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November 8, 2022

November 8, 2022

Election Day Dispatches

Election Day Dispatches–November 8, 2022

It’s Election Day in America and your electionline team will be with you throughout the day providing updates and posting all the news that’s fit to post.

A few things to know if you’re new to all of this and a refresher for those who’ve been following elections for a while in case you’ve forgotten. In any process that includes millions of people, there are going to be snafus, hiccups, and honest mistakes.

  • Some poor janitor is going to oversleep and a polling place will open late;
  • Voting machines may jam, fail to boot up, not be closed down properly, etc.;
  • Results websites may crash;
  • There will be lines (whether or not they are moving is the real issue);
  • There may be a power outage, there will be a gas leak, but voters will still be able to vote and
  • Someone, somewhere in America will most likely accidentally crash their car into a polling place.

Despite record early voting, there will still be a lot of people voting in-person, or turning in last-minute ballots so there’s a lot to cover. If we miss something that you think is relevant, please email us (mmoretti@electionline.org) or send us a Tweet @electionline and we’ll get it posted.

We’ll be provide updates all day, but look for them around 9:30 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Depending on how things are going we may need to add some late morning and afternoon posts.  If there’s breaking news, we’ll update this site as quickly as possible and you can always check on Twitter @electionline.

It’s important to keep in mind too that many media outlets update the same link/story throughout the day so if a headline on a link doesn’t match the headline to the story you pull up, scroll down!

Our first batch of stories are up where they usually in the Daily News section, so check there to get all your early morning news.

Good luck! And may the gods/goddesses of democracy have mercy on our souls.


9:15 a.m. Update

Polls are now open throughout a large swath of the country.

There have been some reports of lines, but those that have formed are mostly moving quickly and seemed to have been created by voters showing up before the polls open.

The only major problems to report so far are in New Jersey where all voting machines are down in at least one county. Around 8:00 a.m., Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello issued a statement through social media saying “there is a glitch with the Dominion scanners. Voters can still vote by completing their ballots and placing them in the top of the scanning machine in the slot where the emergency ballots are placed.” Voters were able to vote manually.

There were other scattered reports of problems from Connecticut, Indiana, South Carolina and Texas.

Just a reminder that many media outlets update the same link/story throughout the day so if a headline on a link doesn’t match the headline to the story you pull up, scroll down!

National News: 2020 election lies have officials on edge for problems at polling places and lawsuits Tuesday | State Election Officials Urge Patience for Midterm Results | Threats to poll workers and election officials have increased according to the FBI

California: Election Day arrives with few ballots already returned

Connecticut: Plymouth polling location fixes issues with ballot box

Delaware: Delayed opening at Wilmington polling location

Georgia: Georgia voters say they’re motivated on Election Day | 300 Cobb voters still missing absentee ballots after 1,000 not mailed out | Few lines, steady voting marks early election hours

Indiana: Indiana election officials say ballot scanner issues in Floyd County have been fixed

Maine: Polls open across the state as Mainers choose a governor | This book from a Maine author helps kids understand the importance of voting

Nebraska: Polling places in Douglas County ready for voters | No guns, threats or bribery will be tolerated as Nebraska heads to the polls

New Hampshire: Overvoted ballots could slow down N.H. election workers and delay results

New Jersey: Mercer has countywide voting machine glitch, but voting by machine continues | Voting machines are down in Trenton and all of Mercer County | Election Day 2022: All voting machines down in N.J. county

New York: Election Day opens with delay at polling place in Albany

Ohio: Brisk voting starts Election Day in Northeast Ohio, as residents cast ballots amid fast-moving lines

Oklahoma: Polls now open in Oklahoma: Be wary of fraudulent election-tampering claims, state official says

Pennsylvania: Polling locations open in Luzerne County | Vote count in Philadelphia will take longer due to last-minute change; 3,500 flawed ballots can be fixed at City Hall today |Election 2022 voters in Susquehanna Township lined up before the polls opened

South Carolina: Voting poll in Jackson slowed

Texas: Bell Co. voting locations experiencing difficulties

Wisconsin: Polls are officially open in Wisconsin | Calls in Marathon County apparently seek to mislead voters

Wyoming: How to vote in Natrona County: Election Day polls will be open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday

11 a.m. Update

Polls are open everywhere now — oops, wait, except for Hawaii, where they will be opening shortly and in Guam where they are already closed!

