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  • Web Developer
    Employer: Ballotpedia
    Category: Web Development

    Ballotpedia is seeking a full-time, senior full-stack Web Developer to join our organization. This is a remote position.

    Ballotpedia’s Tech team supports the rest of the staff in making high-quality political data and unbiased encyclopedic content available to the American public by improving many aspects of Ballotpedia’s web presence and the behind-the-scenes tools used by staff. This is a full-stack role that may include various aspects of engineering, development, design, programming, architecture, testing, and tooling.

    We are looking for someone with at least two years of career experience in full-stack web development who can demonstrate abilities across the stack.

    As a Web Developer, you will:
    -Work on various types of improvements for Ballotpedia’s main products or areas of the Tech team’s oversight:
    -MediaWiki site
    -Database editing interfaces
    -Single-function staff tools
    -Sample ballot lookup apps
    -Widgets for editorial coverage
    -Mobile app support
    -Integrations with third-party applications for payment processing, ads, marketing, etc.
    -Manage site reliability and cloud infrastructure
    -Perform software maintenance, troubleshooting and write documentation
    -Collaborate with the team
    -Design new software solutions
    -Strive for continued education about new technology

    Qualifications and Characteristics
    A Web Developer must:
    -Have at least two years of career experience in web development
    -Be dedicated and willing to work hard to support the mission of Ballotpedia
    -Be humble, seeking to improve the work of the rest of the staff, and approaching projects as a team member
    -Have an unending appetite for learning and mastering new technology
    -Experience with the following is required:
    -Databases (SQL)
    Experience with some or all of the following is also desired:
    -Web programming (PHP, Bash, Python)
    -Tooling (Git, Docker, Jasmine)
    -Web applications (MediaWiki, WordPress)
    -Cloud services (AWS)
    -APIs (experience creating or working with other APIs)

    The Web Developer will work remotely from their home location. All Ballotpedia staff work remotely. To join Ballotpedia, you must have a computer with Internet access.

    Ballotpedia has a flexible work environment, BP Flex, in which every employee enjoys unlimited vacation and flexibility in scheduling. Each employee will be oriented to the principles of Ballotpedia’s flexible environment during new employee training.

    The starting pay range for the Web Developer is $65,000-$85,000/year commensurate with experience.

    In addition to salary, Ballotpedia offers an annual benefits stipend equivalent to $7,000 that is paid out in equal increments in each paycheck once an employee becomes benefits eligible. The stipend may be used to pay for a full benefits package, including health, vision, and dental insurance; retirement accounts; and more. If benefits are not elected, the stipend is taxed as regular income and added to salary.

    To Apply
    To apply please visit our job opportunities page and complete an application on our website:

    Please attach the following in PDF format:
    cover letter detailing your interest in Ballotpedia’s mission, this position and your salary expectations

    Please ensure that either your résumé or your cover letter include your current address.

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  • Voter Services Supervisor (Republican)
    Employer: Lucas County Board of Elections
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Category: Supervisor

    Reports to the Directors.  Voter Services Supervisor is charged with managing and evaluating staff in accordance with the standards established by the Lucas County Board of Elections including training of said staff (shared responsibility with Democrat).

    Responsible for the accurate and timely data entry of all registration information including, but not limited to, new registrations, address changes, deletions, corrections and name changes in the voter registration system (both local and state); Responsible for supervision of all absentee by mail operations including but not limited to, processing absentee applications and assembling/mailing absentee ballot packets to voters as prescribed by law;  Responsible for processing of all returned absentee ballots; Responsible for supervising inspection and counting all absentee ballots;  Responsible for preparing absentee ballots for tabulation and the balancing of said tabulation as prescribed by law. Assisting in the processing and reviewing of the validity and sufficiency of all candidates, initiative and referendum petitions; Responsible for adhering to all statutory deadlines regarding campaign finance, registration, absentee voting and local options; Responsible for maintaining the supervision of the switchboard operations; Responsible for administrating the processing of the NCOA and Duplicate Lists; Responsible for maintaining confidentiality and business integrity.

    Responsible for providing the Directors with periodic written status reports regarding work processed and still outstanding in a format established by the Directors; Responsible for ensuring that a sufficient number of staff are logged into the phone queues at all times. Performs all other duties as assigned, by the Directors, the Board of elections, and/or as prescribed by law. Responsible for daily supervision of operations within the absentee department by mail and in person voting.

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    Employer: Dallas County
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Category: Supervisor

    Brief Description
    Assists with managing the administration and operation of an election program area, to include program planning, supervising the work of others, establishing goals and objectives, developing schedules, priorities and standards for achieving goals, and coordinating and evaluating program activities.

    Detailed Description
    Assists management by planning, organizing, delegating and overseeing the daily operations of one or more areas of responsibility associated with the election process. Oversees the election program area to ensure staffing coverage is adequate, and productivity standards are met and are effective develops and implements goals and objectives, performance measures and techniques to evaluate programmatic activities reviews correspondence and reports from local, state and or federal agencies analyzes statistical data and prepares and maintains related reports. Researches and maintains comprehensive knowledge and understanding of applicable laws, policies and procedures to effectively communicate with staff, and acts as liaison and departmental representative to elected officials, political representatives, candidates, judges, contracting customers, vendors, general public, and or other county, state and federal representatives to resolve problems, answer questions, provide assistance and modify policies/procedures. Hires and trains supervisory and support staff, evaluates performance and initiates disciplinary actions coordinates and monitors scheduling, productivity and workloads. Assists in budget preparation and maintains related data and reports. Performs other duties as assigned.

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  • Voter Education & Outreach Specialist
    Employer: Washington Secretary of State's Office
    Location: Olympia, WA
    Category: Specialist

    This position reports to the Voting Information Services Manager of the Elections Division and works collaboratively to provide outreach and educational services. This position leads onsite customer service to candidates during annual peaks, voters’ pamphlet training for internal staff, organization of printed materials for proofing, fulfillment of outreach materials to stakeholders, and coordinates the printing and distribution of the state Voters’ Pamphlet.

    The passage of new legislation (ESHB 2421) increases the business needs to be met by the Secretary of State’s Office. Each May and June, the office must preview and process candidate’s statements to be printed in local county primary pamphlets as well as the processing necessary July through October for the state general election pamphlet.

    The Voting Information Services (VIS) team promotes accessible, fair, and accurate elections. Through educational programs and service excellence, we help eligible Washington residents register to vote, file for office, and cast an informed ballot.

    VIS exercises visionary leadership to publish the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The team provides voters and candidates with essential tools and training, digestible data and auditing reports, outreach programs and publications. VIS also advises County Auditors in interpretations of federal and state election law to uphold the integrity of election administration throughout the state. These objectives are accomplished through official communications, collaboration with stakeholders, and educational publications including the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The VIS program also acts as liaison for the Office of the Secretary of State.

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  • Voter Education & Outreach Specialist
    Employer: Washington Secretary of State's Office
    Location: Oly, WA
    Category: Specialist

    This position reports to the Voting Information Services Manager of the Elections Division and works collaboratively to provide outreach and educational services. This position leads onsite customer service to candidates during annual peaks, voters’ pamphlet training for internal staff, organization of printed materials for proofing, fulfillment of outreach materials to stakeholders, and coordinates the printing and distribution of the state Voters’ Pamphlet.
    VIS exercises visionary leadership to publish the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The team provides voters and candidates with essential tools and training, digestible data and auditing reports, outreach programs and publications. VIS also advises County Auditors in interpretations of federal and state election law to uphold the integrity of election administration throughout the state. These objectives are accomplished through official communications, collaboration with stakeholders, and educational publications including the state Voters’ Pamphlet. The VIS program also acts as liaison for the Office of the Secretary of State.

