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October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018

In Focus This Week

The Best Kind of October Surprise: A New electionline

By Stacey Scholl

It might be an understatement to say electionline looks a little different these days; from a newsier homepage to a new events page, Democracy Fund is improving what we know you love and offering new content to help you better understand what’s happening in elections and what’s new for administrators.

When Democracy Fund announced in January 2018 that the website would become a project within the organization, we felt then, as we do now, that electionline is a vital resource for trusted news and information about the people and process that guide our nation’s elections. Our goals for redeveloping the site were to enhance its capabilities and expand content—but our long-term plans are to create a place where readers are exposed to new ideas, opportunities for continuing education, and relationship building.

To do this, we started by thinking long and hard about the site’s current audience and their needs. Starting now, election administrators, academics, voting advocates and other regular readers of electionline will find new ways to:

  • Keep Up With Election News – Electionline is still the only place on the internet to find national and state-by-state curation of daily election administration news. Our refreshed ‘Daily News’ section allows readers to sort stories by date or by state, better enabling those with specific interests to hone in on the most relevant news quickly.
  • Track Election Events – We know that there are no shortage of election-related events, conferences, and public meetings happening across the country. These convenings are important opportunities to learn, share and refine ideas, and participate in critical conversations about voting and elections administration with advocates, administrators, and officials. Our sortable list of national and local events now makes it easy to find events you might be interested in. We are experimenting with ways to track and input these events, but event-organizer submission will be one key way we collect this information. If you’d like to share your event with electionline readers, you can submit it here.
  • Stay Informed With Exclusive Analysis – In addition to continuing to publish the classic electionline Weekly newsletter, we will also start sharing exclusive reports and analysis on elections and voting from leaders and experts in the field. This week, we hope you’ll check out a new report on “Understanding the Voting Experience.” Using data collected from 2008-2016 via the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, authors Natalie Adona and Paul Gronke offer new insight into how the public is thinking about the decision to vote or not, their knowledge and application of voter registration requirements, the over all voter experience, and the public’s trust and confidence in U.S. elections.
  • Boost Your Skills With New Training & Resources – Our new ‘Training & Resources’ page connects readers to organizations, trainings, tools, and more. Now searchable and sortable, these organizations and items are a potential game-changer for election administrators who want to connect with subject-matter experts, get up to speed on things like cybersecurity, or dig deep on a topic like election audits.
  • Find Career Opportunities in Elections Administration – The election administration community thrives not only when ideas are accessible, but also when opportunities are elevated and cost-savings are passed along. That is why, over time, we will work to populate and update our new Jobs & Marketplace landing page, featuring job openings and used equipment available for purchase from across the country. We think of this part of the website as a place to get employed and for resources to be redeployed.

In the process of redeveloping electionline, we received invaluable insight from many friends and partners, and we are grateful to them for their time and thoughtful advice. As we continue to refine the new site, we will continue to leverage our greatest asset: our readers. Please email Mindy at mmoretti@electionline.org with your questions, thoughts, and feedback.

Stacey Scholl is a Senior Program Associate for the Elections team at Democracy Fund, where she co-leads efforts to foster a voter-centric elections system by supporting election officials with tools and knowledge. Prior to joining Democracy Fund Stacey worked for the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program, State and Local Relations team.


Federal-State Updates

Maryland’s two Democratic Sens Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin, along with Maine’s Susan Collins (R) have introduced the Protect Our Elections Act which would require companies that provide election services to report any foreign national who owns or controls their firm to the secretary of Homeland Security, the Election Assistance Commission and state and local officials. It also would require companies to provide notice of any material change in ownership or control. The bill establishes a $10,000 fine for failing to do so.

According to NBC News, the Department of Homeland Security says it’s working to identify who is behind an increasing number of attempted cyberattacks on election databases ahead of the midterms.

“We are aware of a growing volume of cyber activity targeting election infrastructure in 2018,” the department’s Cyber Mission Center said in an intelligence assessment issued last week and obtained by NBC News. “Numerous actors are regularly targeting election infrastructure, likely for different purposes, including to cause disruptive effects, steal sensitive data, and undermine confidence in the election.”