Equipment problems persisted in several locations including about 10 percent of polling places in Maricopa County, Arizona and in polling places in Harris County, Texas.

Louisiana officials were reporting technical issues with state’s GeauVote website.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced yesterday that it would be sending election monitors—as it often does—to 24 states. Some state officials have pushed back on that, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) saying in a letter that the federal government’s involvement would be “counterproductive” and in violation of state law. Brad McVay, the chief counsel for the Florida Department of State said the Florida Secretary of State’s office would instead send its own monitors to those three counties, which are among the most Democratic-leaning counties in Florida.

National News: U.S. has seen no ‘specific or credible threat’ to disrupt midterm vote | Officials on edge but no major issues reported as Election Day voting opens across the US

Arizona: Voting machines in Maricopa County not working at some locations | Maricopa County experiencing issues at 10% of voting locations

Arkansas: Election Commission meets to discuss style for ballot issue

Colorado: ‘We’re going to still be out there’: El Dorado Co. elections officials confident in Election Day despite snow in forecast

Florida: DeSantis official says Justice Dept. can’t send monitors to 3 Florida counties

Georgia: Consent order issued on the Cobb County absentee ballots that were not sent out

Indiana: Polling Place Back Up And Running After Brief Shut Down | Long lines, heavy voting characterize first few hours of Election Day

Kansas: Mistake means paper ballots for some in Sedgwick Co.

Louisiana: GeauxVote site ‘experiencing technical difficulties’ on Election Day | Kenner police investigate bomb threat at polling location

Maryland: Elderly couple going to vote struck by vehicle near polling place in Gaithersburg

Massachusetts: Election Day 2022 not as busy as two years ago  | Faulty vault won’t halt Barnstable Election Day count, report says

Michigan: 1.7M absentee ballots returned amid ‘smooth’ voting operations

Mississippi: Overnight fires near Jackson State University cause damage to 7 buildings, churches

Nevada: Groups stress election process is secure, will take time | Reno police monitored people, groups who might pose threat on Election Day

North Dakota: Burleigh County polling sites delayed 20 minutes on Election Day

Ohio: Residents turn out to cast ballots at Toledo polls

Pennsylvania: Under pressure from GOP lawsuit, Philadelphia takes step that will slow vote count

Texas: ‘We are well aware’: Several machines down, multiple issues reported at Harris County polling location | Bell County officials address early morning technical delays at polling locations | Long lines, broken machines reported in Harris County | Bell County requests extra voting time from Secretary of State | Why more Texas districts have canceled classes on Election Day

Utah: Lt. Gov.’s office asks Utah counties not to post results until all polls close

Virginia: Steady stream of voters seen in Henrico County

1 p.m. Update

Polls are open everywhere now (except Guam of course) and problems are starting to pick-up on a variety of fronts.

Machine issues continue to plague some counties like Harris County, Texas, Maricopa County, Arizona, and  Albany County, New York.

So far, a bomb threat at a polling place in Louisiana is one of the only known physical threats reported today.

Fulton County, Georgia election officials fired a poll worker and her son after they expressed concerns with social media posts. The two workers were fired about 15 minutes before the polls opened at the Ocee Library. Fulton County Elections confirmed the workers are a mother and son.

In Champaign County, Illinois, the county clerk is reporting that that computer server performance is being impacted by cyber-attacks on the network and servers.

And the U.S. Department of Justice, which sends monitors to some states each election cycle, is at odds with leaders in Florida and Missouri over access to polling places.