    Primary Responsibilities
    Coordinates voters’ pamphlets and legal advertisements
    Leads in-person customer contact involving all aspects of the voters’ pamphlet process. Works on continuous improvement efforts in collaboration with other VIS team members; and is involved with directly coordinating efforts with designers, composition, translation services, and accessible formats. Requires in-person quality checks for proofing and press checks. Directly involved with VIS team members, composition coordinator, printers, mailing vendor(s), and accomplishing other duties and tasks necessary to publish and distribute the state and combined local voters’ pamphlets
    Coordinates in-person aspects of annual design reviews and post-election debriefs of voters’ pamphlet information with division management and executive leadership; updates educational information according to new legislation or executive direction
    Collaborates with VIS manager and candidate filing lead to prepare for Candidate Filing and Statement Submission Weeks; updates educational materials for candidates; prepares online submission tools; supports contingency planning; supports candidates who file/submit in person or online
    Tests and provides testing feedback to the VoteWA Support team for continuous improvements to the system’s administrative functions and online statement submission tools. In collaboration with the candidate filing lead, provides expertise to the VoteWA Support team to improve the candidate’s user experience and uphold the integrity of the system
    Coordinates with counties to ensure appropriate voters’ pamphlet delivery dates, deadlines, formats, and content while providing in-person training, technical assistance, and troubleshooting for county staff unfamiliar with voters’ pamphlet project management, voters’ pamphlet procedures in the system, or professional design software
    Provides excellent customer service to candidates for all statement submission methods; includes but is not limited to technical assistance and computer troubleshooting, uploading statements, biographies and print-quality digital photos through the online submission tool, and hard copies submitted in person
    Verifies candidates’ compliance with statutory and quality standards dictating statement length limits, and photograph size and pixel resolution to ensure information is ready for use in the printed voters’ pamphlet; works with ballot measure committees, and staff from the legislature, Attorney General’s Office, and Office of Financial Management to gather all legally required content for the voters’ pamphlet
    Ensures that ideas and information in division publications are conveyed in writing and layout using language and design that is appropriate to the audience, the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the reader
    Collaborates with the program’s language and accessibility lead to coordinate timely publication of translations and accessible formats
    Works with others in the division and stakeholders to gather accurate publication content

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  • Information Services Specialist
    Employer: Illinois State Board of Elections
    Location: Springfield, IL
    Category: Specialist

    Under the general supervision of the Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer and the day-to-day supervision of the Information Services Team Leads, independently and as a project team member, develops, maintains, and enhances the State Board of Elections’ Information Systems. Establishes application development task schedules, testing plans and implementation schedules; Performs technical analysis, design, and programming according to SBE standards; Coordinates development, testing and implementation with end-users, technical consultants and IT Staff according to SBE standards. Consults with end-users to determine application goals, requirements, cost, architecture, and impact to existing systems; Provides Level 1 technical support for Agency end-users as well as end-users of other agency-developed systems. Through continuing self-study and/or formal coursework, acquires knowledge of advanced information systems concepts and techniques, productivity tools, election law, and Board policy as they affect Board Information Systems. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

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  • Elections Specialist - Clerk and Recorder
    Employer: Mesa County
    Location: Grand Junction, CO
    Category: Specialist

    As an employee in the Election Division, duties focus on a variety of work related to elections office goals, including voter registration applications, additions, changes, cancellations, and party affiliation in voter registrations. Workload, focused within the election office during an election cycle, including working with other staff to complete voter registration data entry, processing voters, and assisting the voting process of the ACP program and military/overseas voters, operation and maintenance of the election equipment, maintenance of the Address Library, voter cancelations using SCORE, and bulk print mailings. Other duties may include coordinating and organization of supplies for office and polling location in preparation for an election. Assist with election judge recruitment, assisting with scheduling and judge training. Performs daily data entry of voter registration forms, as needed.
    Overall, working as a team, individuals will gravitate towards and excel at certain tasks but every team member should have a solid understanding of all the tasks, which ensures redundancy and collaboration.

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  • Elections Business Intelligence Specialist
    Employer: Tennessee Secretary of State
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Category: Specialist

    Summary: Assist in planning and coordinating the computer functions and responsibilities for the Elections Division which includes, but is not limited to: data processing, integrating the statewide voter registration system with county voter registration systems, improve election reporting capabilities; analyzing and resolving technical software issues (25%) for the Division of Elections and 95 county election commission offices, which includes, but is not limited to cybersecurity practices; reviewing and researching regulations, legislation, government codes, and directives relevant to the technical elections operation; including serving as the liaison to the Office of the Comptroller of the Treasury, Local Government; and performing other duties as assigned.
    This position is responsible for the accuracy and timely compliance and security of voter registration data, ballot review and approval, producing and analyzing election-related state and federal reports, maintaining and assist in updating elections mobile app.

    • Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and resolves problems/issues within the voter registration environment.
    • Assist in the administration of the Online Voter Registration (OVR) system and processing of records.
    • Assist in the design, maintenance and upgrade of election software to approve ballots, review state agency documents of a provisional voter and generate state reports using data collected from the 95 county election commissions.
    • Assist in processing the election results in preparation for certification of each election.
    • Assist in reviewing voting systems, voter registration software and electronic pollbooks for election integrity and security.
    • Validates and tests solutions to ensure the voting requirements are met.
    • Validates report results to ensure voting requirements are met.
    • Researches, analyzes, and reports on voter information from a variety of sources.
    • Assists in the analysis of source systems and development of a logical/voter data model to determine the reporting capability for available data.
    • Gathers and identifies the voter information available from various source systems.
    • Strong knowledge of MS SQL Server.
    • Generates standard or custom reports summarizing voter data for review by Tennessee Coordinator of Elections.
    • Develops queries for validation of work outputs and source system confirmation.
    • Implements reporting solutions using business intelligence data presentation tools.
    • Understands business intelligence concepts and methodologies.
    • Monitors the voter data warehouse and business systems performance and integrity.
    • Documents use cases to ensure the Voter Intelligence solution meets the business requirements.
    • Documents business flows for new and existing systems ensuring long-term maintainability.
    • Follows proper configuration management and change controls to promote system stability and to provide an audit trail of modifications.
    • Evaluates requests from problem management tracking system.
    • Provides assistance to Division of Elections in the generation of ad hoc reports.
    • Provide basic PC hardware and software support for 95 county election offices.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Education and Experience
    • B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field and two (2) years relevant Information Technology experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Certified Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator preferred or able to become certified. DB2 experience helpful.
    • Two years’ experience in cybersecurity protection such as PCI, and or HIPPA.
    • Must pass a background check for security requirements.

    Salary: Commensurate with experience, plus the State of Tennessee Benefits Package.

    To apply: Please email your resume and cover letter with salary requirements to Please include the position you are applying for in the email subject. Position will be posted until filled.

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  • Election Specialists Lead
    Employer: Thurston County
    Location: Olympia, WA
    Category: Specialist

    As a Lead Election Specialist, you will assist in the preparation and operation of County elections by coordinating or assisting with all ballot processing, hiring and training of extra help workers, and coordinating voter registration and education programs. There will be significant public contact, requiring effective communication and professional services to customers. Other responsibilities in this role would include, but are not limited to, the following: Assist the Division Manager in supervising and providing direction and training to assigned staff and employees. Assist with the review and approval of leave requests for extra help employees and monitors workloads and task distribution providing feed back to the Division Manager. In charge of communication with all districts and candidates to ensure all elected and appointed officials have taken their oath of office and that the oath of office is on file. Coordinate with other county departments for the set up and running of extra large voting center in high volume elections, ensuring that all statutory laws are being followed. Process and provide public record requests for voter data and election data. Communicate with customers in person, by phone, and through written correspondence to provide information regarding voter registration, election dates, ballots, laws, and procedures. Implement changes required by federal and state law within areas of responsibility and documents changes in policies and procedures. Salary: $3,819 – $5,079 Monthly

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  • Multi-State Project Manager
    Employer: Election Reformers Network
    Category: Project Management

    A growing nonpartisan nonprofit working to modernize U.S. democratic institutions against
    polarization is seeking a half-time consultant to help lead an issue campaign.
    Election Reformers Network (ERN) is a nonpartisan 501c3 advocacy organization founded in
    2017 by election experts with extensive reform experience in the U.S. and overseas. ERN
    actively supports systemic reforms such as impartial election administration, electoral college
    reform, and independent redistricting.