The assessment said, according to NBC, the federal government does not know who is behind the attacks, but it said all potential intrusions were either prevented or mitigated.

However, according to The Hill, Christopher Krebs, head the National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD) said the report isn’t quite right.

“It’s not an uptick in activity,” he said according to The Hill.  Krebs added that state and local election officials have gotten better at sharing information about cyber activities targeting election systems like voter registration databases since the 2016 election, when that kind of information sharing largely wasn’t happening.


Election News This Week

Counties in the Panhandle and Big Bend area of Florida that have been devasted by Hurricane Michael have asked the governor to issue an executive order to that provides greater flexibility to conduct elections. One of the suggestions has been to move to a vote center model for Election Day. Other things that have come up are concerns about mail ballots and how relief workers will be able to cast their ballots. Mark Andersen, supervisor of elections in Bay County, the hardest hit county posted this on Facebook: “On behalf of the Supervisor of Elections office, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone feeling the impacts of Hurricane Michael. Our office has experienced significant damage and our communication lines are still out. Our systems are slowly being restored which require patience and time. I am proud of how tirelessly and quickly the staff have been working to meet the needs of this office and the voters of Bay County. More updates regarding voting sites for the upcoming election will be posted as soon as all polling locations have been assessed.” Supervisors of elections from throughout the state are pitching in to help their colleagues in any way they can including loaning additional cell phones. Despite the destruction, counties are still moving forward with logic and accuracy tests. The secretary of state has yet to decide how to handle the situation.

Social media giant Facebook announced this week that it will ban false information about voting requirements and fact-check fake reports of violence or long lines at polling places during this year’s midterms. Links to discouraging reports about polling places that may be inflated or misleading will be referred to fact-checkers under the new policy, Facebook said. If then marked as false, the reports will not be removed but will be seen by fewer of the poster’s friends.

Early voting is underway in parts of the country and localities are reporting strong turnout numbers so far. In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina the board of elections estimated that more than 10,000 people voted at 19 early voting sites on the first day.  It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. In Cobb County, Georgia voters reported waiting up to three hours to cast ballot. Due to poll worker error, several voters in Forsyth County, North Carolina received the wrong ballot during early voting. In Shelby County, Tennessee it was a connectivity issue, according to the county election commission, that delayed voters when polls opened at 11am.

Whoops! An initiative of Mayor Bill DiBlasio sent about 400,000 letters to New York City voters telling them that they were inactive and may not be able to vote. Problem is, many of the people who received the letter were not actually inactive voters. “It has come to our attention that a very small group of active voters may have received inaccurate letters from the city identifying them as inactive voters,” the mayor’s press secretary, Eric F. Phillips, said in a statement. “We’re working to get to the bottom of why the mailing list used, which originated with the city Board of Elections, seems to have led to this error.” The board of elections however distanced itself from the letter noting that it was sent by the mayor’s office using data from a political consultant firm. It cost the city about $200,000 to send the letters.

Ballot Problems: A number of jurisdictions have experienced problems with absentee and vote-by-mail ballots. The Maricopa County, Arizona clerk and recorder announced that the office will replace any water-damaged ballots after tropical storms brought record-breaking rain and flooding to the area.  In New Jersey, about 10,000 vote-by-mail ballots in Middlesex County contained errors in the recipients’ addresses. The mistakes prompted concerned calls to the county clerk’s office from voters fearful they would be prevented from voting. In Park County, Wyoming, about 1,300 people who had requested absentee ballots got new ones after officials discovered an error. The 100 or so voter who had already cast their ballots were allowed to submit news ones. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has identified 126 voters who received incorrect absentee ballots. About 300 voters in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia are being asked to submit new absentee ballots after it was discovered the ones they submitted contained a race it should not. After complaints about ovals on the ballot, Lucas County, Ohio is offering new ballots to any voter who has an issue with the ovals. About  one-third of Mercer County, North Dakota’s 2,600 mail ballots will have be recast after it was discovered that an independent candidate for the U.S. House seat was left off the ballot. Voters in Benzie County, Michigan will be getting their absentee ballots a bit late after a printing delay held them up. Thirty Allen County, Indiana absentee voters received ballots with candidate lists with no numbers. Yellowstone County, Montana recently had to reach out to voters in Billings to let them know that they may have received the wrong vote-by-mail ballot. Also in Montana in Mineral County, officials are trying to figure out how to deal with an error on instructions sent out with about 1,250 absentee ballots.