National News: Election Scrutiny High, but No Big Hitches as Voting Begins | Online disinformation fuels violent threats against poll workers

Alaska: Monitors headed to certain Alaska polling sites to ensure compliance with federal laws

Arizona: Maricopa County experiencing issues at 20% of voting locations | Election officials Bill Gates and Stephen Richer give update on voting tabulators | Maricopa County voting impacted by Election Day tabulator issues

Florida: Duval County elections official explains process when ballot scanner breaks down

Georgia: Fulton County fires 2 poll workers after concerns over social media posts | Voters complain about issues, delays at Fulton County polling place

Illinois: Champaign County clerk reports cyber-attacks on servers

Indiana: Election board: All Floyd County voting centers working following ‘minor’ tech issues | Police break up fights at the polls ahead of election

Louisiana: Election Day bomb threat closes Kenner polling place; voters sent to Audubon Elementary | Second bomb threat at Louisiana polling place

Maine: Maine voter turnout is ‘very high’ on Election Day, says secretary of state

Maryland: 2 Pedestrians Hit, Killed Near Gaithersburg Voting Center

Massachusetts: DOJ to Monitor Elections in these Mass. Cities to Prevent Voter Harassment

Minnesota: Politics often divide us, but for this central Minnesota election judge, it’s created lasting friendships

Mississippi: 35 voters given paper ballots at Horn Lake poll | Election Officials in Hinds County Make Final Preparations for Midterm Elections

Missouri: Election Day: DOJ officials to remain outside Missouri polls after state complains

New Hampshire: Moderators assigned to NH polling places to ensure integrity of vote

New Jersey: ‘Menendez, that’s M-e-n-e …’ — Hudson voters, known and unknown, head to polls | Voting machines down on Election Day in Mercer County

New Mexico: Few incidents, but Santa Fe poll workers remain on alert ahead of Election Day

New York: Brooklyn Voters Report Poll Site Issues Across Borough | Malfunctioning voting machine trips up voting site for Albany, Colonie voters |  Votes in some Washington County towns to be hand counted after machine jamming issue

North Carolina: Long lines at Union County polling place for 2022 midterms

Oklahoma: Tornado moves Southeast Oklahoma polling place a half mile up the road

Pennsylvania: Milton Ward 2 poll workers call off sick | Voting problems reported in Luzerne County | Polling problems greet Greater Hazleton voters

South Carolina: Upstate voters frustrated over voting machine delays | Voter confusion at Horry County polls only blip on smooth Election Day, officials say.

Tennessee: Voting machines in Alcoa back up and running | Machines reported broken at Knox County voting location | At one polling site, 60% of voters redirected to other locations | Voting techs working to add another printer to Shoreline Church after issue

Texas: Judge tells Beaumont election officials not to harass or discriminate against Black voters | Long lines and minor tech issues, as voting gets underway in Harris County | Voters face new machines, long ballot, no straight ticket option | Seniors afraid to vote at Independence Heights, advocates say | Some Harris County areas with low vehicle access have no polling locations, others may see long lines

Virginia: Richmond voters experience minor hiccups as polls open on Election Day | ‘Poll book’ problems reported in Chesterfield, Richmond | Department of Justice monitoring polling places in Prince William, Manassas, Manassas Park

Wisconsin: Election observers plentiful at Central Count | Some voters will cast their ballot at these unique polling places on Election Day


3p.m. Update

Officials in Maricopa County, Arizona continue to work through issues with ballot scanners at a number of vote centers although they continue to stress that voting continues and all ballots will be cast. Some voters told local media that they refused to vote and others continued to trust the system. Voter Sandra Tufel went to cast her ballot at the Queen Creek Library about 7 a.m. and encountered the tabulator issue. “People weren’t happy,” she said. “I’m going to have to trust the system and trust my ballot will be counted. It was a frustrating experience.”

There have been scattered reports of minor problems at polling places including in Montgomery County, Ohio where police had to be called to settle a dispute over an electioneering line. The Tulsa County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that it investigating possible irregularities at a polling place Tuesday morning. Luzerne County, Pennsylvania has requested that polls stay open till 10pm because there was an earlier shortage of paper ballots.

Unfortunately tragedy has struck outside of two polling locations today. Early this morning, an elderly couple was struck by a car in Montgomery County, Maryland. They have since died. It’s unclear whether they were on their way to vote or not. And in Topeka, Kansas, a suicide occurred in front a church that was being used as polling place. Voting was not affected in either location.

Just a reminder that many media outlets update the same link/story throughout the day so if a headline on a link doesn’t match the headline to the story you pull up, scroll down!