    The specialist will assist our Vice President of Programs in building and maintaining
    relationships with state-level stakeholders. Key responsibilities will include:

    ● Preparing analysis of state election administration structures and laws, and of political
    landscape for reform
    ● Self-directed communication and coalition-building with election officials, nonprofit
    organizations, and other actors from across the ideological spectrum;
    ● Tracking and maintaining relationships across multiple states;
    ● Clearly communicating and distilling complicated information to interested audiences;
    ● Scheduling remote conference calls and video calls across multiple time zones;
    ● Providing input on ERN reports, op-eds and other publications.

    This role offers a great opportunity to be a part of the solution to the country’s pressing
    democracy challenges. ERN is committed to developing election solutions that can gain support
    from a wide range of political perspectives; for that reason it is essential that the candidate be
    open-minded, non-dogmatic, and skilled at understanding and working with a wide range of
    people and perspectives.

    The specialist will work remotely, most likely on a half-time basis, though the time frame is open
    to discussion. The specialist will report to the Executive Director (based in Newton, MA) and
    Vice President of Programs (based in Santa Fe, New Mexico).

    Salary commensurate with experience.


    ● Minimum qualifications:
    o Bachelor’s degree in public policy, political science, or a related field (Master’s or
    Law degree preferred)
    ● The ideal candidate will have at least 8-10 years of experience in one or a combination of
    the following areas, ideally in one or more swing states:
    o Running a trade or nonprofit association;
    o Interacting regularly with state legislators in any capacity;
    o Direct responsibility for local, state, or federal issue campaigns
    ● Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-partisan manner;
    ● Passion for strengthening American democracy, and a commensurate ability to
    understand different political perspectives and work toward broadly supported solutions;
    ● Flexibility and initiative to work both independently and as part of a team;
    ● High level of proficiency with cloud-based file sharing;
    ● Ability to understand and communicate complicated issues, particularly pertaining to
    election administration.

    Interested candidates should submit cover letter and resume by email to No calls please.

    Election Reformers Network is committed to a diverse workplace, seeking voices and expertise
    from people from across the political spectrum. We are committed to equal employment
    opportunities (EEO) for all applicants seeking employment. ERN makes consultant decisions
    based on organizational needs, job requirements and individual qualifications without regard to
    race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation,
    personal appearance, military status, gender identity or expression, genetic information, political
    affiliation, educational status, unemployment status, place of residence or business, source of
    income, or reproductive health decision making. Additionally, harassment or discrimination
    based on these characteristics will not be tolerated at ERN. To perform the essential functions of
    this position, reasonable accommodations are available to qualified individuals with disabilities.

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  • Program Manager
    Employer: California Vote Foundation
    Category: Program Manager
    CVF seeks an experienced and accomplished part time program manager who is passionate about voting rights and advocacy, election reform, support for election officials, and nonpartisan expertise. This position will be instrumental in supporting the day to day operations of CVF, managing communications, and supporting important programmatic initiatives.
    Candidates must be eager to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment and be able to balance and prioritize competing demands. This is a remote, part-time position, with the potential to transition to a full-time position, who reports to the president of CVF.
    • Manage communications and outreach with a network of diverse leaders and stakeholders from all sectors across many time zones
    • Coordinate projects and research related to election funding, curtailing mis- and disinformation and legal and law enforcement protections for election officials
    • Support grant writing and research fundraising opportunities
    • Write news releases, social media posts, meeting agendas, and meeting notes
    • Respond to emails in a timely and professional manner
    • Help manage CVF social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook
    • Schedule meetings and plan webinar events
    • Attend webinars and monitor election news and events
    • Support other CVF projects as needed
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  • Program Manager III (Director of Election Reform and Management)
    Employer: Maryland State Board of Elections
    Location: Annapolis, MD
    Category: Management

    State Board of Elections
    151 W. Street
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Main Purpose Of Job
    The Director of the Election Reform and Management Division manages and supports the State’s implementation of the Help America Vote Act, Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, and other federal election laws, develops and implements efforts to improve election administration, and oversees the duties assigned to the Division. The position also manages the State’s provisional voting program conducted by the local boards of elections and the agency’s election judge training program and supports the State’s mail-in voting program. The Division oversees an audit program of the local boards of elections and statewide training and education programs for election officials.
    Directs and coordinates all activities of an agency program or programs, including the State’s provisional voting programs and election official training program.

    Supports the State’s early voting and mail-in voting programs.

    Establishes overall policies and procedures for the program(s), oversees implementation and
    approves revisions;

    Establishes and evaluates program goals, standards and controls to meet program objectives;

    Oversees and manages the personnel and financial resources of the program(s);

    Develops short and long-range plans for program operations and resources;

    Determines organizational structure and staffing needs of the program(s);

    Oversees development and training of program staff;

    Plans, coordinates, supervises and evaluates the work of employees;

    Represents the department in a liaison capacity with managers, local election officials, and
    officials of other agencies concerning program activities;

    May promote the program through contacts with interested groups and the general public;

    Performs other related duties.

    Education: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

    Experience: Three years of experience in professional work, with at least one year of experience planning, conducting and evaluating a program or project. Experience can be in state or local government, private sector, or non-profit sector. A candidate may substitute two years of experience for a law degree or graduate degree in public administration or public policy.

    Notes: Candidates may substitute four years of program management experience for the required education.

    Preference will be given to applicants who possess the following preferred qualification(s). Include clear and specific information on your application regarding your qualifications.

    1. Knowledge of elections in Maryland and experience administering an election

    2. Detail oriented, good organizational skills and strong verbal and writing skills

    3. Experience working in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment

    4. Experience supervising employees or volunteers

    5. Experience in public speaking

    6. Experience in facilitating meetings with stakeholders

    7. A law degree or graduate degree in public administration or public policy

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  • Elections Program Engagement Manager
    Employer: US Digital Response
    Location: , CA
    Category: Management

    USDR is seeking an Engagement Manager to be an early hire for our growing Elections program. As an early hire, we are looking for someone who is excited to influence the shape and structure of the program, particularly the way we build relationships with government partners. USDR partners often reach out with a complex problem knowing that USDR teams will work collaboratively to meet their needs. The Engagement Manager will be responsible for working with new and existing partners and shaping USDR projects in this space, while engaging the elections team and volunteer network to deliver on our partners’ needs. You’ll work with multiple levels of government and non-governmental organizations, interfacing with elections office stakeholders, individual engineers, support personnel, and everyone in between.

    You would be a good fit for this role if you’re an elections expert, a project or program manager with delivery experience, or a technologist with experience in supporting government partners.

    This is a full-time, paid position with competitive pay and benefits.

    In this position, you will:

    • Build and maintain strong, credible relationships with government partners and key stakeholders in the elections ecosystem
    • Create and maintain the process and infrastructure for maintaining relationships with existing partners, including building a community space for these partners.
    • Explore new opportunities to provide impact and support to new and existing elections partners
    • Collaborate with government partners and USDR technologists to translate partner feedback into new features and impactful projects
    • Manage a portfolio of complex projects and initiatives in our Elections Program, including Poll Worker Management
    • Represent USDR and the values of our Volunteer Oath in your work.
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    Employer: Dallas County
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Category: Management

    Brief Description
    Manages the lifecycle of election hardware by developing and maintaining processes, policies, systems and measurements. Manages the election hardware inventory; ensures quality control by assigning and deploying equipment; recommends, implements, and utilizes automation and tools to monitor and report on inventory; records and manages licenses, service agreements, and warranties for election hardware and related software/firmware; reviews, analyzes, and evaluates election hardware operations.

    Detailed Description
    Establishes and maintains an inventory of election related assets to include but not limited to ballot marking devices, ballot counters, electronic poll books, mobile networking equipment, computers/laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and related software and peripherals. Plans, monitors, and enforces the usage, tracking, and health of election hardware and software. Plans, monitors, and enforces configuration of election hardware to include installed software, security configuration, and election specific programming/configurations. Provides regular reports and analysis on asset usage and related costs. Documents and provides guidance and training on the usage, tracking, and maintenance of election hardware and related peripherals and software in coordination with vendors and election staff. Manages, trains and guides the work of staff in preparing, deploying, and supporting election hardware. Performs other duties as assigned.