Personnel News: Congratulations to Webster County, Missouri Clerk Stan Whitehurst who recently received the 2018 Rosemary Plitt Award for Excellence in Election Administration. Eric Dreiband has been confirmed as the new head of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. Andy Farrar is the new Coffee County, Tennessee election commissioner. Paddock Lake, Wisconsin Clerk-Treasurer Emily Uhlenhake will retire on November 30 after 16 years on the job. Waukesha County, Wisconsin Clerk Kathleen Novack is resigning following the November election. Longtime Floyd County, Georgia elections technicians Vanessa Waddell and Donna Maldonado are sharing the title of interim clerk.


Legislative Updates

Montana: By an 8-3 vote, the Missoula City Council voted to expand the city’s gun-free zones to include all polling places. According to The Missoulian, council member Julie Merritt proposed the changes in September as both an emergency amendment and an update to an existing city ordinance after concerns were raised about open and concealed carrying of weapons in polling places. Weapons aren’t allowed in schools, where many polling places are. But there are also voting sites that are not school based.

Ohio: The Franklin County commission voted to transfer $245,000 from the board of elections budget to the county commission’s budget to spend it on public service announcements promoting early voting. The board of elections had previously said they would not spend their own funds on early voting advertising.

Pennsylvania: The House State Government Committee held a hearing this week to discuss ongoing issues with the state’s election system. In addition to discussion about Russian interference, the committee also discussed the possibility of non-citizen voters.

Also in Pennsylvania, Rep. Eric Roe (R-Chester) has introduced legislation that will allow Pennsylvania to offer curbside voting for voters with disabilities.


Legal Updates

Arkansas: In a 5-2 decision the Arkansas Supreme Court has upheld the state’s voter ID law. “In our view, providing a system of verifying that a person attempting to cast a ballot is registered to vote is relevant and pertinent, or has a close relationship, to an amendment establishing a system of voter registration,” the court said.

Florida: Late last week U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle turned down the Democrats request to extend the state’s voter registration deadline to October 16 for those affected by Hurricane Michael.

Georgia: Civil rights groups have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the state’s “exact match” law which has stalled approximately 53,000 voter registrations from being processed.

Two lawsuits were filed in federal court this week against the secretary of state’s office and Gwinnett County over “excessive rejection” of absentee ballots. According to analysis by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, so far Gwinnett has rejected about 8.5 percent of absentees while the state average is 2 percent.

Guam: The government of Guam argued before a Ninth Circuit panel at the University of Hawaii that it is not unlawful to limit non-native residents from voting on the territory’s future political ties with the United States.

Missouri: The attorney general’s office has filed an appeal and an emergency stay to Cole County Circuit Court Judge Richard Callan’s ruling last week that overturned a provision in the state’s voter ID law that requires voters who don’t have a photo ID to sign an affidavit.

New Jersey: Lizaida Camis, 55, has been indicted on one count of using the mail to promote a voter fraud scheme and one count of conspiracy to use the mail to promote a voter bribery scheme.

North Carolina: A three-judge panel has ruled that changes make to the state’s board of elections by the Legislature make the SBOE unconstitutional. In their 2-1 ruling, the judges did say that the board of elections is allowed to continue its work as-is for now in light of the upcoming election.

Ohio: A voting rights group has asked the 6th U.S. Circuity Court of Appeals to review a lower court’s ruling that concluded a stopgap system to allow purged voters to vote provisionally was no longer needed.

Pennsylvania: President Judge Russel Shurtleff has denied a petition to combine two Falls Township polling places into one.

Tennessee: U.S. District Judge Thomas Parker had denied a request for an order requiring the Shelby County election commission to ask the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to perform risk and vulnerability assessments on the county’s electronic voting system.

Texas: According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra have been indicted on 30 felony counts of voter fraud including stealing the votes of elderly voters. A statement from the attorney general’s office said the defendants allegedly were paid to target older voters “in a scheme to general a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates.