National News: Misinformation floods the midterms, at times urging violence | Election conspiracies frame contests for secretary of state | Voting begins with no major issues, but with tensions over poll watchers in some states

Arizona: Early glitches with Maricopa County election machines frustrate voters | Candy on the Table, an Eye on the Exit: Poll Workers Run a Tense Election Day | Polling places busy across city but no lengthy lines yet reported by midday | Arizona election officials brace for impact in battle against conspiracy theories as voters head to the polls

Arkansas: Fort Smith, Arkansas, voters in and out in a few minutes at Creekmore Park

California: Voters head to the polls across California on a wet election dayWhat voting looked like on a rainy Election Day in Sacramento

Connecticut: Connecticut voters consider opening door to early voting

Georgia: Two Cobb County voting precincts to remain open after 7 p.m.

Illinois: Minooka Polling Place Evacuated Following Gas Odor | Voter turnout strong at Chicago Loop super site | Election 2022: Cyberattacks that slowed Champaign County Election Day voting process ‘resolved’

Indiana: Poll worker wearing MAGA hat at poll station allowed to do so, poll worker says

Iowa: Woodbury County polling incident sparks investigation

Kansas: Voting continues at a Topeka church and polling place after a suicide occurred out front

Maine: Maine voters wait in long lines as big issues drive them to the polls

Maryland: Thousands of voters cast ballots at Carroll polls, as elections officials log complaints of campaigners violating 100-foot zone | Md. officials report few Election Day polling problems

Massachusetts: Reports of broken voting machines, confusion surrounding mail-in ballots among Election Day issues

Michigan: Elections official: Voter turnout across Michigan appears strong

Missouri: Missouri clerk, secretary of state refuse to let federal officials monitor election | Kansas City-area election workers hope to convince voters of safe, secure system

b: Voting Machines in Hillsborough, Four Other Municipalities Malfunction | Election Day 2022: Voting machines down in Mercer County, voters instructed to fill out standard ballot | Voting Machine Issue In Basking Ridge Has Been Fixed | Every Ballot Cast Will be Counted Says Mercer County Superintendent of Elections | Election Day Update from the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections

New Mexico: New Mexico election officials working with counties, law enforcement to ensure safety at polls | Doña Ana County building, Las Cruces City Hall see long lines on Election Day. Here’s where else you can vote

New York: Wyoming County experiencing ballot scanning issues in approximately 6 of its 40 districts

North Carolina: Voting machine issues prompt ballots to go in emergency bin | Four NC polling places open late | Claims that sheriff candidate is not appearing on some ballots are not true: Alamance County Board of Elections

Ohio: Election Day going smoothly in Stark County | Secretary of State Frank LaRose explains meaning behind Ohio’s ‘I Voted’ sticker | ‘Dispute’ leads deputies to respond to Montgomery County polling place

Oklahoma: ACLU Oklahoma receives complaints of poll workers instructing straight party voting | Poll workers fail to give dozens of District 5 voters City Council ballots | Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office investigating possible irregularities at polling precinct |

Pennsylvania: Several polling places have late starts, causing a hectic start to Election Day | Paper ballot shortage prompts request to extend voting in Luzerne Co. | DJ Questlove performs outside Philly City Hall for Joy to the Polls | Doctor denounces Allegheny County’s use of health workers to count votes

Texas: Hughes Springs voting location moved due to storm | Sweaty ballots? Here’s how ballot paper types can affect the voting process | These Travis County election workers are helping Texans cast their ballots

Virginia: Electronic ‘poll book’ problems reported in Chesterfield, Richmond | Virginia Dept. of Elections: No reports of intimidation or harassment at the polls

Wisconsin: The life cycle of Wisconsin election ballots

Wyoming: Casper voters head to the polls


4:30 p.m. Update

Surprise! We’re back at 4:30 with another update. After this one, we’ll be back around 6:30pm and 8:30pm and then of course back here tomorrow at 6am.

In Wisconsin, West Bend police said a 38-year-old man is in custody after entering the West Bend Community Memorial Library with a knife and “demanding for staff to ‘stop the voting.'” No one was injured in the incident, though voting was interrupted for about 30 minutes. Voters and children playing in a nearby play area were escorted into the voting room, a poll worker said, and the doors were shut.