    Minimum Salary: 5094.59
    Maximum Salary: 6355.07
    Currency: US Dollar (USD)

    More Info
  • Client Success Manager
    Employer: Scytl
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Category: Management

    The Client Success Manager will serve as a liaison between Scytl and current clients, managing assigned accounts. This role leads product implementations, providing project management services to new clients and existing clients based on contract needs. Manages project expectations internally and externally. Responsible for all tasks and assignments associated to the implementation of products and services. This requires collaboration with clients, the internal team, and management to ensure requirements and goals are being met and projects are kept on schedule. Flexibility in working across multiple time zones is often necessary. Establishing rapport with clients and provide ongoing product support during defined business hours as well as occasionally after business hours is important.

    To be successful in the role, Client Success Managers must be adept at building relationships through a combination of communication platforms with external clients and internal departments. To support the client, the Client Success Manager must have the technical aptitude to retain working knowledge and understanding of internal products. The Client Success Manager will need to be able to solve problems not only related to the products themselves but project implementations. While some instances may be simple and involve providing instruction or directing the client to training or documentation, some cases may involve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We value innovation and welcome opportunities for Client Success Managers to recommend solutions that improve our internal processes.

    They will help sales identify any potential new sales opportunities and participate in the communication to the client regarding them. This will include staying abreast of upcoming renewals and knowing if the client is utilizing the most up-to-date software.

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  • Administrative Services Manager
    Employer: Decatur County
    Location: Decatur, GA
    Category: Management

    Salary Range: $67,182 – $104,133

    Purpose of Classification:

    The purpose of this classification is to manage administrative functions within assigned Departments.

    Essential Functions:
    The following duties are normal for this position. The omission of specific statements of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification. Other duties may be required and assigned.

    Supervises, directs, and evaluates assigned staff; develops and oversees employee work schedules to ensure adequate coverage and control; compiles and reviews timesheets; approves/processes employee concerns and problems and counsels or disciplines as appropriate; assists with or completes employee performance appraisals; directs work; acts as a liaison between employees and management; and trains staff in operations, policies, and procedures.

    Organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; prioritizes and schedules work activities in order to meet objectives; ensures that subordinates have the proper resources needed to complete the assigned work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; consults with assigned staff to assist with complex/problem situations and provide technical expertise; provides progress and activity reports to management; and assists with the revision of procedure manuals as appropriate.

    Manages human resource and personnel functions; assists in developing and implements policies and procedures; advises departmental supervisors regarding human resource practices and issues; resolves and recommends solutions to human resources issues such as discipline, compliance, and workplace regulatory concerns; and manages related functions such as payroll processing, benefits and maintaining personnel files.

    Manages financial activities; monitors purchasing decisions; authorizes expenditures of departmental operational funds; assists in developing annual budget; makes recommendations; monitors expenditures against approved budget; and prepares and maintains related documentation.

    Manages department accounts payable and receivable functions; reviews and approves invoices; implements internal accounting controls; monitors billing and collection activities and customer accounts; reviews and approves cash receipts and related reports; ensures accurate record keeping of revenues; and maintains related documentation.

    Manages procurement activities; prepares procurement documents; manages, reviews and enforces awarded contracts; and ensures compliance with all procurement rules and regulations; and maintains all related documentation.

    Manages inventory management activities; implements and maintains automated inventory systems; ensures maintenance of computerized inventory; evaluates minimum/maximum levels of stock to generate appropriate turnover; monitors inventory levels to ensure adequate quantities; and manages annual physical inventory count.

    Manages information technology and phone systems; manages technology service and contract compliance; reviews and approves technology and phone system purchases; conducts training for new and experienced users; answers questions and provides information; troubleshoots problems; consults with vendors; and manages implementation of new and upgraded technology and phone systems as needed.

    Compiles and/or tracks various administrative and/or statistical data pertaining to departmental operations; performs basic research as needed; makes applicable calculations; analyzes trends; prepares or generates reports; and maintains records.

    Communicates with supervisor, other County departments and employees, the public, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Bachelor’s degree in Public / Business, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, or related field required; five years of progressively responsible experience in administrative services, human resources, accounting or related field; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

    Specific License or Certification Required:  Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license.

    More Info
  • Initiative Internship Program
    Employer: Arizona Secretary of State's Office
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Category: Internship

    The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office is offering a paid Initiative Internship Program working with the Elections Division for 6 weeks (June 27 to August 8, 2022), for students who want to learn about election administration and support the initiative review process leading up to the 2022 election. An intern with the Elections Division, will learn about the application of state law through the initiative process. Interns will contribute to the team by assisting with the processing of initiative petitions. There will be in-person as well as remote processing requirements, and an intern must be available for both.
    Students or recent graduates interested in public service and witnessing democracy in action are encouraged to apply.

    – Interns will be paid $12.00 per hour over the course of 6 weeks. No other benefits will be provided.
    – Interns will be expected to be available 40 hours a week. However, the onboarding/training period before the initiative filing deadline may be less hours.
    – Typically, overtime is available during the processing period. However, hours and availability may change based on the amount of initiatives and signatures actually filed.
    – It is at the discretion of the respective school to provide academic credit. Interns interested in obtaining academic credit for the internship are responsible for coordinating with their schools directly.
    Application Process:
    – Applicants must submit a resume and a cover letter that addresses why you want to work with the Elections Division and the Initiative Internship Program. Your resume must include your anticipated graduation date.
    – Applications for the 2022 Summer Internship will be considered on a rolling basis with a cutoff date of April 1, 2022. We are anticipating hiring 60 interns for our summer program. However, this amount may change based on the anticipated and actual number of initiatives filed.
    – Basic clerical tasks
    – Review documents for accuracy

    More Info
  • Executive Director, Elections at The Pew Charitable Trusts
    Employer: Pew Charitable Trusts
    Location: Washington, DC
    Category: Executive


    The Pew Charitable Trusts uses data to make a difference. For more than 70 years, we have focused on serving the public, invigorating civic life, conducting nonpartisan research, advancing effective public policies and practices, and achieving tangible results. Through rigorous inquiry and knowledge sharing, we inform and engage public-spirited citizens and organizations, linking diverse interests to pursue common cause. We are a dedicated team of researchers, communicators, advocates, subject matter experts, and professionals working on some of today’s big challenges – and we know we are more effective and creative collectively than we are individually. With Philadelphia as our hometown and the majority of our staff located in Washington, D.C., our U.S. and international staff find working at Pew personally and professionally rewarding.

    Wise stewardship of resources allows Pew employees to pursue work that strategically furthers our mission in significant and measurable ways. We collaborate with a diverse range of philanthropic partners, public and private organizations, and concerned citizens who share our interest in fact-based solutions and goal-driven initiatives to improve society. Pew attracts top talent, people of integrity who are service-oriented and willing to take on challenging assignments. We provide competitive pay and benefits, ability to telework up to 60%, a healthy work-life balance, and a respectful and inclusive workplace. Pew employees are proud of their colleagues, proud of where they work, and proud of the institution’s reputation.

    Pew is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment that encourages a culture of belonging and respect; where individuals from all backgrounds can bring their whole selves to work and thrive.You can learn more about Pew’s work at its website:


    The Executive Director will guide the efforts of several interested philanthropic funders, which aim to advance evidence-based and nonpartisan solutions that improve the access to, integrity of, and trustworthiness of the U.S. election administration system. This position will lead a team of 3-4 staff to drive transformative investments, and will be accountable for developing investment recommendations, allocating resources to sourcing and due diligence, supporting fundraising, and providing leadership to drive progress and performance. The ideal candidate will have significant and distinguished work experience relevant to election administration and U.S. democracy, managing senior-level professional staff, and working with executive leadership, boards, or donors.

    This senior role requires a proven track record of leadership and accomplishment in designing and implementing programs aimed at solving complex and dynamic problems. The individual in this role must understand best, promising, and emerging practices and innovations in the field of election administration, and have well-honed political, strategic and analytical skills. The Executive Director must be flexible and results-oriented, with exceptional interpersonal, relationship-building and communication skills, and experience translating concepts into action, with a proven record of success in developing and implementing innovative strategies and solutions with the engagement of a broad set of stakeholders.

