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Tuesday January 16, 2018

  • FL
    Florida Florida strips felons of their right to vote at a higher rate than any other state
  • MI
    Michigan Osceola Co. likely to get new voting machines
  • NE
    Nebraska Grand Island High opens voter registration to students
  • NV
    Nevada Registered voters should check status in 2018
  • NM
    New Mexico Republican attorney to run for secretary of state
  • NY
    New York Should New York allow early voting?
    New York Early voting supporters in NY watching Cuomo's next move
  • NC
    North Carolina Dems set to introduce voter registration bill
  • OK
    Oklahoma Lawmaker: Resigning legislators should pay for elections
  • TX
    Texas Supreme Court to hear Texas gerrymandering case
  • VA
    Virginia Hope bill could bring instant runoff elections to Arlington
    Virginia Northam supports election reforms
  • WI
    Wisconsin Amid John Doe fallout, heads of Wisconsin ethics and elections commissions fight for their jobs
    Wisconsin Heads of Wisconsin's ethics and elections commissions could lose their jobs
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