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has refuted a claim made by former President Donald Trump about absentee ballots in Detroit. Certain polling locations in Detroit ran into some issues Tuesday morning when its election software was flagging in-person voters for already requesting an absentee ballot. When polls opened Tuesday morning, election inspectors in some precincts received a message on the electronic pollbook screen indicating the “Ballot # has already been issued as Absentee Voter Ballot,” according to an emailed statement from the city of Detroit Department of Elections. The situation was resolved by adding an additional letter to the precinct ballot numbers to distinguish them from absentee ballots, the department said. Jake Rollow, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State, said on a call with reporters Tuesday morning that voters issued provisional ballots before election inspectors added the extra letter will have their ballots counted. If a voter decided not to vote and left, they should come back and vote and won’t have any issues, Rollow said.

Polling places in several North Carolina jurisdictions will remain open later because they had issues opening on time.

National News: Cybersecurity officials prepare for post-Election Day disinformation | Election coverage on Facebook and Twitter: Beware rumors, lies and conspiracy theories about voting

Arizona: Cochise County may appeal ruling on ballot hand count | Some Maricopa County polling locations reporting long lines | Yavapai County responds to social media messages about voting

Illinois: Sharpies, Felt-Tip Pens Are the Preferred Way to Fill Out Paper Ballots in Illinois, Officials Say | Poll worker assures voters that election is secure

Indiana: Poll worker removed from Hamilton Co. voting site denies Republican claims of electioneering

Kansas: Paper ballots in Wyandotte County are so big, it’s causing scanning problems

Massachusetts: Signs incorrectly saying voter ID required removed at Mass. polling sites | Some Springfield voters experience machine problems at polling locations

Michigan: Repeat ballot numbers cause hiccup in Detroit | Michigan secretary of state refutes Trump claim about Detroit absentee ballot situation

Mississippi: Veteran poll worker keeps the voting process rolling | Election managers say voter turnout has been slow at Mississippi polling locations

Missouri: How does election certification work in Missouri?

Nevada: Nevada government websites now online after crash | Voters brave long, snowy lines on Election Day in Carson City

New Jersey: Mercer ballot scanning problem won’t get fixed today, contingency plan to count votes is activated

New Mexico: Election Day in Bernalillo County has smooth start

North Carolina: Election site temporarily evacuated due to ‘momentary fire’ | NC Board of Elections extends voting 1 hour in 3 precincts with delays | Columbus County precinct extends voting by an hour due to technical difficulties

North Dakota: Voting wait times vary across Cass County

Ohio: An inside look at the Ohio team pushing back on election fraud claims

Oklahoma: Tulsa County officials address ballot disbursement issue

Oregon: Clackamas County shares its unusual schedule for updating election results

Pennsylvania: Judge orders Luzerne County polls to stay open until 10 p.m. because of paper shortage | Poll book error delayed in person voting at two Crawford County precincts this morning

South Carolina: ‘I took the pistol away from him:’ Longtime SC poll clerk shares Election Day stories | Richland County precincts in Irmo area a cause of confusion on Election Day

Texas: Polling places plagued by issues across Harris County | 30-minute delays at several Harris County voting locations

Utah: Gov. Cox, Lt. Gov. Henderson visit vote processing centers with Utah polls open until 8 p.m.

Virginia: Issues with e-poll books lead to long waits, delays in Virginia

Wisconsin: Disturbance briefly closes West Bend polling place, man in custody | WEC: ‘No major issues’ through first half of Election Day


6:30 p.m. Update

It’s another busy update as polls in some places — Indiana and Kentucky — begin to close.

An election denial group is calling for dual rallies in Maricopa and Pima counties in Arizona to protest voting machines.

In Oklahoma — which honestly rarely makes much news on Election Day — two voting precincts were reminded Tuesday to refrain from over-explaining straight party voting after the ACLU received complaints that poll workers were telling voters they should vote straight party. Oklahoma County Election Board secretary Doug Sanderson told The Oklahoman that, according to a precinct official, poll workers were explaining straight party voting when asked about it. He instructed the precinct to instead point out the signs with information on straight party voting and “let them interpret it for themselves.”