    This position will report to the Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer. The position has a set time frame that could be extended based on the success of the program, funding sources, and board decisions on continued support.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    Leadership and Strategy Setting

    – Manage a significant annual budget and projects across the country, lead development and implementation of targeted, effective and measurable strategies that seek to improve policy and practice at the state, local, and federal levels. Manage and oversee day-to-day operations and activities for these initiatives and collaborate closely with the advisory board, project leadership and counterparts at partner institutions to assess progress, refine strategies, and achieve critical milestones.

    – Supervise team of investment staff accountable for sourcing, diligence, and structuring investment opportunities and grant management. Empower them to succeed in their roles delivering key elements of the strategy by providing strong leadership and management to staff, including setting measurable goals and targets, establishing work plans and milestones, conducting performance evaluations, using evaluation mechanisms to monitor individual and team achievements, and ensuring staff are adhering to appropriate policies and procedures.

    – Continually assess performance against identified objectives, determine when goals are at risk of not being met, identify the causes and, when needed, take appropriate steps to fix any problems in ways that keep the initiative on course.

    – Serve as a spokesperson for the partnership to cultivate and engage the public and key constituencies on core issues, including representing the partnership publicly at conferences, seminars, and official forums, authoring articles and other communications, and providing interviews to outside sources. Provide guidance to investment leads serving as spokespersons for their respective areas of expertise and portfolios.

    – Analyze relevant opportunities to change policy and practice and design strategies to strengthen U.S. election administration informed by the best available data and research.

    – Build and maintain a culture of excellence and accountability, ensure a continuing commitment to inclusion and diversity, establish positive and productive teamwork, effectively manage and coach individual staff, provide appropriate opportunities for professional development.

    Relationship and Team Management

    – Serve as a thought partner, advisor, and facilitator for donors; cultivate strong, trusted relationships with partners, potentially including high-net worth individuals; manage regular meetings and engagement with the initiative’s governing board and investment advisory group.

    – Serve as an ally of organizations leading change on the ground, supporting and influencing funder thinking, practice and actions to respond to field needs.

    – Work closely with partners to create and implement strategic plans and identify new opportunities and interventions to support objectives.

    – Develop coalitions, partnerships, and co-investments aligned with the strategy and grantmaking.

    – Establish and maintain relationships with relevant policymakers and elected officials across the political and ideological spectrum. Liaise with funders and nonprofits focused on elections and other constituencies to advance campaign objectives.

    – Build and maintain strong working relationships with leadership at Pew and partner organizations, as well as with key programmatic and operational staff, playing an important role in facilitating the ongoing development of the partnership.

    – Participate in fundraising and partner development, cultivation of new donors, and the preparation and submission of funding proposals and reports.

    – Oversee project budgets, funding proposals and reports, job descriptions, staff promotion and award nominations, contract, grant and expense reports, news releases, media statements, publications and other work products generated by staff.

    – Ensure staff comply with relevant procedures and policies including compliance with federal, state, and local lobbying and ethics laws.


    – At least 15 years of specialized experience in the field gained through professional education, training and experience, including in election administration and/or leading successful campaigns to elevate public policy issues and shape debates among decision makers and the public. Specific experience with U.S. elections is preferred.

    – Minimum of eight years of previous direct supervisory experience required including experience managing performance management process for direct reports and providing career development advice and counsel.

    – Excellent strategic and program management skills, with a proven ability to analyze complex programs and then lead, develop, execute and evaluate a range of diverse strategies to achieve goals.

    – Highly flexible, with the ability to juggle multiple priorities, adjust to changing circumstances, remain attentive to details and identify resources for projects, moving objectives forward with a high degree of independence and autonomy.

    – Demonstrable experience of successfully managing staff, able to develop and manage productive relationships with consultants, partners and others who contribute to the development of a project by anticipating possible outcomes.

    – Persuasive, highly articulate, and successful in building support for and commitment to initiatives and ideas among individual donors and donor organizations.

    – A strong network of relevant contacts that can provide expert information, analysis, and advice to advance results. Able to leverage relationships to influence positive outcomes. Excellent knowledge of the current trends, principal theories, leading thinkers and major concerns within election administration. Strong operational management acumen. Ability to analyze budgetary information, assess organizational needs and problem solve within a large institution.

    – Exceptional oral and written communications skills. Able to synthesize material and to focus quickly on the essence of an issue and the means to address it. Confident in presenting one’s own ideas and diplomatically persuading others as appropriate. Ability to communicate complex ideas for a general audience, with strong public speaking skills and an ability to persuasively engage individuals or groups in dialogue that results in a desire to take action. Clear, effective writing style.

    – Exceptional interpersonal skills, with seasoned judgment and analytical capacity; must demonstrate strong collaborative spirit and ability to make decisions. Responsive, clear and firm with colleagues and partners.

    – Media-savvy and politically astute. Understands the importance of marketing techniques and the news media to communicate research results and key concepts. .

    – Diplomatic and able to work productively with a wide array of different people and institutions that may disagree with your priorities or compete with your initiatives.

    – Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Must be flexible, creative, consistent and assume full accountability for all areas of responsibility.

    – Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required; advanced degree in public policy or equivalent experience strongly preferred.


    Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience. The location for the role is flexible (Washington, D.C. preferred). Pew is returning to in-person work two days per week.

    The Pew Charitable Trusts offers a competitive salary and benefit program, including: comprehensive, affordable health care through medical, dental, and vision coverage; financial security with life and disability insurance; opportunities to save using health savings and flexible spending accounts; retirement benefits to help prepare for the future; and work/life benefits to maintain a good balance.

    The Pew Charitable Trusts is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Pew considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, military/veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. For more information about The Pew Charitable Trust’s commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, please visit:

    Like The Pew Charitable Trusts, On-Ramps is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe social change happens when people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and identities come together with common purpose.

    Accommodation Statement: On-Ramps is committed to the inclusion of all qualified individuals in the hiring process, including but not limited to those with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodation(s) to participate in the application or interview process, please contact

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  • County Clerk
    Employer: Lane County
    Location: Eugene, OR
    Category: Executive

    First Review Date of Applications: May 9, 2022
    Interviews Scheduled for Week of: May 10th

    For more information about Lane County Administration & Elections:
    Lane County Clerk
    Lane County is seeking a proven leader with experience in elections and real property records. The County Clerk leads a dedicated team that performs their work with accuracy and integrity. The successful candidate is someone who demonstrates a passion to serve the community, high level of attention to detail, and strong communication skills while interacting with the public, elected officials, and outside agencies.

    The County Clerk is responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting all regular and special elections, voter registration, property tax appeals, permanent real property records, marriage licensing, domestic partnership registrations, and archived records management while ensuring compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws. Additional duties include preparing, reviewing and analyzing data, working with a staff of 14 full-time employees, budget and financial management, and managing technology solutions that support County Clerk operations.

    The County Clerk will administer all federal, state, and local laws as they apply to conducting elections, processing voter registration, recording land documents, and issuing marriage licenses, while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and accuracy, and providing exceptional customer service.
    Lane County Elections

    Schedule: Monday – Friday; 8:00am – 5:00pm. Evening and weekend hours as needed.

    *This is a non-represented position*

    Bachelor’s Degree in a related field such as: civics & government, public or business administration, PPPM, non-profit management, etc.

    Five years of progressively responsible experience related to area assigned: public elections, managing vote by mail elections, including supervisory experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

    Special Requirements:
    Experience organizing, directing, and implementing comprehensive programs.
    Planning and organizing large-scale election activities.
    Gathering and analyzing data to prepare narrative and statistical reports and information.
    Being politically astute and diplomatic with the ability to communicate with a wide variety of constituencies in a clear, concise, and credible manner.
    Ability to think clearly and effectively under pressure.

    This position is subject to a full criminal offender information record check. If fingerprinting is required, the fee is paid for by the successful candidate and the expense is non-reimbursable.