Tech Thursday

Social Media: It’s probably wrong that we love this as much as we do, but according to Teen Vogue, various Twitter users are posting fake celebrity news headlines and when followers click on the link to read the story it takes the users to vote.gov so they can register to vote.

California: Contra Costa County has launched a social media-based campaign to promot citizens checking and confirming their voter registration. The “CoCoCheck” campaign is based on the idea that sometimes voters change their names or move and in that process, do not update their voter registration. The campaign Is a simple way to direct voters to the tools we offer and hopefully eliminate confusion and voters going to the wrong polling place on Election Day.

Also in California, congratulations to the California Voter Foundation on the launch of their newly re-designed website.

Kansas: Johnson County  Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker announced that updated software for the county’s ballot tabulation system has received certification from both the federal government  and the state. “We have exhaustively tested this,” Metsker told the Kansas City Star. “It will be dazzlingly fast.”

Louisiana: The state’s multi-million dollar contract with Dominion Voting Systems to replace thousands of voting machines has been canceled after the state’s chief procurement found flaws in the vendor selection. “I hereby determine that it is in the best interest of the state to rescind the award made to Dominion Voting Systems,” Chief Procurement Officer Paula Tregre wrote in a 17-page decision.

North Carolina: The Wake County Board of Elections has created a YouTube video designed to show voters exactly what happens behind the scenes before, on and after Election Day. It’s a really great, simple look at something that is such a mystery for many voters.


Opinions This Week

National Opinions: Voter registration | Voter disenfranchisement | Election security, II | Voting system | Voting rights, II, III | Voter suppression, II | Crisis of democracy | Evolution of voting | Voting integrity

Arkansas: Secretary of state race

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Colorado: Larimer County

Florida: Voting rights | Ex-felon voting rights, II, III

Georgia: Voting rights, II, III | Voter registration | Voter fraud | Brian Kemp | Exact match |

Indiana: Voting rights

Iowa: Secretary of state race, II | Voter ID, II

Kansas: Secretary of state race, II | Kris Kobach

Louisiana: Secretary of state race, II, III

Maryland: Election reform

Michigan: Secretary of state race | Election reform

Minnesota: Secretary of state race, II

Missouri: Early voting

Nebraska: Secretary of state race

Nevada: Automatic voter registration, II, III | Election security

New Jersey: Vote-by-mail

New York: Online voting | Polling places

North Dakota: Voter ID, II

Ohio: Secretary of state race

Oregon: Lane County

Rhode Island: Secretary of state race

Texas: Straight-ticket voting | Online voter registration

Virginia: Voter registration

West Virginia: Election integrity


Clearie Awards Deadline Extended!

EAC Extends Deadline for Third Annual Competition for Best Practices in Election Administration

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has extended the deadline for submissions for its third annual “Clearie” awards, a national competition for best practices in election administration, until Friday, November 30, 2018. This year, the Commission will present awards in the categories of best practices related to voting accessibility, outstanding innovations in elections, and recruiting, training and retaining election workers. All entries must be received no later than Friday, November 30, 2018.

This year, the Clearie awards are dedicated the life and legacy of Wendy Noren and R. Brian Lewis. Wendy Noren served as Boone County Clerk for over three decades and was a member of the EAC’s Board of Advisors before passing away in July 2018 following a long battle with cancer. R. Brian Lewis served as Counsel to the office of the Senate Majority Leader before his passing and was an early and steadfast proponent of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and election officials. Both were luminaries in the field of election administration who will long be remembered for their work and friendship.

“Election officials are known for their commitment to the values expressed in the EAC Clearie awards: excellence, innovation, maintaining accuracy and integrity in the election process and ensuring all eligible citizens can cast a ballot,” said EAC Chairman Thomas Hicks. “The Clearies are a testament to their work and dedication and highlight best practices other election administrators can emulate.”

This year’s entries will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Efficacy
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Outreach efforts
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Replicability

All submissions should be sent to the EAC via an email to clearinghouse@eac.gov. Nominators should use the following subject lines based on entry category: Election Worker Competition, Accessibility Competition or Outstanding Innovations Competition.

