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Tuesday January 30, 2018

  • National News
    National News Democrats seek subpoena for DHS info on election hacking
    National News Can election security be fixed in time for the 2018 vote?
  • CO
    Colorado County officials address changes to next election cycle
    Colorado Colorado's first year of open, mail-in primaries will be an unprecedented experiment
  • FL
    Florida Special election will cost taxpayers $350K for 9-month term
  • GA
    Georgia Georgia weighs constitutional amendment making English official language
  • GU
    Guam Bill combines voter registration, driver's license process
  • IL
    Illinois Clark promoted participation at polls for 3 decades
  • IN
    Indiana Voting aids available to the elderly and those with disabilities
    Indiana Ball State professor campaigning to run for secretary of state
    Indiana County gears up for primary
  • KY
    Kentucky Eighth state quietly quit free anti-voter fraud program over security concerns and 'unreliable' results
    Kentucky Secretaries of state in WV and KY arm candidates with cybersecurity playbook
  • MD
    Maryland Salisbury BOE debuts new facility with open house
  • MI
    Michigan County hires new elections coordinator
  • MN
    Minnesota Secretary of state announces $7M for new election equipment
  • MS
    Mississippi Delay looks likely for county precinct consolidation
  • MT
    Montana New Missoula Co. elections administrator brings experience to post
  • NY
    New York Latimer Garden polling place in Flushing will be restored
  • NC
    North Carolina Election calendar, management unclear 2 weeks before filing
    North Carolina Board of elections says good-bye
  • ND
    North Dakota Secretary of state race becomes competitive
  • TN
    Tennessee Grant aims to boost African American voter turnout
  • TX
    Texas Webb Co. elections committee appoints interim elections administrator
    Texas County clerk reports 'tons' of ballot-by-mail requests
    Texas Starr Co. woman faces voter fraud charges
  • VA
    Virginia Senate passes voter ID bill linking poll books with DMV photos
  • WV
    West Virginia Secretaries of state in WV and KY arm candidates with cybersecurity playbook
    West Virginia Wood Co. commissioners approve move of polling places
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