    In accordance with county policy, the incumbent of this position is required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have an approved medical or religious exception, prior to starting work

    Equal Employment Opportunity
    Lane County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.

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  • Senior Software Engineer
    Employer: Ballotpedia
    Category: Engineering

    Ballotpedia seeks a full-time, 100% remote Senior Software Engineer to join its Tech team.

    Our Senior Software Engineer will provide technical leadership to a group of web developers and data engineers and will be able to advise on best practices, champion code quality, assist in the professional development of team members, and scope out new opportunities for the organization. At a high level, you will develop a holistic view of Ballotpedia’s architecture, infrastructure and software design and develop the ability to guide the team accordingly.

    Reporting to the Director of Technology Operations and in collaboration with organization leadership, you will help define requirements and inform priorities around software development at the organization across many products. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will also implement these software solutions and contribute your own code to further Ballotpedia’s mission of making high-quality political data and unbiased encyclopedic content available to the American public.

    This is a full-stack role that may include various aspects of development, design, programming, architecture, testing, and tooling. This role also includes higher-level decision-making related to technology used at the company, as well as leadership of the other web developers.

    As Senior Software Engineer, you will:

    -Scope out new opportunities, identify and research new technologies and develop proposals
    -Advise and mentor a small team of web developers on the implementation of new projects and solutions
    -Conduct code reviews and champion software quality at the organization
    -Maintain, update and troubleshoot existing products
    -Provide technical consulting across the company
    -Contribute to a variety of software products at Ballotpedia, such as:
    -Data ingestion pipelines
    -Staff tools and workflows
    -Apps (mobile and web)
    -On-site components and customized widgets
    -Third-party integrations
    -Review and debug code
    -Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to fix and improve products
    -Document development phases and monitor systems
    -Ensure software is up-to-date with latest technologies

    Skills and Qualifications
    An ideal Senior Software Engineer will have:

    -A minimum of 6 years of proven real-world experience in software development, including multiple years in Lead/Architect/Designer-type roles
    -Multiple examples of software applications in which you were the primary architect
    -A demonstrated passion for voter education and engagement and a willingness to work hard to support the mission of Ballotpedia
    -Humility, seeking to improve the work of the rest of the staff, and approaching projects as a team member
    -An unending appetite for learning and mastering new technology
    -Familiarity with and mastery of core programming languages and frameworks, such as: SQL, PHP, Node, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git
    -Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    -Experience maintaining uptime on high-traffic applications or websites (millions of concurrent users) and making infrastructure decisions

    The Senior Software Engineer will work remotely from their home location. All Ballotpedia staff work remotely. To join Ballotpedia, you must have a computer with Internet access.

    Ballotpedia has a flexible work environment, BP Flex, in which every employee enjoys unlimited vacation and flexibility in scheduling. Each employee will be oriented to the principles of Ballotpedia’s flexible environment during new employee training.

    The pay range for the Senior Software Engineer is $100,000-$120,000/year commensurate with experience.

    In addition to salary, Ballotpedia offers an annual benefits stipend equivalent to $7,000 that is paid out in equal increments in each paycheck once an employee becomes benefits eligible. The stipend may be used to pay for a full benefits package, including health, vision, and dental insurance; retirement accounts; and more. If benefits are not elected, the stipend is taxed as regular income and added to salary.

    To Apply

    Please attach the following in PDF format:
    -cover letter detailing your interest in Ballotpedia’s mission, this position and your salary expectations

    Please ensure that either your résumé or your cover letter include your current address.

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  • Associate Director, Elections & Voting
    Employer: Democracy Fund
    Location: Washington, DC
    Category: Director

    Democracy Fund champions leaders and organizations that defend democracy and challenge our political system to be more open and just. We believe that experimentation, learning, and adaptation are key to the health and resilience of any system, whether it is our organization or the American political system. As grantmakers, we focus on listening and serving our grantees, who are visionaries and our collaborators.

    Voting is the single most significant way Americans exercise political power. The Elections & Voting Program works to ensure that all Americans, especially those who have been historically underrepresented at the polls, have the opportunity to fully participate in the democratic process and freely vote for the candidates and issues representing their communities.

    The Associate Director will help lead and strengthen the Elections & Voting Program’s work to create a more equitable and accessible election system and empower communities to defend voting rights when they are threatened. The Associate Director will also help coordinate this work with Democracy Fund’s other programs, with other foundations, and with election field leaders and organizations.

    Reporting to the Elections & Voting Program Director, the Associate Director will help manage a growing team of staff and projects across the program, with a particular focus on strengthening our grantmaking processes, internal communications, and team operations. The successful candidate will be a systems thinker and builder who can drive impact while cultivating the internal organization needed to achieve our goals. We are looking for a connector with a demonstrated track record of managing people and creating opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration. This role will work with the Program Director and Elections & Voting team members to develop the next phase of our strategies, support learning and team growth, and contribute to shaping Democracy Fund’s strategy and position in the field.

    This position also supports the work of Democracy Fund Voice, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.

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  • Communications and Project Consultant
    Employer: National Vote at Home Institue
    Category: Consultant

    National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to expanding the use of mailed-out ballots in local, state, and federal elections across America. Through our education, research, and advocacy efforts with state and local elections officials, policymakers, and partners, NVAHI works to expand this secure, convenient, and voter-supported method of voting and works to ensure state and local election officials have the tools, training, and support they need to conduct successful, transparent, accurate and secure mail ballot elections.NVAHI has launched an Election Official Hub to bring resources, training, advocacy, tools, and support to election officials across the nation as they work to make voting at home more efficient, accessible, equitable, accurate, and secure. The Election Official Hub will have two webinars a month, Wonk Wednesdays, on topics relevant to voting at home with information and resources specifically created for election officials. We will also have a resource section on our EO Hub that promotes the latest research, best practices, tools for implementation, and a communication tool kit.

    We seek a Communications and Project Consultant to provide consulting services to our Government Affairs Director in implementing and running our new hub. The ideal Consultant will have strong communications skills, knowledge of email marketing, and experience with managing webinars and researching resources for our election officials. This position routinely interacts with election officials, partners, research professionals/institutions, and vendors.

    This Consultant position is a contract position with NVAHI with consulting fees set between $5,000 and $6,000 a month. The anticipated duration of the contract is through March 31, 2023.

    The services performed by the Consultant will include implementing and operationalizing two webinars a month There will also be additional services related to research and outreach.

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  • Communications Specialist
    Employer: U.S. Election Assistance Commission
    Location: Washington, DC
    Category: Communications

    The employee and supervisor collaborate to develop the approach, timelines and general framework for projects and, within these parameters, the employee independently plans and carries out the work involved in developing, maintaining, and managing media communication, coordinating with others as appropriate, interpreting and applying policy, determining the content and format for media communication, and consulting with the supervisor on questionable content or issues.

    The Director of Communications assigns special projects and assignments, defining the nature of the assignment, objectives to be achieved, and resources available. The employee independently resolves most problems that arise, keeping the Director informed on unusual, sensitive or controversial matters. Completed work is reviewed for achievement of objectives and consistency with governing laws, regulations, policies, and the EAC strategic plan.

    Major Duties

    Creation of Communications Materials and Public Relations Support.
    Research, develop, write, and edit presentations, press releases, fact sheets, feature articles, letters, speeches, testimony, annual reports, opinion pieces, videos, and other public-facing communications materials that effectively communicate the agency’s goals to EAC stakeholders and a variety of public and internal audiences.
    Coordinate with the Director of Communications to disseminate daily news and social media reports to EAC staff and leadership.
    Work with the Director of Communications to procure and manage contracts and assist with the procurement of other Communications-related needs, i.e. photography, video, subscriptions, and other non-EAC services and goods.
    Work with the Director of Communications on virtual and in-person events planning and execution including agendas, briefing materials, promotional materials, preparation for staff, and event management.
    When assigned, accompanies EAC staff and leadership to public events and/or information gathering trips. Occasional travel required when deemed necessary.
    In consultation with the Director of Communications, plans and implements communications plans, events, media campaigns, press conferences, briefings, messaging and interviews.
    Participate in developing communications and media initiatives, planning and implementing of media events, and maintaining a proactive media strategy and content calendar for the Commission’s owned channels (social media, website, blogs, etc.).
    Provide background information to the media as required and drafts talking points for spokespersons ahead of interviews and presentations. Pending approval by the Director of Communications, speaks on record, at times with attribution.
    Develop and maintain productive working relationships with members of the media. Enlist the cooperation of media representatives in providing accurate information to the public that furthers the goals and objectives of the EAC.
    Serve as a backup when the Director of Communications is unavailable.
    Research various sources of pertinent information on election administration to ensure working knowledge of EAC activities and priorities, as well as a familiarity with outside election research, Congressional activities, and external election events. Help to evaluate information and determine its relevance and suitability for EAC communications.
    Attend staff briefings and policy discussions to gain knowledge of EAC activities to remain current on the latest developments of interest to the public, assist in preparing for and responding to media inquiries, and formulate recommendations regarding agency policies and programs.
    Performs other related duties, as assigned.
    Conditions of Employment
    Candidates must meet all qualifications prior to the closing date of this announcement.