Weather is causing some issues for voters in some areas of the country. In San Bernardino County, California at least one voting center is in a mandatory evacuation area. Since the county uses vote centers, voters may vote anywhere else in the county. In Gallatin County, Montana, voters had to brave the snow to cast their ballots.

And tragedy has struck at yet another polling place, but not related to voting. In Harris County, Texas, a county employee was doing non-elections work at a building used for a polling place and he was electrocuted. Voting had to be temporarily relocated.

National News: Legal challenges play out as voters cast ballots in midterms | Trump and allies push another round of election fraud claims | Voters Worry Disinformation Undermines Election Process | Election scrutiny high amid fears of fraud, but U.S. votes without widespread issues

Alabama: Mt Vernon overcomes morning voting issue

Alaska: Across Alaska, here’s how Election Day is playing out

Arizona: Maricopa County recorder apologizes for tabulator issues | Election denial group calls for protests |

California: Polling place under mandatory evacuation | Vote centers busy on rainy Election Day in San Diego County

Colorado: Colorado reports smooth Election Day, but GOP candidate stokes fears

Connecticut: Few Early Complaints During Voting

Georgia: Some precincts staying open late | DeKalb County voting precinct will close late due to delayed start

Hawaii: Voter Service Center in Wailuku busy on Election Day; 35,000 Maui residents already have voted |

Illinois: Stephenson Co. Clerk addresses report of ‘spoiled ballot’ in Freeport | Champaign-Urbana voters wait an hour or more to cast their ballots

Indiana: Indiana election: Secretary of state race among most-watched races as polls begin to close

Iowa: Power outage impacts few Sioux City polling place

Kentucky: Long lines spotted at polling locations as voters wait to cast ballots

Maryland: Few Election Day issues at the polls in Maryland, officials say

Michigan: Ballpoint pens slow ballot tabulation at Grand Rapids Township precinct | Michigan’s top election official: ‘Results are safe and secure’ | Officials predict calmer environment at Detroit’s absentee vote counting board this election | Precinct 5 briefly runs out of ballots on election day | City of Detroit says morning polling issue was ‘harmless data error’ and has been resolved

Minnesota: New Hope Election Judge Closing in on 30 Years of Service | Too young to cast ballots, teen election judges help voting go smoothly

Missouri: Power outage briefly disrupts Kansas City polling place |

Montana: Gallatin County voters brave snow to head to the polls

Nevada: Minor glitches found in three unused Washoe voting machines

New Jersey: Issues with Mercer County voting machines means some ballots will be counted by hand | Morris County voters face long delays due to machine shortages, printer problems

New York: Polling site malfunctions occur in multiple counties | Suffolk election results to be posted on state’s Board of Elections site due to countywide cyberattack | East Flatbush voting site leaves voters stranded for hours

Oklahoma: What we know about claims that Oklahoma poll workers told voters to vote straight party | ‘We are here just to do our jobs:’ Election workers face spike in threats

Pennsylvania: Busy  night at Lackawanna Polls

Tennessee: New voting machines working smoothly in Shelby County, election officials say

Texas: City worker dies after being electrocuted in basket of cherry picker at Harris Co. polling location

Wisconsin: Green Bay polls remain busy amid election integrity concerns

8:30 p.m. Update

This 8:30 p.m. Update will be our last for tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow morning bright and early at 6 a.m. with the Daily News.

Polling places throughout a large portion of the country are not closed or closing. But some are remaining open late. The RNC has sued to keep polling places open for additional time in Maricopa County, Arizona. And voting places in several locations are already remaining open past closing due to issues earlier in the day. They include: Harris County, Texas, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, four Georgia precincts and some precincts in North Carolina will remain open late as well.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack took down the Mississippi secretary of state’s office and officials there are “working on mitigations,” a senior Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) official told reporters during the organization’s third press briefing of the day.  “We have been chatting with them for the last several hours working with some of the vendors to put the mitigations in place.”

In Pennsylvania, a court order just issued against a group calling themselves “the commission security” that had going to some polling places throughout Allegheny County indicating they were poll security. The sheriff’s office is looking for at least three individuals.