All entries must include a brief summary of the election program nominated and attach relevant documents, images and links that can be used to assess the entry. Submissions should also include contact information for the person submitting the program for consideration. Each entry must be submitted in a separate email.

For more information about this year’s competition, please contact Patrick Leahy at pleahy@eac.gov.

Upcoming Events

Council of State Governments Annual Conference — The Council of State Government will hold its 2018 National Conference in the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati area in December. Keynote speakers are J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy and Story Musgrave who started life in the Marines and finished is public service at NASA where he spent more than 1,200 hours in space. The conference will include a 2.5 hour session on election cybersecurity communications mapping. Where: Cincinnati, Ohio. When: December 6-8.

Election Audit Summit—The Election Audit Summit will provide a space for participants from across the scientific, policy and legal worlds to discuss new developments in the field of post-election auditing, and engage in the ongoing conversation on the current status and future directions of the election audits in the United States. Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts. When: December 7-8.

International Association of Government Officials — IGO’s 2019 mid-winter conference will be held in Irvine, California, January 6-11, 2019. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.

National Association of State Election Directors — The NASED Winter Conference will be held in Washington DC, February 1-4, 2019. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.

National Association of Secretaries of State — The NASS Winter Conference will be held in Washington, DC, February 1-4, 2019. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.

International Association of Government Officials — IGO’s 2019 Annual Conference will be held in Houston, Texas, July 11-17. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.

National Association of Counties — NACo’s 2019 Annual Conference will be held in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada July 11-15, 2019. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.

National Association of State Election Directors — The NASED Summer Conference will be held in Austin, Texas, July 14-16, 2019. Watch this space for more details about agendas and registration.


Job Postings This Week

electionlineWeekly publishes election administration job postings each week as a free service to our readers. To have your job listed in the newsletter, please send a copy of the job description, including a web link to mmoretti@electionline.org.  Job postings must be received by 5pm on Wednesday in order to appear in the Thursday newsletter. Listings will run for three weeks or till the deadline listed in the posting.