    Candidates must be a US Citizen.

    This position is subject to a (1) year probationary period.

    Interpersonal Effectiveness: Skill in responding appropriately to a diversity of groups and individuals in a variety of challenging situations. Demonstrated ability to be tactful and to treat others with respect. Skill in developing networks, achieving cooperation, and collaborating with others when appropriate.
    Influencing/Negotiating: Skill in influencing others to accept and implement recommendations and in building consensus. Ability to effectively resolve significant or controversial issues.
    Written and Oral Communication: Demonstrated ability to clearly, succinctly and convincingly express facts and ideas both in writing and orally. Skill in listening and appropriately responding to the ideas, points of view, or concerns of others.
    External Awareness: Skill in identifying, analyzing, and keeping abreast of legislation, policies, political, and social trends that affect the EAC and assess the impact to the agency’s mission.
    Understanding of PowerPoint and other software platforms used for EAC communications resources.
    Ability to navigate media management software and disseminate information using this portal.
    Ability to do basic graphic design and video editing.
    Knowledge of the principles, practices, methods and techniques of written and oral communications. Skill in applying such knowledge to perform assignments involving public information, internal information, and community relations activities for internal and external audiences; develop written information materials for dissemination through a variety of media; determine and effectively use the most appropriate means for transmitting information and evaluate the effectiveness of the plans developed to communicate with targeted audiences.
    Skill and knowledge to develop innovative written communication materials such as news releases, feature stories, fact sheets, presentations, etc., and other products that effectively transmit information about EAC’s programs and activities.
    Ability to speak to agency priorities and successes, and respond to criticism in a professional manner.
    Knowledge of information gathering and analysis techniques to gather, analyze, summarize, and report on election-related data.

    More Info
  • Communication Specialist III
    Employer: King County Elections
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Category: Communications

    This position reports to the Communications Lead for the Department of Elections. The person who fills this role will play an integral role in providing accurate and reliable information to King County voters through a variety of mediums. As misinformation surrounding elections has grown, it has become more important than ever for Elections to communicate proactively, regularly, and reliably with our voters.

    This position will work with a team of highly qualified election professionals and will often be tasked with translating complex technical processes into information that can be delivered on a variety of platforms and easily understood by a variety of audiences. This position will work closely with the Language Services and Community Engagement team to ensure all information is delivered in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese in a culturally appropriate way.

    Who We Are: King County Elections (KCE) manages voter registrations and elections for more than 1.4 million voters in King County, the largest vote-by-mail county in the United States. KCE’s mission is to conduct accessible, secure, and accurate elections. As a leader in providing inclusive elections, KCE is focused on three key priorities – (1) actively identifying and working to remove barriers to voting at both the individual and community level, (2) strengthening relationships with community and governmental partners, and (3) creating a culture of professional growth and development, openness and inclusion. Learn more at .

    Materials Required to Apply: Applicants must submit a (1) King County Application, (2) resume, (3) letter of interest, and (4) a recent, relevant writing sample (excerpts from longer documents are acceptable), up to 6 pages total. The letter of interest should describe how your education and experience meet the qualifications and have prepared you to perform the essential functions of the job. Applications without the required materials may not be considered for this position.

    Work Schedule: The standard workweek for this position is Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. We require the flexibility to work additional hours during peak periods of the Election cycle. This position is exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and is therefore not eligible for overtime.

    In this role you will have the opportunity to:

    • Curate the department’s various social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and interact with voters to build trust and provide information on voting.
    • Produce a variety of written materials such as press releases, media advisories, and informational handouts or brochures.
    • Update and manage KCE’s website, blog, and SharePoint sites.
    • Perform basic layout and production design of KCE’s advertisements, communications, brochures and/or reports.
    • Support the elected Director of Elections by drafting internal communications, preparing presentations for a variety of external audiences, providing media support and developing talking points.
    • Work regularly with the media to respond to inquiries and serve as a spokesperson for the department as needed.
    • Engage with employees across the department to identify communication needs and issues.
    • Support on-site activities such as tours, media visits, and other communication-related events as needed.

    • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, with a high attention to detail when proofreading.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with little supervision.
    • Ability to be a team-player who is creative, organized, and can work across functional teams.
    • Professional experience curating a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Demonstrated ability to identify the communication needs of diverse audiences and determine the best communications methods, messages, and tools to reach them.
    • Ability to create and use graphics, photography, and videography to effectively engage audiences.
    • Experience working in and with diverse communities and delivering messages in a culturally appropriate way.
    • Skilled in managing projects, as well incorporating and balancing feedback from a variety of stakeholders.

    Desired qualifications:

    • Experience with design and video platforms such as Adobe In-Design, Illustrator, and Premiere Rush.
    • Experience working with GovDelivery digital messaging system.
    • Professional experience working with media.
    • Recent professional experience developing communications materials in a government environment.

    To view the full job description please visit

    More Info
  • Executive Support Assistant
    Employer: Decatur County
    Location: Decatur, GA
    Category: Assistant

    Salary Range: $50,119 – $77,684

    Purpose of Classification:

    The purpose of this classification is to provide administrative support to a County Executive characterized by the highest degree of interaction with various officials and dignitaries, and wherein client relations are more sensitive and considered critical to the operations of the organization at the highest executive level of County government.

    Essential Functions:
    The following duties are normal for this position. The omission of specific statements of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification. Other duties may be required and assigned.

    Provides executive/administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and/or other executive official as assigned;relieves executive staff of routine administrative tasks; screens calls, mail, and e-mail messages and initiates appropriate action/response; composes, types, edits, or proofreads correspondence on behalf of executives; records and/or transcribes dictation; keeps executives informed of significant matters, messages, documentation, or other information; conducts special projects as needed; and maintains confidentiality of departmental documentation and issues.

    Serves as liaison between the assigned department and other departments/divisions, staff members, City officials, the public, community leaders, outside agencies, or other individuals or organizations for the distribution and receipt of routine information; interacts with various officials and dignitaries involving sensitive client relations; conveys information among division/department personnel; and circulates documentation to appropriate departments.

    Conducts advanced research on behalf of the executive to aide in matters under consideration; utilizes department files, court/legal records, database records, electronic data sources, hardcopy materials, Internet sites, or other sources as needed; compiles and/or monitors various administrative and statistical data pertaining to County operations; researches information pertinent to task or project; analyzes data and identifies trends; writes, prepares, formats, or otherwise generates reports, presentations, white papers, and other documents; makes recommendations for changes in administrative policies and procedures to improve operations, provide more responsive service, and/or optimize the use of resources; and develops recommendations for changes in departmental policies and procedures; and provides technical assistance and information to management to aid decision making.

    Provides direction, training, guidance and assistance to employees; coordinates projects and daily work activities; organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; and monitors status of work, inspects completed work, and troubleshoots problem situations.

    Coordinates and assists with processing of a variety of documentation associated with department operations within designated timeframes and per established procedures; receives, reviews, records, types, and/or distributes documentation; enters data into computer systems; logs, tracks, or maintains records regarding department activities; compiles data for further processing or for use in preparation of department reports; and maintains computerized and/or hardcopy records.