In Butte County, Montana, Butte Central Teacher Melissa Hibbard took her 18-year-old government students to the polls to vote for the very first time. “I think it’s awesome for us to come here as a class from Butte Central to be able to vote together for the first time,” said Butte Central Senior Mia Keeley.  Hibbard wanted her government class to be more than just a classroom education, so she had three of her eligible students get registered and come out to vote. “This is a real-world lesson, actually showing them the implications of it, helping them feel empowered and engaged, and then actually doing the process. I mean, I can’t think of a better way to teach government,” said Hibbard.

National News: Mishaps, distrust spur Election Day misinformation | Long lines, faulty voting equipment plague voters casting ballots in US midterm elections | International Observers Monitor Midterm Elections in US

Alabama: Lighter turnout, few problems highlight Alabama election day

Arizona: Voting Machine Problems in Arizona Fuel Right-wing Fraud Claims | Republican National Committee sues to extend poll hours in Maricopa County | GOP urges voters to reject official pens at polling sites as volunteers hand out ballpoints | Voting gets off to a rocky start in Maricopa County before equipment problem solved

California: Early voter turnout appears solid despite stormy Bay Area

Connecticut: In Greenwich, ‘Vote Republican’ banner moved after complaints from voters it was in the way

Hawaii: Steady stream of Hawaii voters cast their ballots

Iowa: Elderly voter with no car uses free DART bus to get to polling place

Kansas: ‘Not a massive amount’ of misinformation in Kansas election, official says | Problems with fewer than 100 ballots at Bonner Springs site

Kentucky: Hours-long lines reported throughout Kenton County for voters; here’s why

Louisiana: Suspect in bomb threat at Kenner school/polling place is out-of-state 15-year-old

Michigan: Absentee vote count ahead of schedule in Detroit | Clerks, election workers see busy Election Day in Dearborn, Hamtramck | Detroit’s absentee ballots count going smoothly despite Trump call for ‘protest’ | Hours-long lines on University of Michigan campus as students scramble to vote

Minnesota: Voters in Chisago County faces lines over an hour; few issues reported elsewhere

Mississippi: Mississippi election websites knocked out by DDoS attack

Missouri: Some parents upset that SPS had classes in-session at buildings used for polling places

Montana: People line up to vote in Missoula for midterm election | Butte Central teacher brings 18-year-old government students to vote for the first time

Nebraska: Bryan Health patients cast their vote from the hospital in Nebraska’s general election

New Jersey: NJ Voting Machine Issues: Glitch May Mean Thousands Of Votes Won’t Be Counted for Days

New Mexico: Las Cruces man says someone else voted in his name; county clerk calls it a clerical error

New York: New York election updates: Stefanik, Castelli squabble after voting machine malfunction

North Carolina: “Every voice matters” Election officials report high voter turnout in mountain counties

Ohio: Ohio election protection group sees annoyances, but no major issues

Oregon: Clackamas County Election officials explain results delay

Pennsylvania: Berks sees higher voter turnout than previous midterms | Anger and regret as votes are rejected because of missing data in Pennsylvania. | Feminist choir singing outside Philadelphia library polling place | Cease and desist order issued against people claiming to be poll security

Rhode Island: When polls close, Rhode Island Board of Elections ready to count the votes

Tennessee: Long lines seen across Northeast, Tennessee | Lack of ballots causes Knox County voting setbacks

Texas: Harris County voting locations will stay open until 8 p.m., an extra hour | ‘Stay in line’: Texas Election Day features long lines, power outages

U.S. Virgin Islands: Despite Long Line, Voter Turnout Lower Than Expected Tuesday

Utah: New Cache Co. elections center to help with security, transparency | Voting location added in Ogden after early Election Day confusion | No real problems reported as Utah voters cast their ballots

Virginia: ‘He hadn’t voted’ | Virginia Beach man’s vote reportedly counted before casting his ballot | Va. Election Update: Commissioner says smooth sailing as election continues

Wisconsin: ‘Finicky’ ballot scanner causes brief delays at Cross Plains polling location | Alleged ballot shenanigans in Twitter video actually part of routine ballot processing | Long lines, cramped conditions reported at Milwaukee polling location


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