Assistant Inspector General for Audit, U.S. Election Assistance Commission —The Assistant Inspector General for Audit (AIGA) directs or conducts performance audits, evaluations, inspections and reviews of EAC programs, functions, and operations. The incumbent maintains personal contact with key senior officials within and outside of EAC, such as management and officials of CIGIE, OMB, GAO, other Federal and state agencies, contractors and educational or research groups. Participates with the IG in developing the annual audit plan; determining the scope of each audit; developing and adjusting audit guides when necessary to meet special or unusual circumstances; and participating in entrance and exit conferences with auditees (city, county, state, and/or EAC officials). The AIGA supervises the work of subordinates, if any, and monitors the work of contractors. Salary: $119,5897-$141328. Deadline: November 30.  Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Certification Manager (Denver, CO) – Dominion Voting Systems — Dominion Voting Systems is seeking a Certification Manager to join our team in Denver, CO! This position is a cross -functional leader playing a key role in managing certification efforts for Dominion Voting products. In this role, you will act as a representative of the company with State and Federal certification officials, test labs, and other key internal and external stakeholders throughout the certification process. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Certification Project Manager, Hart InterCivic — The Certification Project Manager manages state and federal certification projects of our Hardware and Software products, under the direction of the Certification Program Manager. The Certification Project Manager must be able to exercise sound judgment and interact with regulatory authorities in a professional manner, particularly in high-pressure situations. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Customer Relations Manager (Phoenix, AZ) – Dominion Voting Systems — Dominion Voting Systems is seeking a Customer Relations Manager to join our team in Phoenix, AZ! This position will be responsible for effectively and proactively managing the day-to-day relationship, administration and technical/product support of one or more assigned customer accounts. Additionally, the CRM will serve as project manager for specialized projects such as pre- and postelection day support, new product implementations, and/or product upgrades/updates. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Director of Government Affairs, Hart InterCivic — The Hart InterCivic Director of Government Affairs oversees all aspects of support services for Hart’s government relations activities for state and federal government entities. These include: identifying and engaging critical stakeholders at the federal, state, and county level, researching and providing consistent and proactive communication of company’s regulatory strategy, partnering with key internal cross-functional departments, participating in industry forums ensuring active engagement where most critical, and developing monitoring/measurement tools to provide visibility and transparency. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Elections Program Manager, CIS— the Elections Program Manager is assigned to the Elections Infrastructure ISAC (EI-ISAC) at the Center for Internet Security. Reporting to the Director of the EI-ISAC, the Elections Program Manager will partner with other cybersecurity team members to promote the CIS mission and help support our growth. The primary purpose of this position is to serve as a subject matter expert on and represent the EI-ISAC in public forums regarding election infrastructure issues. The Elections Program Manager will work with the EI-ISAC Director to build relationships in the elections community and identify tools, products, and initiatives that meet the security needs of election officials. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Field Sales Director, Hart InterCivic — the Field Sales Director works primarily on the road and from a home office when he/she is not on business travel. The Field Sales Director is responsible for creating news sales with prospects and existing clients in a defined region. Today, this role is a single contributor and does not directly manage people.   This position will report to the VP of Sales. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Full Stack Architect / Senior Software Engineer, Clear Ballot— Clear Ballot is looking for an accomplished, Boston MA based Architect/Senior Software Engineer who wants to bring their technical and leadership skills to bear on a hugely consequential problem: Bringing transparency to democratic elections. The successful candidate will implement new products and features under tight deadlines. You will be using primarily Python and MySQL that interface with front-end web applications implemented in JavaScript and HTML5. The ideal candidate should have strong technical and leadership skills and a good working knowledge of the latest concepts in security, performance, and resilience. You will be working with a small team of highly skilled individuals to build and enhance a platform that is changing the elections industry. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Full Stack Software Developer, Clear Ballot — The successful candidate will build and enhance enterprise-level, highly available applications using primarily Python and MySQL that interface with frontend web applications implemented in JavaScript and HTML5. The ideal candidate should have strong technical skills and a good working knowledge of the latest concepts in performance, security and resilience. One of the hallmarks of our system is its emphasis on new visualization techniques made possible by sophisticated data structures that enable high-performance in a multi-user environment. You will be working with a small team of highly skilled individuals to build and enhance a platform that is changing the elections industry. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Inside Sales Representative, Runbeck — to support our desired growth and market expansion, we continue to hire outstanding talent in multiple departments. We are looking for highly motivated, dedicated and talented individuals who will be able to contribute significantly to the success of the company while receiving great opportunities for professional growth and financial benefits. Responsibilities include: Contact potential or existing customers to inform them about a product or service; ability to present solution and its value to a prospect over the phone; answer questions about products or the company; ask questions to understand customer requirements and close sales; enter and update customer information in the database; keep records of calls and sale and note useful information in the CRM; process orders in an accurate manner; and go the “extra mile” to meet sales quota and facilitate future sales. Application: In order to apply, please send a resume to Tammy White: twhite@runbeck.net.