    Provides administrative support and coordination for various meetings at the executive management level; prepares meeting agenda documents; coordinates meeting facilities, equipment, and refreshments; prepares and distributes agendas, meeting notices, meeting packets, and related documentation; records and/or transcribes meeting minutes; distributes meeting minutes to departments and other individuals; labels and indexes tapes of meetings; researches previous meeting minutes as needed; prepares monthly time sheets for board members; coordinates arrangements for board training activities; and maintains board records.

    Maintains calendar/schedule of activities for the executive official and senior staff; schedules and confirms appointments, meetings, interviews, conferences, training activities, or other activities; and updates calendar on a regular basis and notifies parties involved of changes.

    Coordinates arrangements for various meetings; notifies participants of scheduled meetings; prepares meeting notices, agendas, and meeting packets; coordinates room reservations, setup, refreshments, and equipment required for meetings; attends meetings; records and/or transcribes meeting minutes; distributes documentation; and maintains records.

    Coordinates travel arrangements, accommodations, conference registrations, or other travel-related plans for executives or other staff.

    Maintains file system of various files/records for the department/division; prepares and sets up files; sorts/organizes documents to be filed; files documents in designated order; retrieves/replaces files; and shreds/destroys confidential or obsolete documents in compliance with applicable retention schedules.

    Monitors inventory of department/division supplies and forms; ensures availability of adequate materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests/orders for new or replacement supplies; obtains/issues purchase orders; and enters purchase order data into computer.

    Types, composes, transcribes, prepares, or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, lists, charts, performance evaluations, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, statistical reports, meeting notices, agendas, meeting minutes, notices, proclamations, resolutions, legal documents, or other documents.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Associate degree in Office Systems Technology or Office Administration required, Bachelor’s degree preferred; five years of progressively responsible experience that includes secretarial work at an executive/senior level, office administration, customer service, or records management (experience in a public sector is preferred); or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

    Specific License or Certification Required:  May require possession and maintenance of valid State of Georgia Notary Public certification.

    Preferred qualifications: Experience communicating with a Board of Registration & Elections, or similar Board, in a formal, public meeting setting.

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  • Information Technology Security Analyst
    Employer: Illinois State Board of Elections
    Location: Sangamon County, IL
    Category: Analyst

    The IT Security Analyst reports directly to the Manager of Cyber Operations and Infrastructure. Supports the administration, implementation, review, and improvement of endpoint, network, hardware, application, and data security practices.

    Implements, supports and monitors the agency’s information security applications, including email security, web security, endpoint security software, firewalls, intrusion prevention applications, data loss prevention, etc. Monitors system dashboards and logs for threat indicators. Analyzes data and performs necessary incident response procedures. Conducts network, system and application vulnerability assessments.

    Analyzes agency threat surface and makes recommendations to management to harden agency systems. Evaluates agency processes and implements and/or makes recommendations to enhance security. Reviews information received concerning threat events from end users, supervisory personnel, other federal, state, county and local agencies and governmental entities involved in the exchange of data with the State Board of Elections (SBE), external entities such as the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC), trusted cybersecurity vendors, law enforcement agencies, and public information sources.

    Consults with SBE staff on security issues. Provides a high level of customer service to agency staff, state, county, and local election officials. Ensures service desk queues and incidents are handled in an appropriate and timely manner.

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  • Election Security Intelligence Analyst
    Employer: Illinois State Board of Elections
    Location: Sangamon County, IL
    Category: Analyst

    This position is eligible for participation in our Telework program (up to 2 remote days per week) and tuition reimbursement program (100% of tuition costs covered). You will also be able to enroll into the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program, which includes various highly competitive and low cost coverage options for health, dental, vision, and life insurance. The compensation package includes your salary, annual cost of living adjustments (COLAs), and performance based bonuses. Lastly, this position offers a competitive time off package, including: 12 paid sick days per calendar year (accrual basis); a minimum of 10 paid vacation days per calendar year (accrual basis); 3 personal days per calendar year; and 12 paid state holidays per calendar year.

    The SBE welcomes all and promotes workplace diversity. It is our individual traits, character, and experiences that make each of us special and unique. Utilizing those unique backgrounds in a collaborative nature allows for our diverse team to thrive. There is no place for discrimination based on race, religion, culture, sexual identity or orientation, age, or disability at the State Board of Elections.

    Under administrative direction, serves as a team member identifying computer system vulnerabilities in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Elections and Department of Innovation and Technology for local election authorities and other state election partners. Identifies vulnerabilities and provides technical analysis and remediation recommendations for those affected computer systems, including forensic analysis for investigations, monitoring and reporting. Provides technical support to the Cyber Security Information Sharing Program Manager and Cyber Navigator Program Manager of the Illinois State Board of Elections Cyber Navigator Program in coordination with the Department of Innovation and Technology Security Operations Center. Develops and recommends measures to safeguard systems before and after they are compromised. Conducts monthly Tech Talks on election security and relevant cyber threats for local election authorities and their IT and security staff. Develop annual cyber security training for local election authorities. Develops publications, guides, and other election security related resources for statewide distribution. Participates in the development of incident response plans, continuity of operation plans, and tabletop exercise training. Serves on-call for emergency situations and Election Day. Travel to attend training sessions, conferences, meetings, etc. is required.

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  • Data Analyst
    Employer: North Carolina State Board of Elections
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Category: Analyst

    The Elections Data Analyst will be part of the State Board’s Communications Team and report to the Public Information Director, with regular guidance from the Chief Information Officer and IT Data staff. The employee also will work routinely with other departments in the agency.

    A large portion of the Elections Data Analyst’s role will be educating the public about our data, including where to access, how to use, and understanding our data. The employee will assist with responses to members of the public and with public records requests. Additionally, the Elections Data Analyst will create and maintain data visualizations, charts, and other data tools to help the public understand important voter and voter registration statistics and trends.

    This position is responsible for technical and analytical work with an emphasis on data analysis, data visualization, and data communication. The employee should be able to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams as well as independently with minimal supervision.

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  • Project Manager
    Employer: Hart InterCivic
    Location: Austin, TX

    Project Managers at Hart InterCivic are highly motivated “self -starters” who are enthusiastic about providing exceptional customer service. Working with other members of the Professional Services and Operations teams, the Project Manager directs activity, solves problems, and develops lasting and strong relationships with our customers. Hart InterCivic’s unique and industry known culture of innovation, transparency, and customer-centric focus creates an environment where team members will continually grow and be challenged to develop their careers.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    Acquire an expert level of knowledge of both the Hart Voting System and Verity Voting System; Develop project plans and applicable subordinate plans, including identification of risks and contingency plans; Identify and schedules project deliverables, milestones, and required tasks; Assess client needs throughout the project and manages those needs, expectations and relationships; Direct and coordinates activities to ensure project progresses on schedule; Modify schedules and plans as required in response to changing project dynamics; Provide technical advice and resolves problems; Create a strong client relationship that encourages questions and participation; Participate in meetings, seminars, and training sessions to obtain information useful for supporting Hart’s customers, and integrates acquired information into project management and support methods; and Agree to supplement PS projects with Certification Events as requested by the Certification Manager and as agreed by the PS Manage

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  • Director of Elections & Voter Services
    Employer: City of Minneapolis
    Location: Minneapolis, MN

    Minneapolis, Minnesota (2020 pop. 429,954) is a diverse, progressive city and the heart of cultural and economic activity in the Upper Midwest. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is located 12 miles from downtown Minneapolis, offering non-stop service to destinations in 18 countries and easily accessible via light-rail transit line. With over 16 colleges and universities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, Minneapolis residents are highly educated, informed, and involved in civics. The Director of Elections and Voter Services is one of the three division directors in the City Clerk’s Department. The Director oversees citywide elections and ensures the constitutional voting rights of all qualified electors in the city. Additionally, the Director provides leadership, management, and directions relating to federal, state, and local elections in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and rules. The Director also oversees outreach and education strategies designed to inform and engage voters. The position reports to the City Clerk and oversees 10 full-time positions. Salary: $116,667.20 – $138,301.28. Deadline: June 30.

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