. primary: What caused long waits at the polls?
    South Carolina Eight voting machines in Horry Co. not closed properly
    South Carolina Greenville Co. elections addresses malfunctioning machines
    South Carolina Laye: Voting machines getting older, less sensitive
    South Carolina Florence Co. election officials calls delay in election results 'embarrassing'
    South Carolina Hearing to decide whether some votes cast Tuesday count
    South Carolina Two Horry Co. races headed for recount
    South Carolina Spartanburg County, one precinct was forced to operate on battery power. Some http://www.live5news.com/story/38405858/some-berkeley-county-voters-learn-polling-place-locations-have-changed
    South Carolina Voting security
  • TN
    Tennessee TN voters have plenty of opportunities to avoid being 'purged from registration lists'
    Tennessee Shelby Co. commissioner wants new voting machines ASAP
  • TX
    Texas County to purchase new voting machines
    Texas for voting while still on probation. Gonzalez is the same judge to sentenced Mason earlier this year. Mason’s attorneys vowed to take the original trial to the appellate court.
  • USVI
    US Virgin Islands Walker: Board of elections must revisit nine months of actions
    US Virgin Islands single Virgin Islands board of elections and that district board members that are continuing to meet and refusing to select officers for the unified board are in violation of the law. Following the ruling, the territory’s http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/news/ag-to-elections-board-actions-taken-separately-invalid/article_9098e1a1-5be5-5b92-9b63-38f39b84e3eb.html
  • UT
    Utah New law lets voters prevent state from selling their voter registration information
    Utah voter registration information provide and not available for sale.
  • VT
    Vermont Condos: SCOTUS did not do what it 'should' have in Ohio
  • VA
    Virginia turnout. Voters http://wina.com/news/064460-064460-people-finding-new-polling-places-okay-in-albemarle-county/
  • WA
    Washington Inslee, Wyman launch Governor's Student Voter Registration Challenge
  • WV
    West Virginia Warner: SCOTUS made right decision on Ohio voter law
  • WI
    Wisconsin Same day registration
  • WY
    Wyoming vote-by-mail system.
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