Program Manager, Overseas Voting Initiative, Council of State Governments — the Program Manager of CSG’s Overseas Voting Initiative, funded through a cooperative agreement with the US Dept. of Defense (DOD) Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), provides day-to-day management and oversight of the Initiative, including research and policy analysis of electronic absentee voting systems for military voters, and development and dissemination of educational policy programming and deliverables to state leaders in support of the cooperative agreement. The Program Manager works within CSG’s Center of Innovation and in cooperation with CSG’s policy and executive management teams as well as regional offices, affiliates and members to support, monitor and improve state elections processes for military and overseas voters. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Project Manager (Austin, TX) – Hart InterCivic — Hart InterCivic is looking for a project manager to work with our Professional Services Team.  The project manager oversees the deployment of voting systems and training to both existing and new Hart customers. The ideal candidate has experience in the elections industry, is PMP certified, and is motivated to achieve success for our customers with initiative.  Travel up to 80 percent. Reports to the Manager of Professional Services. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Regional Sales Manager, Clear Ballot— The Regional Sales Manager (RSM) position will represent Clear Ballot in a designated territory to engage prospective customers, educate them on the value of partnering with Clear Ballot, and close New Business. This position is a Hunter. The RSM will be responsible for managing and growing their assigned territory and meeting quarterly and annual sales goals. Previous sales experience in high growth organizations is a plus. RSM’s will be responsible for understanding the Clear Ballot portfolio and effectively communicating the value we bring to the market. Measures of success include: high levels of sales activity, regular and consistent reporting and communication of progress, progress toward quarterly and annual quota attainment, and overcoming obstacles to get the job done. We currently have open positions in Florida and Boston. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Sales Engineer, Clear Ballot — Our Sales and Marketing team is looking for a seasoned, hardworking and energetic Sales Engineer with proven experience and a passion for selling technology solutions. This role is responsible for being the primary technical resource for our sales force while also actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process. You will be required to have an in-depth technical knowledge of Clear Ballot’s Clear Vote suite and demonstrating the product capabilities to prospective customers. The ideal candidate must also be able to identify and provide reliable solutions for all technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction. Measures of success include new customer acquisition rates, renewal rates, upselling, cross-selling, customer satisfaction and contribution to overall sales team and new customer success Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Senior Level Software Developer, BPro — We are a well-established small business that has been developing requirements and producing software for the needs of state governments since 1985 and continue to maintain and upgrade many of those systems. We have offices in Pierre, South Dakota, Fargo, North Dakota, Minnesota & Virginia. We’re currently looking for an energetic and intelligent .Net Developer to join our growing team. Our ideal candidate is one who loves to learn, enjoys working as a team, and who can multitask and meet deadlines. Skills required: .NET, VB, VBA, ASP, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. A four-year college degree is the minimum educational requirement. All applicants must have excellent written and verbal communications skills. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Senior Researcher, Public Policy Evaluation Research, Fors Marsh Group — FMG is hiring for a researcher on the Public Policy Evaluation team which serves to address public concerns and promote the quality of the community. This is done through a) articulating the public’s needs, b) conducting rigorous evaluation to assess how these needs are being met, and c) working with our clients to improve these programs and policies. This job is best suited for an individual who enjoys research, has experience leading research team, possesses excellent attention to detail, continuously strives to learn and develop, and prefers working in a cooperative environment. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Senior Software Developer, Runbeck— Runbeck Election Services is looking for full stack enthusiasts who are comfortable tackling end-to-end and enjoy building products that solve big problems and delight customers. We’re a collaborative team who knows how to get things done (Lone Rangers need not apply). We believe that small teams focused on shipping software move the fastest and make the most impact. The ideal candidate for this position has extensive back end skills (C#, MVC, ASP.Net, SQL Server) paired with solid web and desktop skills (IIS, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, WPF, Win Forms). Must have a solid grasp of our basic toolset (Jira, Visual Studio). Willing to learn new plug-ins and IDE enhancements in order to boost your productivity and are excited to introduce us to new tooling experiences that have worked for you in the past. You bring discipline and care about implementation practices. You are familiar with Agile/Scrum processes, practice common design patterns, embrace clean coding principles, and employ many other techniques in an effort to bring a high level of software craftsmanship to your finished product. Application: In order to apply, please send a resume to Tammy White: twhite@runbeck.net.

Software Product Specialist II (Phoenix, AZ) – Dominion Voting Systems — Dominion Voting Systems is seeking a Software Product Specialist II to join our team in Phoenix, AZ! This position will be responsible for delivering a wide variety of technical and non-technical customer support services related to the implementation, operation, repair, maintenance and upgrades of Dominion Voting Systems technology products. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.

Systems Engineer, Clear Ballot — We are looking for a talented Systems Engineer who has both a technical and services/support background which enables them to quickly assess customer needs and offer value to Clear Ballot’s customers. The Systems Engineer will gain a deep understanding of how Clear Ballot’s products operate and their optimal configuration to build a streamlined installation process of the Clear Vote election system. The ideal candidate for this position can prioritize mission critical tasks and coordinate the implementation and expansion of our systems. They will be able to work directly with customers, display innovation, think conceptually and act tactically to build consensus around system installation and enhancement and meet deadlines. Application: For the complete job listing and to apply, click here.



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Voting Booths

Each aluminum briefcase contains the following: aluminum legs, privacy shield, writing base, light assembly. All units are in great shape dimensions are 22”x 18”x 3“. MFG: ESL. Election supplies Limited, Napa California. Quantity: 400 Price per unit is $50. Contact Greg Larson 408.569.1004


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